BeBe Winans talks new music and upcoming musical 'Born For This'

BeBe Winans discussed his new single, "Laughter."
25:32 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for BeBe Winans talks new music and upcoming musical 'Born For This'
It can't claim ABC radio I'm really excited today because I have alleged an icon a man that God's fitting right in front routinely won the only BB YNN. So who owe him no how. How are you feeling today I am doing fantastic currently. I am excited because they're talking about music which is being bet you are very synonymous. Creating beautiful works of your local news and the ministry of music that you do and we are talking about this new single winner is hitting the sergeant taking all our Latin nine mean that promise that you're giving to their candidates on our. It's it's it's for all of us I think that's been the joy. That guy I have experience. Most of my adult who it is to take what I believe. And what I've been in Kurds through because before the song gets to you. It's it stop it starts with me and so I've been able to write about my experiences my troops my ups might bound. And it's been a joy. To travel the world and and meet people who have been blessed and helped by I'm amused. Yes and you haven't had. Help the multitudes of people because. You know act as we all know follow gospel music and and love gospel music you have. And send it into an amazing things with your family obviously he's seen operated in many years that have always. Collaborated. Al again you know solo. And really just taking it. All forged with it which is why we're so excited because it is an opening right. That we cutting out a does this album have a eight do we know anything out about what. We're we're we're gritty ready to release the second single and one of the things I think about. Time that we live VN. You don't really have to rush them put the album now I've recorded these songs awhile ago. Actually it was thru. I'm writing my musical born for this these songs came to life because I endured. You know you have to be bold and determined. To do some things in life that it's society or others say you can't do. You know but I've been one of those who you say no that just use my yes you know so these are songs he promised me. I've seen promises happened in front of my eyes that has been assumed we. Unbelievable so I want people to know. That those promises those streams that you have you can accomplish that do not put on by the side do not walk away from it and as the saint Thomas I have is that same promise you that you know and so there's and does that there's a noose on that is coming I just got back from Seoul Korea and what a incredible country were editing credible experience. And on this thing go. As for young man. Their names now is Korean Seoul. Alone. You close your eyes you being used in system Brothers from Brooklyn. But incredibly. Talented incredibly. Sold fall. Raised on gospel music I didn't know Gottesman as it was so popular in Seoul Korea DD years. And so my sword so so this that this song simply say as instead of cry instead of being angry laugh. That's a power that we have that we don't use. Wind wind wind when you don't get that job promotion when you don't. When you looked over for this mess instead of giving angry. Fatter because there's are lower in. Good. It's. Well it's so refreshing here. And where it you know you need to encourage you need an outward need to be in yeah. Eloquently and wonderfully done that for so many years decades you know for highlighted. Eight. Except now you mention something that I think people are also very excited about well we we know you're. You're autobiographical. Play. Different born. I had hit Austin I believe yes and in Alex coming to Broadway Broadway and this spring 2009. Tina you sort of say yeah would you do think it tuned to C candidates. Telling you I want delete all. Out of my chair. Simply because in those years ago I'm on the phone from great for a man who Wheaton Roberta Flack we're talking about other things and then she takes a detour. And says sweetie when you don't bright band musical due to the musical you can write about you leaves this life and you journey of him. Sense that I'm looking at the right here is comer for. And is she goes back into though the conversation we're having as if not. It was. It was Shealy it was a chilling effect are regretting it up on Sam. Authorities later walked into. In my hotel room in Montreal and Michael Austin came. Sit here opened my laptop and rule would now. Warrant for which is on its way bro. Out. And you Taylor me. These are now possible. Olden. No idea how well our. Telling you I'm telling you to live this thing you know and I say this years ago it's one thing to read. About Daniel in the lions the end. It's another thing to to be in front of a dead. And and I think that's. That's important from meet its share. My life my experiences. And you can you can witness that right in front of view you know. And so it's been. It's been overwhelming peseta. We need to pack pack you know your story. Or story is now available for the masses the have to be an. You know it also agree feeling are you apprehensive at all. I don't doesn't. When you tell your story until the good and bad and the ugly in all and the ugly here. And but I have never and I think it's trade comes from my father my father was an only child and heating care what people thought about. At all he loved people but he didn't care. But what you thought and I think in order to do anything great eat you really have to know who you are. And not be in skiing you have to fix it's it would people you know authorities his status and this is in musical my father used to say. When you all leave my house you gonna know who you law. So when you leave and other people say you're something else who won't believe because yard you know you'll. You know and so with that. You know I'm able to be talked about this and food and it's okay you know as I was born for that Agence for the good I was born to take bad to. It all works together happily free aren't getting its weight in Israel or day merit. Al you know and you gear up for of that and of course you know you're not Russian album