BeBe Winans talks new album and book

The gospel star talks about her new album, "Need You," and upcoming memoir, "Born For This."
11:18 | 08/30/19

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Transcript for BeBe Winans talks new album and book
Canada's lions ABC radio out ahead I'm always excited to have been amazing man manna. Marriage all messenger. Seeing parents along right there off there. You don't Laurie very negative for. Here I am left the call him friend beauty lies howdy do and a good always good to see you always good to seize and here. And of course you have so much schooling on. Much going on. A busy bee bee. Do it arms thing. And an excited about it. Com and it's a lot beyond this we didn't plan for all of this thing I'm but he is so you know I asked god mister and all four. And you are going for it get to what this man had going the Atlanta. But I need to let you guys. I'll pour it you know we are finally getting its work with this heat this music. This the message and I can't talk about that I gotta talk about the as well. I will resume right were known the coroner. And it is. You don't writing a book is this talk. But it's it's very therapeutic and you have to to meet I have to be brave because you have to tell the good and the bad and a you know and so. All of us have those things so I really have been excited to tell people. I mean little things that people don't know my last name wasn't Winans when I was born it was glee and and some people civil did that happen you know my father was born on where ma had a strained relationship with his dad so. I understand people who have strained relationship with here. You know. But biological parents you know we went through that at the same time one of the things that my father. Before he passed he said he wanted to his name to remain. In this earth and so our fathers stated yes sir it took us down to at a courthouse and changed our names. From glee and who winded. Now and that's is one of the many story on an album of the year absolutely. It is excited about this book is inspirational book it tells us her life story but also these important messages. Blindness away mice schori. In. You knew they tick yes and you know and it and and it stayed the more di tale of what the musical. Which is calming. And YouTube roadways soon. So you know I won't ever want to know that you are born for this you are born for something you have. Destination. Connector to yours the pain and so a lot of people you know sit sit sit sit steel insert. He knows nothing has in my life that no your life it's important. It's over this book I believe. Pick it up you read that you understand that you have something to do and that is in port you know get up and do. Absolutely and it's coming up to October 15 right around the corner my gosh yeah dad NN I I feel because the your music also is a message to us we've gotten glitz and pieces of that thereto and may your music amen Philip united because I took a little preview of the book. It's remarkable he talks about like the family dynamic IP you know. Libby got inducted to music through his sister c.'s yet wonderful functions that she is the line in. But also talked about other things that you went through in your life and high school in the early years at me he talks about the the queen Whitney Houston has is his courage of her the important thing that she taught him. I don't want to get all the way because honestly I think everybody will be moved by kind of what you say about her. And Maine your relationship and how she was such an inspiration to you as well. Incredible. And mr. totally you know I I live in Nashville and so the first home that I. Used to live in when I drive by and I think of her because if a wasn't for her. How would have been able to buy the house. You know. She turned around and loan I was right what do you do which is that told you this with. Because the bank changed its mind in Sid your risk so we need more than 2% on on your house. We need 50%. And Whitney through with producer was on the phone. Bowl before a new issue of flew into and Nash feel two to during the good at house. Both are what's wrong which you so we walked through the house she's sick all he had this look like you're. Yeah I did get yet that they're looks like you're staircase we have room when it too she would say that and finally we got on reports Tuesday. We're Smart person she had him here on capital resources as open it up. Opener it was the 50%. And needed. Chiefs are not told to just wish. Made. Issue would amaze a major target to tell that story and everything house. You know about life the ups and that now. Yes and and that's what I love about. You you're you are so transparent next east and so I definitely want people to. Check out this book it's really is inspirational and an important you need more. Narratives like this more. Messages more you know descriptions of people's lives that we've come to grow a grown in their love and I really appreciate and that you. Also have and how Obama in so many hairs I. Hanging people he's finally blessing us with some music being alone. About this time I need you. Admiral OK so the