Baseball season in trouble

ESPN’s Bomani Jones discusses the future of the 2020 baseball season after a surge in COVID-19 cases.
6:16 | 07/29/20

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Transcript for Baseball season in trouble
LS in a week after it started baseball season. Is already in jeopardy former players on a Miami Marlins tested positive for covad nineteen forcing. Major League Baseball to cancel the team's games there at least the weekend. So what does this mean for the rest of the lead TJ Holmes has a closer look. Binges clears in a clash between a Houston Astros and LA Dodgers teams with a history program. And on today said if you don't know what's going on shut. The astros' Carlos Correia was forced to duck this wild pitch from the LA Dodgers Joseph Kelley. The rival stampeding out of the dugout screaming and shoving face to face new social distancing here. With a would be officials and coaches required to Wear masks but it won't be baseball is usual for the Miami Marlins. After an outbreak of cove in nineteen in the marlins' clubhouse in Obie has put the Marlins season on hold. Seventeen members of the Marlins organization have tested positive for Covert nineteenth the Marlins saying we continue to take this situation very seriously. All of our players coaches and staff are understandably having a difficult time in during this experience the Marlins were supposed to play the Washington Nationals this weekend I'm industrials here right now you don't know. No because of my heart condition. What happens to me if I do get it. The Marlins outbreak is led to a domino affect their opponents last weekend the Philadelphia Phillies have now canceled their gains through Friday as a precaution. Including the series with a New York Yankees. A. Success on the baseball this year EL EO. You know current all you know you're likely come on a daily and weekly basis. This all comes just six days after the start of the long delayed season tickets that the shell shock component is how quickly. It deteriorated. Well players from other leagues of course are given a close eye on what's happening at MLB right now including in the NFL where at least a dozen players have opted out. Of the upcoming season because of Covert nineteen concerns. And also of note opt in HL. MLS and India have announced just in recent days they and their latest route up testing they had his. Zero not a single player test positive for Covert nineteen what's the difference between those leak and MLB. All those leagues are operating night and inside a bubble. Right big distinction TJ thank you. And for more let's bring in ESPN's the money Jones the money thanks so much for joining us. That I grabbed me so. Given what we're seeing with the Marlins what you just heard TJ saying about the difference between baseball's handling of this insanity and it leaves. Does the MLB need to rethink its whole plan at this point. Well then a 113 page manual for what to do with Kobe nineteen protocols plans everything else and they did not have a plan for an outbreak which is one of the most stunning things to think of unless they somehow believe that if there was an outbreak that was literally nothing that they could do about it that's the only way is reasonable to me that they did not have a plan for. So Robb map for the commissioner has made it clear that he does not think that this is a disaster scenario and I guess he has to say that because of this happens again they can't call a multiple disasters so I do think that there's some measure rethinking that they have to do but I also wonder if within the planned they have if there's anything they can do about what happened do they have any kind of contingency to biggest step to in this moment and I'm not certain that they do. I mean given you don't sound very confident in their plans right now. We have of the division of the players had of the players move forward especially when we're hearing from some who have underlying conditions and are worried about what happens that they get this virus. No I'm surprises me players played as they have we just heard yesterday I think six New England Patriots have backed out there were twelve players total. In Major League Baseball who decided that they did not want to play in we saw after the Marlins at the first round test. The players being voted to play again the next day so I think that they're going to be some players and some teams that make some decisions about things that they're not willing to do but I don't think that we really gonna see a broad consensus. From individual players on what it is that they want to do in busy vet and the players' association. I don't think that there in the clearest position he just say okay this is what all of those are going to do because remember this. It is the exclusive prerogative of the Commissioner of Baseball decided these games go walk the players they were not going to play the commissioner can technically say yes you will. That's kind of a scary thought but. We know the NBA will resume its season tomorrow in Orlando they panel this. Very differently the NBA commissioner Adam silver actually join Jimi this morning to talk about what's happening in baseball and how the NBA is dealing with this pandemic let's listen. We're seeing happening baseball. Marlins or something continued to track them very very closely haven't set that. We have confidence in the protocol design and deeper would as a bottle it's not actually. She'll blow but everyone who's on campus tested on a daily basis. On the taking extraordinary precautions even the only time you're not wearing masks when they're actually planned. Basketball you know the extent that test positive artsy track closely. Quarantining people first come down so we think we have a plan in place that should war. My money given everything you just heard what do you hope to see from the NBA as the season gets started and what can baseball draw from this in terms of lessons. My name the only damage and hope for from the NBA's as few positive test as possible and I am amazed that they managed to pull dissolve until people last week as when with the season starting miss it this week. I never even bothered to find out when the season is actually going to start I didn't I think it was possible that they would be able to pull this off they've got quite the insulated environment that puts them in a great position to be able to do this and I think if there's a lesson the Major League Baseball can learn is. You guys probably sitting try to come up with some kind of bubbles that update could have probably done so if they'd been in Arizona or Florida but the problem is Arizona Florida are real hot spots right now and would baseball be able to -- to the wide world of sports they could insulate themselves from so much in ways that I think the other sports could not so. Props to them kudos and of being able to get it figured out in the way they have but I think that in some ways it's an apples to oranges comparison would baseball the money thank you so much for joining us we appreciate your take is always.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"ESPN’s Bomani Jones discusses the future of the 2020 baseball season after a surge in COVID-19 cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"72053275","title":"Baseball season in trouble ","url":"/Entertainment/video/baseball-season-trouble-72053275"}