you know aren't as excited out together and beaten by. Giants are right. You know I am just carry out this ain't seen uplink will be at Boston it will probably be changes on the way. What do we made some things are first phase we stopped was in Atlanta Georgia for four weeks and we were to DC for nine with the Los Angeles a five and then we stopped in boss and this past year 444 weeks ends so that so with. Various locations this special evolve the show in Boston is to show that's coming to new Broadway. On and I am so excited I really am excited about coming hear. I'm not because it's his Broadway but this is where I knew I would in go around and that was an easy. Accomplishment. But it was faith. Each is really the substance of things hoped for. The evidence and things not seen you know so. And then from here the world. You know we're gonna spring off to a so I'm excited. Not just because. It's my story by someone asked the question what he want people to. Walk away where in my mind it's as real short it's everyone who sit in a theater may leave I want them to know they were born four per you and anonymous may god has asked the nation. He. And you know again at the launch of the lines and heavily Yunel that are able. You do it and things that you bring to us and through EU you know music and other things it's amazing. As we get into this I want to touch somebody. We recently honored the life like Aretha Franklin you've. Now you. Recorded with her from. A fondest memory that you have a reef would. When you say the name I can't help but laugh. She knew she reasoned with Reeve who was layers to wonder things. That and you'll forgive me and CC were indeed choice and at that point I had met Reid and an annual Ripa CC was. Was familiar it and really meant her. In this kind of settings awareness to you waiting for becomes she comes. In she has if you knew anything about to a Michigan you know -- cornea and half ago. And read this stop by the Coney Island to pick up. All of us from audio. And so she's out and she came in issue that's our room she's all she's back. Levy Gary Ross and calling out Israel's. Theory really I'm no longer know all okay audio and peacefully and in in and she won't. And she came back oh. It's so this story go. Aretha to allow. Mail. He was very if you don't feet. Or. And it was with a known thing and we. She was one of. Beyond agrees. Figured. She with that talent. When he came to writing and playing the piano. And just. Yes she was the queen. I. Good queen no denying. Off I love her royalty. She displayed for the world theme park on her funeral because it was a breath in and out. And you know it's is just I think sometimes you know I've been honored to seeing. Greta Scott king's funeral in northeast high he and and it's hard. Who put all of the achievement. Of someone's alive careened. In a dandy in a week in the years it's it's it's it's too artsy. She has done things that we will continue to sell debris not only through music. But through actions you know and and and sacrifice and so. Everytime you know isolated the other day the Choi it is you morning. RT to order. She she was the allegation off. Just hits me in the leg of the who read -- about we. Beaulieu are. It's a beautiful woman and let's. Iconic earth to. Remember some. Idiot and you know act again from my perspective IA you know grown up in a church in in Detroit Michigan you know there's things are dreamed. Never did and I think I would be reached never did I think of the conference with the -- nether I think with seeing on the stage with a wreath you know. Phone ordering some times and answer ends Tuesday may be greenery. And you know arguments have oh I hear you. Okay thuggery and she just fit look I want to sue me monogram. Q wood to masonry. Has muses and it was has that kind of real news she was a very real. Ers. You know. Endured a lot Andy you know when you the first African American to do this you do take on and I opened doors for others walk through and that's what a wreath at the. That it. How high grade. Another icon that you also calls relationship. Really hit me with knee. And any obviously you know you wrote about her. And it was all or that they feel as if she's in the news ago you know she was such a big part. Me in my sister's. Career. And we. We we we had so much foreign and that's what I remember. It's still hard for me ago is still hard for me he had on him except that she's gone and you know the music sometimes hurts when I hear and in some times I smile that was a zone. I the other day. I came on the radio. When I know right and the first thing that comes my mind is it is is them is a moment that have. And I was in France we've heard she was. We were in London and she said please go to pair's answer witness Adam somewhere else now please go go to payers and into wanted to go to Germany. No win him gone wrong so. I won't I went there or most or short the the day I can get on the flights I came back to the concert. And she was. She was just starting song how when I know now was standing in the corner and excited. He I don't we give for me it's just something. That is just imprint in Meyer might be it in my heart and she started out she started seeing in this room who. All. I'm no looked overs on meet you sir he's don't want dreamed. Mr. bringing this to playing looks into room. I do care of quell go don't like. And I thought I was angry but we see did I start arresting known to have been just that this audience has no clue. If he just had a conversation would be broke with these. How Orlando. It is though is being that its operations. And I'm mr. And I like you know not only line and so many documentaries on Whitney and her family recently released something and that. Spots on the eve didn't have you seen a new doc and Whitney I saw the one. And in India. Recent in the theater and and and had a lot of things I don't watch I really don't I don't and I only went to see this because. I was incurs to goes on one term members. So you really admire mind there was moments that I could definitely really to a map because I know on birds there for a movie to watch these mass it would cease saying. I have nothing Omar. I see just remind you give me. ED huge