Celebrate National Spaghetti Day With Fresh Pasta Making

ABC News' Charli James visit Eataly Downtown to learn how to make fresh pasta from the pros.
15:40 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for Celebrate National Spaghetti Day With Fresh Pasta Making
Italy is national been getting. Holiday giant bowl of hot. We are celebrating. Usually downtown in the city I'm here with resentment is the cat locked up for this. Again it's wouldn't eat. One of the many times they get if you. A re here. Vickie Allen guitar. Kind of make an updated version. To Nestor has been very quick one additional thing anybody knew you can boil water. And the great teaches classes. Here as well I think glasses. Well first. Step by step in the front that we're in good hands. You're gonna show. How to make this pot machine but we're all that talk about it at home. And have in industrial machines that let him over around. Race ingredients a lot of people can find a little bit intimidated and rhetoric. But the let's talk about let me back. We'll make Davis went under. That's certainly flower this is suing a flower from Italy. And that's going to be a slightly yellow flowers can give the pasta a little more to some quality a little more of beit. And then the only other ingredients are going to be eggs and extreme jokes we'll little water and importantly home you can mess up just a little time and effort. That the Carolina it. Online and and reverses. Little bit better quality. Thirty years. Like in here. That is he lost some flowers and we're going to add to that exit you see it makes things easy with the start of the process. At plus. 42. Mom you're definitely not needed. How much and thanks for like an average dinner. At a dinner and it takes four to six games. Yeah yeah. I'm and he me. Through a little over 5000 pounds of fresh pasta. You have. This machine. Our basic office. The film was. Press group by. Fired up. So this will be. A little longer than we normally used for a portion. But this is the new kind of got us where edge to it kind of worried. Things as event. It's so personally can hold any sort you know. Have your sauces. For example something. Now so for people of home page. I don't I don't happen then. How can they go from thing. Makes it. Something very you. Peter. They make several different. Actor which is based thousand. Popularity. Being dusted just so we. The couple. Humiliated if and you know restaurants and night. And I'm every day period. Culinary art. You gotta take it. Fit about from. They've always hard to get noodles NA it's always been problems. Always always always patient and he planted. But if that goes to softer balls. This book takes a while the hydrant once the water from the headlights. I'm a little bit of water that you may or may not. It just takes it time it takes a lot of beating by hand excellent work. Until the the dough is ready to use I don't think if you're doing this completely by hand mixer. You're gonna need it fifty. The best quality product and they just cover it let it rest. Relaxing. A little bit of hate and that's all it. It's a slow. Take the Italian mentality and a lack. That's that you have you. Every day. Genetic as liquid as one. I think BC news or anything else that. He alive as you. It's thing. Just me right now this is going to nine seconds into and it's very very that we actually can use that it. Think we need to make any aren't I've got some. Here are right there. The station here and a friend or kill it house I think something that. A lot of people here. Our we're that you. Now I have never had first Boston lead. Very very fast. I'm hopeful for a you better advice and don't walk away. Start taking anything and you hear you're never going to get it right just like yes. Doing how can take. I always want that giving them. I didn't tell us about that day savings that you see the ingredient place. You have here or Russell capers. Get a dollar's so partially. Olive oil and got a little bit anchovy. He's businesses our thoughts and Texas had a goodness that was. One hand it very very absolutely. This going to be. Fancy little more dressed up with the sun dried tomatoes and there. But I think most people have at least 23 all season. T want to think about me. It's every ingredient that can be very hour getting import it from Italy eight. The Hamas that it is. Little little lemon juice fresh Basil as brilliance. All right let's. One that you. This amount of salt in your boss the water is all you need. In reality. If Obama. Did you distribution. And. Good enough to flavor our. Part of that's. Most don't hassle and and never going to get something inside me. And heavy handed out. Dave this morning. There's been over. Grab the rest. Anchovies policy capers chopped up. You know Martin again form. And that's when problems are. And the well that we talk about. They think this is something that people hear about lives malevolent but she. The two. How. How do you know it well then today with what about the and. Physically do they ever you. You buy into it would your running team to mind. Minutes. Don't just buy it. Video to news. Let me tell no time that you would have looked into. It won't. Through and or even today. This is done some of them still hasn't structure. I could take well him. Philadelphia I'm. Yeah I'm here. A little bit here heavy news. If it's going to go back. Pretty good side. Fresh. Funny and I need the floating world. It highlights that. A little bit about that. We're Kennedy's ingredient. So this is predominately. The sun dried tomatoes three parts of that from one part came or olive. Just one and you'll be fully for a little bit of that mom quality. It that this vision stretch. A tablespoon. Good. Moment of lemon juice. I dislike some had informed him. There can't quite well quite some very good. Let the case I would say. For profit hospital an international beginning. To see it every. For every meal today thank it's. Look he can't. There are correct way to world. In fact that you buy. Fresh popped the last. This dance is that you. And up front yeah it is all about Haitian. Parents knew coming back to get it right on the very first. No one does when it's very differently. And let people out there and make friends. Getting it right here in your city or. The other cities that easily. Even yeah her friend here ask it really got talent in. Like several people that you are celebrating it. Any day with a big wheel. Viewers at home. I'm also going to happen. From here hey look me. I'm here popped up big today CNN and allow that argument I'm not worried that. Thank you so much time strategy and a happy.

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{"duration":"15:40","description":"ABC News' Charli James visit Eataly Downtown to learn how to make fresh pasta from the pros.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44546274","title":"Celebrate National Spaghetti Day With Fresh Pasta Making","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrate-national-spaghetti-day-fresh-pasta-making-44546274"}