Dustin Hoffman Interview on Directing 'Quartet'

After five decades in Hollywood, Dustin Hoffman directs his first film.
6:43 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for Dustin Hoffman Interview on Directing 'Quartet'
No for a repeat those who live time all time home and auto immune I don't know what time they refuse absolutely. -- you can't go into -- I'm. In addition I think personally I'm of the would find it very difficult to tell the difference of this -- a -- just have a toast to quote. -- cruel attack. Local ticket had to Francis who moved to seeing income kind of constant. Clinton's decision he wants is to seen decorum can't brought -- -- Such -- -- -- -- -- -- That he couldn't. I have to ask. -- about this -- I've read it some yes but it was it before they graduate. You were supposed to be in Mel Brooks is producers. Wouldn't that. Really and then he said know what you're going to be front sleep can. I was not the Gene Wilder that -- that Kenneth Mars our partner yes. I lived -- -- -- yes I think the I think that yes you know players of I lived on the same street as Mel Brooks I had an apartment he had a town house. And he lived with. And Bancroft has seen me off Broadway. He was -- Icon he was my hero. And he had seen me in this off off off off Broadway play and it. See me on the same street. -- -- -- -- it and that made by day -- month by a year because he liked my work then it's. By freak accident I get cast in the graduate and Anne Bancroft his wife. Is going. To be and that means I can't do his movie because it called me and said I'm gonna get I was so excited and give you'll -- this -- -- producers. And I had to decline because of the graduate. But now that your. Kennedy Center honors. Does that make you feel a -- does it make you feel that people are awarding him on this and they're saying good job to us than don't do anything more. What is your attitude toward your career in your life now. Wal-Mart. You're asking me I mean you -- much younger but you know kids so that's what I mean I think about it all the time you're just enough but I've never -- Dark -- -- could I -- -- Helen John. I hadn't had my own process that uses and those that -- My wife I've been with -- -- 35 years -- Talking about being -- -- -- Four. All like Adam -- fifty you'll like after sixty on sale on when anymore because you think about it. My age. Truthfully doesn't disturb me doesn't. I don't think about it. And getting an honor suddenly see what what does. -- What is relevant in terms of whatever past things for lifetime achievement. It's disconcerting I've heard other actors say the same thing. When they show all the work that you've done you feel like it's over even -- you feel like. They picked this time to give it to you because Ewing got no more left in the -- There's not -- -- so and has that feeling about it. As far as being 75. It's it is like Billy Connolly says it's like it's like you're street number -- it has no other significance. When it does have relevance is one -- Brought home very specific way. Now I'm not making -- so okay. I was traveling around at festivals for this movie to try to promote. All over the world -- Spain London. -- a Mill Valley New York. In the last two more reasons but have to do it again and I'm in new York and I'm getting ready for the umpteenth time -- applying. And I'm taking off my belt and taking off can change at my watch. And I'm starting to take my shoes. And the airline person's standards she says you can leave your shoes off. -- -- but yet she uses no you don't have to take more. Mr. blonde and she points who like and I look -- This economy that he can't make this and there is a sign right in front of me that says if -- 75 years old or older. You don't have to take issue. I swear to. That hit. And the next thing I thought it even terrorists. At a certain point -- no longer right for the proper. I think it just they should just. Make them at 75 plus but it just. What had sobering thing that she's just saying that -- -- she's just saying you're sending us yeah you don't have to distinguish what occurred or not. Potent. -- Threat and -- -- I don't think Maggie Smith and her prime. Could have come up with a more withering comment at that -- -- Keller it can't go on from there anyway. I could talk to you forever but when we say goodbye it's always install. Don't since goes you think you looking at me like I'm going to -- a little snippet and I couldn't. I couldn't do but. You just could do something in your head you don't have to make my wishes come true and do little mrs. Robinson you can do. What ever you want to concealing something he -- Simpson. I I. I do believe that. You are my sunshine should be soundness of blues song and I I once met. Forget his name but we actually -- -- together and Germany on a show. Lenny -- Kravis. You. -- -- -- -- Not only son -- Probably get the worst moment you make me have be. Wins. Is gray be. Never helping with the -- heaven knows he is. How much I love how much -- you. You don't take months -- Low eighties. I could do that I'd be do it. -- -- -- -- apparently don't need him there and if that was great they wouldn't Selma we were onstage. To do it together as I started to -- he backed off -- spot like myself that that's the and I don't want to admit it was -- and.

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{"id":18378715,"title":"Dustin Hoffman Interview on Directing 'Quartet'","duration":"6:43","description":"After five decades in Hollywood, Dustin Hoffman directs his first film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/dustin-hoffman-interview-directing-quartet-50-year-acting-18378715","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}