Djimon Hounsou discusses his role in the new thriller 'A Quiet Place II'

The actor talks superhero roles, his new film, and his latest projects.
13:57 | 03/09/20

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Transcript for Djimon Hounsou discusses his role in the new thriller 'A Quiet Place II'
It's Candice Williams ABC IDL and I have the pleasure of talking to another amazing man I keep talking all these amazing man hear any women international women's day. Of course a diamond Hounsou howry you. I'm great thank you thank you for having me. Of chorus that we have so much to get into first and foremost this thriller this amazing film it's coming out. Quiet place to the sequel to the first well let's just kill the box office. Amazing found that we kinda got a glimpse of a new type globe. You know way of this dope in society in the future or nobody ever seen anything like this before and of course now you're in the sequel. Talk a little bit about where we start with this I I feel like we are picking up right where we left as Akram. He it's certainly the a continuation. Of the first one that's it was successfully Don Budge on Kaczynski and and legal Susan. It's a replica Mittal family's home you know and that you know where. Welcome to the U. Extension of that fan. But you know obviously the first one was such a great success and there was no brainer for mutual you know comported as well. Yet interestingly like like eight but you just had you know. No where we know what's expected to closely this small film in many blew up the money not this is not the phenomenon. And now you're part of it and I bet it's great being the Internet to figure out exactly what your role is all about how the magazine you're gonna have you. No I don't know and other financially Obama rove because we're trying to keep its quick tight because it will be the it would almost won the film. By giving you were notably of the story line and certainly the character I'm playing. You know audiences it is it's a quiet place you know and it on the very exists in of you know. You know 22. To exist in that environment is too in all it's almost like you're deprived to Tuesday you know from breathing in. It's pretty awful. Yes but what I got from the trailer is that you know you appear to be an ally to our family and you know I think they're good guy I'm hoping god I'm. I'm a good guy you know I just happen to be one blues who got away safely. You know there. At that we'll that's a good thing now I do you. Were you a fan of thriller is suspense thrillers is that eludes him they are no. Not would I mean. And always a grownup but you know as a young man and I I was obviously drone to a scary for homes and but I think as this. Or is it time you know passes and you know you mature notably huge student so a two. Limits. In goes. The scope of films and but I do like making them I just don't like washing them because of it. Age you know the nervousness of 260. So well look the last time you watched a scary film. And what politics it's been quarter over third quarter while shining. A quarter bird of his songs from. Student loan. Poltergeist. Who's news scary films abroad warts the loser in congress. So are you want of those guys that when you're scared. And somebody kinda startled you have that high pitched yelling at like. Now. It's. I'm one of those that would have liked. News like it. One of those reactions. The. Aren't out if they have a deep baritone voice when your skin now I'm not a I think it's a. Melba good things that there was quite amazing to see what's in this moment last last night with the all in on the audience music the audience was so. Tested and so. You know there was some invested in the moments where they were almost rooting for you know for the creatures to you know. You did get creatures in it it was exciting it. Definitely so. Now. You know it's funny because. Along with this now we seen you in a quite a few projects obviously we are part of the Disney family so of course it's marvel all. Car at the push her definitely an iconic figure in the comic book world. You know. Where you kind of geeky where you look fan of the comics I know we talked about thrillers where you also looked like growing up where you stand up comics was that your assailant closures thing when you were a kid in. Now that you get to be a part of it how exciting is that. What I was a fan of its. As a kid to just because one of my best friends were in. Run up in Africa was. And of comic books and he and lots of true crime books or. I was mighty earnings reductions. Yeah and did you see and game. No means and what god idea. You gotta be a nanny got beyond all comes together. Now I mean it's funny because then I would like looking at some of the and I'm just like wow you know there's just so many things that I've seen you in that I have to. Kind of recollect one thing that Aaron member UN because recently around to grumble we had Janet Jackson appreciate the magic mountain. Eighty. You worry and you can you take if that weren't where radios. All you've been so is it some time in mind that was like my early days in America and armies had just moved from Paris to to Los Angeles and had met her record couple months. Moved. And was asked to do that you would in it was wonderful and it was so many of those. We're live sing his nose in. One moment vivid memories there was last too late Sen. And then at the time and in speak English and an economist and what you know if you were saying. You know whenever do we that you I mean past love was lost with these you know emergencies. So I broke up in own broke out smiling and so grooving to music rather than into its. So that's came. Yeah have a have you touch based us. It's been a while we we've could cross pass here and there but it's been on loan terms settlers. You know to get back onto I can see you make a cameo and wait to see my. I. Now you know I have to go there it's Justine because. As you mentioned you you are making ally in this film but you also played the bad guy before it is their preference I heard I recently read that. You are actually one of the the top billing it villains