Former Creed Singer Scott Stapp Opens Up about Recovery & New Music

ABC News' Charli James reports from New York's Webster Hall.
3:00 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Former Creed Singer Scott Stapp Opens Up about Recovery & New Music
I'm Kelly James ABC news digital we are here in downtown Manhattan and Webster hall. God that he is feet. Leaving your free but now you've done so well in. You're going to come out you have a gig here is night in the New York City it's awesome. Disease usually. Story here in the venue right now but we're gonna actually moved to a side room the little quieter. Over the just tell us a little haven't utility that comes from our. Feels great. You know I took an extended break. And renewed vigor. And I think being away from sun and almost feeling like. He made him do it again. Generates that. And you. And how to respond to and from here and see your hands and it's been almost twenty years now and yeah hit the big time. Your hands if you had grown up with US. So how it ended. Eat them again our entire body it's amazing I mean there's just as passionate. And loving. And missing the top of the loans to say they have heard the news. And the connection that we cheers. It is it's priceless. It let's feel a little different now you know 1520 years later more experience. From when you weren't eaten yet teleglobe. Why do things alike. You know most less. Activity going this morning centered around to show the performance. And the fans you know do a lot of appreciate. Interaction with the fans. And religious base and on that relationship. Borders the victory in Iraq shippers who was less personal. We have now eating meat eat yeah. I'm coming up actually authorities. Yeah seat Q and ten minutes. Not like I'm doing. Not one on one time that it spin things. We didn't use and meet in recent years they really quick moment to. Pictures he later. Because we didn't have time because there's hundreds of people doing and we've done limited access and its where things really get personal. Get to know. Come show. I I have seen everywhere you. Here today. And thank you want to talk about it mentions. When earlier they took my mom. He didn't have a highly publicized. Some of then it's clear mental illness and addiction. Yes OK yeah I'm that Staten. Next it were fans well. My fans have been tremendously supportive. It was. Real. Just how horrific health scare. Oh medical emergency. And fans have done nothing to support the entire time. Send me letters and emails him. Christine. In which you guys do. So it was definitely something that day changed my life forever. And not kind of look at it was a positive thing. These I have a lot of answers. In my life to two I had search programs and why things work more challenging for me to overcome. And so to have all that managed and to view movies and new and improved lifestyle. This is affected every aspect of my life and positive. BP. Pressed now to find someone. Either themselves infected its opponents question how someone they love. I I mean yeah. He's not hanging in my partner yeah. In. You know I. Except things. I didn't I didn't want there be anything wrong. It's. Mental health issues. First I just thought I was struggling. Alcoholism and addiction and once I had that lives. Electrical want to turn. It was tough. Accepting. Bipolar diagnosis. But once I finally broke through that. Except to him. We really helped me understand how that was impacting. My struggles mountain. So when you get a good one. Some sanctions work. And it's not to say that I haven't seen. On TV one news. And I live my life and I do things. To maintain this over lifestyles healthy lifestyle. I just let him 24 hour periods. For its. First hand experience. You know you never knew change. Some. Plus your life that seems. You know when they can be sentenced just today pursuit today. And when tomorrow comes from doing and support. Did you have any apprehension. Where is coming back to. If you have any worries. Special precautions being back time for being here that. That you're putting yourself about this this could use children. You know just ended my crew. It also. And I just don't go. Put myself. Solo lines. What I want hearings. So it's about. Okay. This color is he feeling I have a cautionary. Okay. My priorities you know it's a lot different now than when I was in my early. And I think. Reduce interference always know how much different. All right so it's it's it's not something that I'm here. Chapter and I had a unless it's wrong. Just join the other side. I'm Steve little bit of that families. Did that reality show there is mind. Not in your mind. Yeah. Purely. That was all part okay unique process. He really yeah us. To work some of the issues that came. Constantly struggles. Will congress. As well less on the family. Dealing with mental health issue and how about tax Kramer. Maybe. And so we you know directions. And she really pushed us. It was a difficult experience it. It's kind of stunned his candidacy when got to walk through the pain I walk through May be here. It's overcoming weeks and it just came out strong community. So let's talk about about the music. How do you feel it is he music changed and he here this evening a lot of good morning. Yeah. Yeah. Feel differently. And. It's just went in September renewed passion and energy for when there's. As far as my mommy. Doesn't grant. It's. What's come I'm excited. It's. Up. Yeah. Independent. Women creek is it pinnacle. It is an announcement that on its music quiz and weighs on many yeah. Being our CE. Pop and perhaps doing. Darlene. Keeping you rock and exit door and kinda freaks are at least he anything. I think must. Cyclical brewers. Yeah I remember back in. He was 9697. Rolling Stone hand on the cover rock steady and same conversations happen. And then boom. You up and took over. So I think it's. And I think. My friends stance. So there obviously. There's a news Reid. Now. Work. Well some deal. Wild pitches with just. Right now just us. Another. Kiss her here. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. About your story. He'd done it or not. Yeah that would split the season. I think my deliveries. Kind say. It was a lot. They reached out. Whose latest. Excellent site yet. It was a lot of fun and went viral. There are others on respond to. This is little. Lightning. Controversy apparently. Sunday accidents. Not here yeah. I. Yes that's release. Each. I guess the same arguments Clinton. Why hasn't seen Catholic Oscar. It's. Tremendous power. Just look it's films but we do need us. But. You know I wish that children. Here. So my question you got downtown identity following. 27. Next year is the twentieth anniversary. The American Indian. Nations like now. We'll two. Can't say whether any things are not. Relevant or so and periodic treatments messages. Crimes we. She was injured isn't aren't quite intact Clinton's. And I don't. And more. I have in store for our. Future are you working on new music. M I'm actually we're. Always a new bands. Unless something hits in relation via two to me. You know she while we're here. Blue blue blue lines. This child she. It is message all over. Village in the field. That news. And GDP. PGE. I think one thing that's more. House itself and it in this. Hughes. If it. It's exciting. Are latching on to your baby. Should he. So yeah. Didn't. Yeah. CJ. Yeah. If you I. So happy that your back number. If people want to find out where. Yeah. I'm. Area. Name one. Mueller an online. Live UN. Don't solo tour. And that that you got us yeah John mom wants yeah. Learn I'm. Or bringing him. Pounds yeah yeah. The. Okay. Is he a law. At least. And the money is still.

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