Celebrities Gather to Say Goodbye to Joan Rivers

Hugh Jackman set to perform one the Rivers' favorite songs at her memorial service.
3:28 | 09/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Celebrities Gather to Say Goodbye to Joan Rivers
And hello everyone I'm Hollis Harris ABC news world headquarters here in New York -- at ABC news digital report. And the top stories that are developing out. And it will be a star studded farewell for the legendary Joan Rivers. This morning celebrities are gathering in New York City to say farewell to the queen of comedy. Who made so many of us laugh with her special -- let's just say. Outrageous this sense of humor let's turn out to ABC's -- -- -- -- a couple who was outside temple Emmanuel. That service is scheduled to begin in about an hour and a half we have seen a few people enter into this temple -- also several dozen passers by who was stopped. To take a look and take pictures now this -- here is one of the largest houses of worship in the country -- -- Up to 2500. People today it's expected to be. Packed with family and friends gathering to say goodbye. To Joan Rivers a comedic legend. ABC news is also learned that Hugh Jackman will be performing at the personal request a privileged daughter Melissa who will be -- -- my favorite -- quietly there's a lady on the stage. From the -- -- odds. Now there -- also report that there may be a red. Carpet here we haven't seen any sign of that yet but rivers did say that she wanted her funeral to be at a huge show -- affair pollen. -- -- customers' data coverage -- have the very latest tonight on world news and we turn out to a health emergency that has sent kids across the country. Into the intensive care unit it is a very rare respiratory virus in many cases believed to be. And -- virus 68 already it has sickened over a thousand children in ten states. Earlier I spoke to ABC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- on what to look out for -- how to protect yourself as well as your kids. He can start just like a cold so runny nose sneezing cost but it's the wheezing that you have to watch sports that -- they can be very dangerous and in particular children would ask what you want to watch that -- But he can cause wheezing and other kids to so I think if a coal goes into difficulty breathing get help right away of course is difficult to treat a virus have yet to contract at first but what's the best way to -- that well prevention that we -- about -- all the time hand washing is critically important that's how these are shared so good hand washing covering coughs and sneezes. Keep your charge over holy it when they're sick so they don't cheer and if your child that that has that's -- make sure they have their medicine. If you hear that wheezing get them to see their doctor so that they can they can afford to -- complications. Always important advice from doctor -- right next to him and finally -- the long wait is finally over football fans rejoicing. As we won Indiana -- has -- up and tomorrow night. For the start of Monday night but -- he can catch you games starting at 6:30 eastern ESPN we have. The New York Giants and Detroit Lions going head to head first followed by the San Diego Chargers taking and the -- cardinals' best of luck. PR team thanks for watching this ABC news -- digital report and make sure you stay tuned to abcnews.com. Threw out the day for updates. I'm these and the other top stories which of course we will also be tracking. For world news tonight I'm Paula fairness and doing your Sunday.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Hugh Jackman set to perform one the Rivers' favorite songs at her memorial service.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"25327173","title":"Celebrities Gather to Say Goodbye to Joan Rivers","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrities-gather-goodbye-joan-rivers-25327173"}