Brad Garrett Shares Words of Parental Wisdom

"How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)" star says, "Don't do it!!"
4:25 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for Brad Garrett Shares Words of Parental Wisdom
He was -- -- deep voice brother on Everybody Loves Raymond now he's back in new skin as the lacking stepfather to -- a divorced mom who moves back home with their parents on ABC's new comedy how to limit -- parents for the rest of your life. -- We think the Academy Awards is an actual holiday and like any -- -- family. It can be -- apparel. -- -- So -- social lines it's going to be a smorgasbord a single men here. Jerry just got his new kidneys and he's good ago Ted's wife finally -- he's back on the market at the academy -- -- And but -- -- and I mean this in the best possible way. All of your friends look like varying stages of Kenny Rogers. To look good to have and here with us that it studio head Brad Garrett Bradley. To -- up -- -- and we'll have not. Like Kenny Rogers in our blood -- and who does well congratulations. On the show it's gotten a great reception malaria by having fun playing the -- -- that would. Have a great time using cans of course means the -- -- -- she's just terrific and Elizabeth Perkins my wife and -- a -- lot of fun -- of playing a guy that's. Happy. That's happening and in a little changed there name what would you say you're more -- so are if you had to. She's a character that I don't think anyone the yeah. I think so total and about any sort of sixties -- -- -- I know he's he's he's a guy in middle age shoes -- happen to be there you know he had his midlife crisis and is. Thirty years so he's pretty much -- over it but he's just he's he's a guy that. Still holds on whose dream of being an actor even -- is not a very good one and he owns a comedy club bend. He just loves his wife and his -- Americans and who knows -- -- right. The list re going to it's like a -- them and when you think you will be how bad behavior you know -- that's what I -- -- you. The subject of a series of -- very different because a lot of children older children -- -- -- -- because of the economy here or whatever. And I don't like those parents advice now that you've done yes -- call a locksmith. Who asked not. -- is obviously a lot of stand up and not a comedy club in Vegas business do you feel that stand up is closer to your heart -- You know. I -- doing both I mean stand up is is really a monologue right so it's it's acting and I think that's why you see a lot of stand -- making the transition to. Television so smoothly is because they come with a -- a persona. And they're good monologues for yours so -- but I I love doing both. I think and then also we have to point out that apparently you are smarter benefit greater. Well much smarter well it depends yes. -- why didn't -- idea well yeah this year's campaign with the disfigured. I know that you've got extra points and an extra points for that time under the -- among -- But no action. Was on the show. And -- -- -- maturity which is the maximum hope foundation. Which protect yeah it's it's a charity started about twelve years ago. And it's it's run by myself and my amazing girlfriend and one of my best friend's wife Kimberly and we run this. Foundation that its families who have children with life limiting illnesses. That are just trying to get through their daily needs in their daily necessities. So families that have been wiped out with medical schools even if you have insurance taken care of them. Of a child whose terminal the 20%. Deductible could -- -- -- -- so we literally help families with. And rent or utilities or groceries and 98 cents of every dollar goes because. I don't care of myself and and we we have wonderful people -- -- donated to local maximum vote. Foundation found -- -- that's where my where my heart is in them. Well you are different kind of actor obviously counts -- with a big -- -- And Villa -- don't forget to watch the show it's called how to -- your parents for the rest of your life -- thought ABC Wednesdays at 9:30 eastern. Pat Garrett thank you pleasure dealing with -- you and -- you can.

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{"id":18970755,"title":"Brad Garrett Shares Words of Parental Wisdom","duration":"4:25","description":"\"How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life)\" star says, \"Don't do it!!\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/brad-garrett-shares-words-parental-wisdom-18970755","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}