'The Boy Next Door' Star on New Flick, Jennifer Lopez

Ryan Guzman discusses his role opposite Jennifer Lopez in the new romantic thriller.
9:18 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for 'The Boy Next Door' Star on New Flick, Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez back in the big screen heating things up with the film the boy next door and things do get a little shady. Year. Was a damned good morning news and I think what you did in the class ten you can forty. This isn't gonna do you want playing yeah this is real life that is my home. Keep doing the bottom Ike hit him remind her. Eugene lying husband. What's your plan. He's pretty he wouldn't date but didn't want Femi vacations together. What I think. He care. With Lopez in that scene is Ryan Guzman whose plane hurt love interest in the film with. Doubled steamy scenes guaranteed to grab your attention. And we evidence Brian Guzman in the statements today thanks for stopping by Nate Pratt and hot do you draw the short straw to get this one. Half pack and now write and enforce an image in this it scared there I hated you feeling guilty taking a paycheck for this is for this job. Heck I'm it will wasn't really taken a big paycheck at all and I think it with little known money back. I love I fell in love with Kate and I fell in love with you know the people attached so. Yet it was an amazing experience so that Jennifer was the producers in this film yes Shia he spotted you and your talent. Would you get that kind of accolade recognition. It's got to kind of elevate. Elevates sort of your your own self awareness I would imagine. Doughnuts tried to dwell on and I tried to just keep on doing I'm doing is that native asked and under that impression and I stuff to work as hard as I possibly can't make it so. My whole thing was destructive as much as anchored to this character into the film and you know make it as good as it possibly can be a pizza from a cliff there we see a little bit of tension between. The two characters and it. Be without giving away again in a bit of a plot line and went through with what stories. Pretty much my care to know Sanborn falls in which Jennifer's character Claire Peterson. To do sister into 19. Intimate moment. Where. She lets her guard down and he becomes obsessed gain. Ensues here. Which is probably about diplomatic way of say yeah OK. As soon. She had this to say because she was on issues on ABC's this week and she had with the same but performance and in about her ability she said this Bryan won the role with his talent and charisma. You'll see a lot of him. I mean that's and I know did you eat your your being incredibly humble about this but that's a pretty nice actually to get Jeff it's. Again and I'm I'm just so less than than. Just. It's kind of pinch me moment again that the fair to say something like that for me to be a part of this great movie yet what you know fill them as a lot of buzz you know for a lot of reasons obviously Jennifer Lopez for the plot in of itself. May formally if it is a four million dollar budget done 23 days it means is going to be a bit of a whirlwind because I mean that's him. Very concentrated time to do we get an entire story yet I mean we shot fortified army means sixteen today. It was fast pace in their but he had to be in collaborative and we're togethers. You know cohesive Lee is they can and debt. We pulled it off we we traded our little family and we moved on with with ease I mean there is no real big bombs or anything in that there was no one really you know David too much attention. And I think we put the cat and it's and you know great stuff for four million dollar low budget film. Well what we're talking about and I I'm kind of curious to find out how you prepare and and you know we've evolved when every details you feel appropriate how do you prepare though. For these intimate scenes. Million fact that there with Jennifer Lopez and you happen in higher. Staff. And crew around you watching your every move. You can't. At least now I note that right U and other loved seeing somewhat similar to that. That was a lot to live up to now so effect that you inhabit one but. Now I know how awkward it is and what it entails. It was a lot of nerves the day and Jennifer actually had help me out with those donors and income down in making sure that you know. How vital this mean knowing how vital this scene was in and how this scene without this being so memorable and passion and intimate. There was no real catalyst for my character to become you know demand he was. So. Knowing that and in taking me out of the whole equation of putting no Sanborn into the film. I can. It was a little easier NTELOS are making eye contact hasn't completely naked with a camping and hit. If you and I director imagine that's just everyone of those moments you have different face but later it noted though it's so so what. Win when you start filming this and in your in years trying to understand you receiving certain to come together than. You must realize then that rumors are gonna start at that the that you two are dating because there is a lot of believability within the scenes there. Yeah I mean we have a lot of chemistry in the engine for different and it's we can I kinda knew it you know especially with you know hurt this coming up for her relationship with Casper. And being seen in ages mean a lot of people in nineteen. Mix that up but. No we kept it really fashion we still do and she's an amazing person in inspiring person you know. And only made me want to become you know. Aren't there are seen how had that long to have seen career in and have such such access you know. So. You know is pegged him and it. I'm just so grateful to so grateful for beaten this this project and and her yet it what it. The thing is that you know people assert its patrons each year worked in step up in. And that was really a lot of what drove. Hurts recognize you ranked. I think that brought me to her front door. I think you know step up comment. Open the door a little bit and they gave me an opportunity and seeing what I was incapable. So. I I tried my best to show them that I have diversity in in my acting. And that you know I can give something extra to this this case there. And I heard some crazy number actually that they mean audition 150 people from my part and you know they knew that it can mean which is. It's an honor you know and rent. I don't know enough to stave happen. I mean I think I think do you do a love scene that Jennifer Lopez I don't know there's much you can say no I really everything on you know camera and it's it's very evident that everything that we put it on camera is is resonating with everybody that sees it so. Response time that a fair you know screen. Or I've gone into theater for screening. People are going nuts right now not even just for that incident scene but for many scenes you know an action packed scenes the there's a lot of comedy and as well right now comedic undertones with with my characters he's poking prodding Clair Peterson throughout the whole felt so. It's just an entertaining film you know so what's it like that if you watch with your friendly with your friends and no. No I don't know I don't know about about that was my favorite reality area. Have to I told my mom went to my dad at the little fan and I leg. I know you've seen naked but that was when I was three. Read or to wherever it didn't change in my day we are there whenever. Yet things have changed. Thirties he sees that you go to the screener them with with your with your folks. I told them that they should go on their own with their friends live. I mean and just don't they like my performance. Sure are right if not a survey at the as unbiased as possibly take a look at the cover of lithium magazine between the true view and this is a great day. Beautiful drama and that really sort of encapsulates exclusive to the tension of the film yet. It really doesn't mean it's I love that that fiction and you know. The Latin colors actually it is this mean to Latin leads yet but it's not under Latin you know sense you know there were not projecting anything. We're just we just happen he you know Lennon playing these rules. And yet love that photo shoot down I think just sort of came under radar keep on hearing about them if we did that only spurred more of the rumored escorts just just keeps an oval and write. It's called the boy next or rank Goodman thanks for stopping us so much for having me.

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