title cut is entitled I need you. I mock sigh as your question is is is it easy for you to say to people with a two that I love you. Oh OK is it easier. Or harder to tell those people I need. Harder. And it's harder because you become honorable. And you know now they have permission to kind of use me if they want to because they know I'm the and it's the same thing with the dot. If I got no that I really need. In their far become Bonner vote for his weirdo and his now. It. One of the things that I I wanna know is that you know I took a preview of the out. A little bit ahead of their. But. Are you not only use this original music in different songs but you also. I know at some leave them of the classic. Yes yes it was kind of a scary moment someone brought this act idea Twomey in. You have to understand you Lutheran I was very very close friend area who are our Brothers and and so I decided last minute OK let me do this and so. The other day I was in California and I've played it. The trader on the radio writing ability and they had it and they've played power of and I stepped back and I fear. Only the beginning almost sounded just like group fair it made me laugh because. Here and I used to talk and say you know what he sounded who like me on that you know the reflection in the tone that we we had we adored each other's. Gift and so I did power of love. And and I really believe it will cause a lot of people to smile and understand that we need to. Right now and that that that love is more powerful. In the hatred there we're facing in this country. And and thank you for saying that and it have to be a good feeling to know that. Even your first song that is singled already hit the charts and was is doing so well how is that. When you got to that moment seeing something that I my soul old boy husband is that we're on record at. Alarmed read up on the art. It's it's it's it's it's kind of weird because even when I promise he promised me no more uneven no I didn't have and one of them because you you you really understand and I'm just who have for a long time in them. Always appreciative of all the awards and accolades and all those things but he poll. Are my heart beat so to bump it to someone he's it's. I almost took my life but because of viewers all I gave my for try. And now I think Q because I'm here because if he. That's what is bow you know and so I'm I'm so excited about every stone on this is this album. I even snatched my baby sister Debbie and brought her own through one of the songs that I believe. You know as we see it all the time somebody says are you doing our you know it's the I mean did you know it'd go bad there it's a little up and down but it's all good. And so that's one of my favorites now. It's called. It is on there. All the goods and I'll bet that Al mom and his blog. Is part of this whole take over that you're doing right now. I'm gonna propaganda arm rod like you been through. So I mean you know just how do you stay grounded you know you'd you talk to exit the book coming October album is the date the album is coming out August 30 August. I keep thinking like it's. August 30 leg right around the corner and I wanted to say that let Phil yeah. Mike good. Again. Let's just found you have all these things coming up I think grounded high EU you know. What are the things that I know you talk about. He's idea of grappling with you know means world at noon there shall we get the secular world and he's granted them that the bald because it easy to fill. Yeah it if it can be but but the people that you surround yourself with. So so first of law I have a unbelievable foundation demo mom and dad gave laws are children Arafat uses say that. Us you gonna know who you are before you get our fair. So when people say you're something ghost you won't believe so I know who why now. You know but in those moments when it starts to shift I have people around me there's scares me. Okay oh yeah we're world oil was I going so you need three year old friend you need real people. Around Judy keep you grounded at the same time the most important grounder is the word of god. I read. That day and night. It is my blueprint. You know. You know what to do when I feel bad can know what to do when things are good to know what to do wind. The world seems to become an apart so that's that's my foundation. Well thank you for bringing this to Easton that's where there is now I'll loan and play two. As a bee line ends you are a blessing and canceled last of the top once again a glorious can't just lions ABC radio please. You gotta get the memo eyes had yet again how long can thank you need I needed her you'd need a net net we are happy idea. And in a boy is born this way and a few thank you so much for stopping by disagree three and a ranked and it's time signing off.

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{"duration":"11:18","description":"The gospel star talks about her new album, \"Need You,\" and upcoming memoir, \"Born For This.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"65278332","title":"BeBe Winans talks new album and book","url":"/Entertainment/video/bebe-winans-talks-album-book-65278332"}