Dec. 10, 1992: Michael Caine, Muppets on 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'

Caine, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and others go behind the scenes on the film
2:52 | 12/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dec. 10, 1992: Michael Caine, Muppets on 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'
Joel Siegel takes us behind the scenes as he interviews the players. And the latest film version of the Dickens classic. Try to stay very faithful to the original story and all I am really the only difference between now Disney original is that the original was a book and this is a movie. And out we have lots of frogs and pigs and chickens and rats playing the main parts how close to the original is is your script. Well Tom our script is so close to the original that kids will be able to come to the movie and be able to do a book report later. At the kind of bring them in. To let me should never worked with. Children and animals they say it's practice and Muppets who read the worst is seeing statements. And the only thing beach you have. That could save you with the Muppets is reality because that's what they do about it with the only thing they don't have a they have everything Yeltsin's place. What was it like working with Michael Caine as an actor. This an Oscar winning. Yeah. Or give me some tips. It was Michael Caine is fantastic and I learned so much from him about acting. Like. How to get to the food trolley first. Much time. The great thing about the Muppets in the in the script is that they have very reverent about themselves and of this that. It's it's wonderful like at the throughout my. Doors and pick him up in the air and everything in it was his Scrooge it's wonderful thing this that he plays your wife in this film arm. Yes but I do want to emphasize this is only a movie it's only a movie we are not married. That's what doesn't. Providence. A brilliant different think we may be private arrangement agreement in public truly concerned that. How'd. Miss Piggy relate to other actresses Hubert growth. We'll Miss Piggy doesn't relate to any other actress whatsoever. With technical aspect. No road though actually used it no feedback and exists the mysteries of Lehman unfortunately album but to vote. It had to pull it. Do you get to keep your room your wardrobe when the film was finished. This. If you think you've been to be thrilled to keep Chris. I think I can go to some mission aimed at best we're not dorm and hear cured. Of course I did read the script CQ crime. Well a little bit as soon as I realized I had such a small part X-Men. And I did cry just a few years and then I got over it and that reported to work in the first. I never have a soul myself which Scrooge. But I'm getting into the pot but at my watch credit cut away from Warren is the message. A Christmas Carol Gil. The message to me is no matter how bad things though people they could change. You can change just work on it.

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{"id":51597861,"title":"Dec. 10, 1992: Michael Caine, Muppets on 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'","duration":"2:52","description":"Caine, Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog and others go behind the scenes on the film","url":"/Entertainment/video/dec-10-1992-michael-caine-muppets-muppet-christmas-51597861","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}