'Civil War II' Writer on the New Character, Ulysses

Writer Brian Michael Bendis talks about this pivotal character's journey in the final issue.
1:54 | 01/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Civil War II' Writer on the New Character, Ulysses
We've been introduced but in this book and an across the rest of them over enrichment disparity list sees and I know early on and you can first came on the show we were talking that essentially luster. Both the marvel universe at this point throughout this whole event. And so how does his conclusion kind of for Dakota on his fears throughout the whole universe so far. Often not the path the book irony if that more question from Brian and Brian is really really to Lucy's. Brian what are you take that one. Cherry notices this is something we that this is probably that they we have the most stuff about because just you know. Happen that characters to worry that basically is the look that everyone's fighting. There this character hacks. Goal when she idea and committed danger at the end something has to have this. And obviously there to fight each other to death again it's a joint. Majors or expand humans he had yet to. Go away and at one point early on talked about just him. Realizing that. Tests himself to stop by the debts but the super bomber and what was the most. I don't hear about and the hopeful idea for us silence. XE a bull. Pass with dean it's no particular ball to immediate halt to all -- the laughter care. That's there now he's one of the elders in the house is that being the moral acts all and I'll its its we're humans that's. It's off the board as far as the earth is so if he's got off the board as far as marbles concerned or the two active boxer it's. So when do we get the odd couple roommates situation with Franklin Richards gone on how hesitant but we get. Anything like tactics that that and that is that I think that is the future of the company. Up up up and look what at.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"Writer Brian Michael Bendis talks about this pivotal character's journey in the final issue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44582343","title":"'Civil War II' Writer on the New Character, Ulysses","url":"/Entertainment/video/civil-war-ii-writer-character-ulysses-44582343"}