in the furious. Whole franchise like the heavy rain due to top villain for Arnold frantic anxiety that you are furious I didn't really isn't being yet as answer the have to feel good that. It felt good but it's yeah I mean that there was one of the routes on panoply of villain you know mostly plea in most of America. You know decent man. Yeah and got. The do you do you have a preference I mean do you like I'd kind of player good guy. While prefer playing a good guy and I think that's Mattis to insomnia known no way. That actor. What he thinks and two and took over again you know it's great phone in and by guys law. Yeah indeed it is it kind of like you have to dig into a deep place that you definitely -- my relatives Clark. The and that's true but I believe. Each and every one of us. In. Now let me ask you this because as we're talking about just all these things it's used. Been able to do and you are continue to do one of the things that I know you're very close to is your is your own company or an entertainment company. And the projects that you are very much invested and can we talk a little bit about that because while we love you own front of that camera I know that you. Also are gonna get behind the camera and you have actually gotten behind the camera as part of Sen knack to. And today Clinton and silky fumbled it about kind of what both projects are I know that you are developing a slate of feature. Ands and films and things that really kind of helped to show your. The continent of Africa Europe specific country. In a different light so talk a little bit about that and what you're really trying to push with that initiative. Would that initiative. Fanatic and so was just stronger creates. Venues for us to how to enforce for Africa tour reports for. And for us to be were to to opt lifted the African youth you know this is no platform for them to sort of a sea land don't Colin. You know doing well there was room almost seems like we. As African. Never created anything you know socially. You know relevant lands so. For the you know obviously I'm doing this documentary is called in search of food to witches. To do it. In oh. The religion of goes organic religions of Africa who. And misrepresentation of the cold and garrison where position of the call through photographers and years. Yahoo!'s eyeball it could slow portrait of Jeanne. That's what own trying to read teams exchanged narratives and yes and so on developing and also another story called. Amazon warriors news and which is this story of the continent that's really depict a beautiful. Woman in the sources. He and a I mean it kind of funny because you know you talk a woman soldiers and I met. Automatically think of normal IG and I'm like out there is any you know basis off of that because clearly that was such a beautiful moment I think problem lies when we saw black panther Aaron obviously you've been and. You were Amazon warriors is in black print and on but these so. And in black into you know rightfully as you know strong character you know. Prof from child you know by Panthers himself in. The Amazon warriors in home beside him. A speaks volumes. It does it speaks volumes and I and I I think it's such. It it it feels really good to know that you care so much to be able to kind of push for that narrative which we often don't get to see and an experience so I I'd definitely you know want to give you acting leads on that because it's it's something that. I think we're yearning for more of that washroom absolutely and I know also you're a big advocate of climate change and not all these other things that are going on recently actually had a con in studio we talked about some of the things that he. I it it's really great to some of the things that. You know people who have. Are obvious the immensely successful are doing to kinda give back. Obviously as an actor with the film quiet place coming up quite pleased to honor yeah this is a great opportunity to talk about all the things that you're doing and snow. On DLR have you linked up with any other you know successful. Yeah not alone and friends with Dave Conan is a great time and he's been doing tremendous. You know. Volume of things. Consonant. So. Hats off. The hand. Absolutely. Now I know we have to go but march when he asked quiet place where do things some okay will fans leave satisfy. For sure and would the word to round his from the from the apprentice who's also and that and raving about it. It's this suppressed the for a strong. OK and you won't tell us I think and I can't do right. I can't get saying just. Thought that I am 11 of those who got away you know and you know survive. In times like a petitioning for the rest of it in two to find their way over to. Where have found Rick refuge you know. Yen while I if you say here's divide then that means there's a chance and there's a whole bad there might be a quiet place three what are your thoughts. That's who. Audience to decide. I think the audiences of America speaks. Four. What you know and it went electors story like perfumes or world. It. And why I'm very excited and before we go talking about sequel. OK we talk about and see you you should leave from my understanding right you're also in DC comic unabomber. Even. That was that pure accidents. There was no planning. Anything but it's. I was assessed to to a to play in ocean salmon. Yeah. And also up a man. Analysts moon and me and others another problematic on every going to be involved in that is while. A moment here's who was executed a little but that doesn't mean anything anymore it's true strewn common boasted that he doesn't. I mean anything in March are well that's fine but right now get undated Gil at a check out. Quiet place to a march plan if you're gonna check out. Why play till march finance. Every might get a check out quietly still a march 20 thank you so much thank you some diamond for stopping by eighty feet I well. Can't Italy and signing off please make sure support dispel them very excited about it suspense we'll give me anything but anyway we love to have you. I think you.

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