element that we lost I believe too early. But she was she when she was. She was. She loved to music. What she regretted the. The Harris. Expect bird. You know and I and I knew that. Because we talked about it on the until there's a song that's in my musical called it a clause. Only a for the applause. As if you do you might get lost only for the applause. You know and so. Every night you know that I our eyes. Would watch the musical run just reminded of what she told me you know with with success and we have for the of as it's so easy to get lost if you'd. He. In build conversations what do you think you all. Understand even know about. This. Bet she didn't. She didn't warn. I think. She didn't want to thing. After she succeeded with there. She knew she was walking away for so many years and was eyewitness UK who had a really talk and sometimes. Continue thing because she. I now understand because that's saying gift contract news you know. So when she lost her or avoidance. She was nuts and now. Who's almost happy to signal. Because she wanted to walk away amid a year. And so at this point because if she didn't have that conceit it's bands used to it's it's used would have apple ago and into all the things. Required of you win when your under contract so. I'd choose this. We are Obama's. And other agree. No other agree that we lost you know I'm not read too evil we lost yet the law and I don't think I'll film but I ask. Of course because while we're anticipating. With solo project with a single mom and more to come from that actor him. We want is a little carrying. And I love it will come and you know we'd really did. Any eighties we duty concert together in Saint Louis. A couple of months ago and we both just flat it's almost like getting on a bicycle. Riding his all are limited and we have moment. I'm we've asked the question are you guys wanted you an album together and you know you don't it's only been. And the answers. We didn't rule you know there's there's other people to understand that there's other passions. Each of us path that comes into the forefront and what we did before is on the back Gardner but. That's not to say that we won't do. If we do you will definitely be. Because we are getting a little bit older. Well. Or that and and you know it's and nobody. They're for the tribal it is is where our thinking is it are. Oh when you have to go to Montreal and is it what united them and I won't. I. I. Had numerous. You know families altogether when it you know I watched green leaf itself I don't. Yes. And are doing and I did you know why I love being able. Many of you guys. Saying. Maybe it it's. I think anything that makes her happy too because you know she plates easy musical Annette. Had Oprah come to one of the things in overflow with earned and semi scripts what he think about. During these are yes. Yes and so. She went to school she studied that she got her degree in theater and and image she listened to me and she waited. Because there was a lot of things that's the the wait someone else has come issue is you know painting with a similar uncle being written. Uncle B we need tents and listen to me now until now it's just a joy to see a goddess bless and opened the door for her in his just the beginning. It at. I. While gain. And it's. Excited than any human coming out obviously we love the thing and Ian and you did it. I'm just think it's for everything that's come out and wishing that they can do it can't. And we will come back and yet you'd like yeah. Content from my old parliament. You come our. Eyes to you let me only. EB wine. Didn't really mean. Britain. And do it. Obama would. I. Oh. He's in and we did not lose. And we did talk about it. Okay. You'll more. Are. You okay optical. Though continuing on let's talk about the single and how this all came about. Laughter does good lack of medicine that's what the books there and so actually wrote the song after being knocked out of my house now instead of giving Ingraham laughed and wrote the song. But I. I wish that Indians to ground of these four guys from so Korea. Donald award actually and I have been talking to boys committed and we couldn't get our schedules to give us a want to remember waking up. Points from cooling. Not caught Donald. And as we Tuesday to be nothing could release him the information. We've got in touch with you Dodgers each other and I and it was what's funny is that they couldn't believe they were we talking to me like this really be me get it. Yeah affiliated. So so I think the new song what I wanted to do anything get I mean I do is. I can't even explain. How talented these young guys are. The point where after we did that a signal. I don't comes out to you law so I signed the home as a group. It names are created sole. Name of the group. And so they'll be coming. New to America. But at the same time I had to go around here and we did the video. News from the stone. And. It's. Me com. Beyond the song. It's the hearts of these. I didn't know gospel music was so be popular in Korea. Like now I do know and now I know how. Talent pool exist there and so I can't wait to two to present the video. As well as these guys who lives in so you know and and and cause people to laugh yes because it is medication. It is absolutely and I actually saw some of the video because fat ice with became barrel these guys writing that I arm hiding. Like amazing they aren't all immensely talented. I'm really needs they never judge a book by its cover and yet lie. This who thinks. It's amazing to me. Om and and it's you know it's a real it's not just Taylor Condit now these guys listening to from our you know and so it's I can't wait to bring them to America I think Peter Hughes by you know. We had a great time seeing in this zone and being together about five days in Korea so can't wait to bring. I learned a couple of things and that was do. Due. Karen taught tallying. A clean. Shot to open a a keen Amy's good morning. All right well good and I. Oh yeah and glue doesn't like the comments Hillary. Even got. Into Graham I just don't have much information about them hanging. Needed. Break out at the dairy. It's really went out and John.

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