Eminem blasts Donald Trump in freestyle rap

"The View" co-hosts discuss the consequences of speaking out against the president.
6:25 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for Eminem blasts Donald Trump in freestyle rap
Eminem was and I had to be ET hip hop awards last night for a freestyle rap that really got political take a left them. What we gotten off it's now is that kamikaze that'll probably cause a nuclear holocaust. While the drama plots hitting weights but. And quiet down dude it's death is playing up and flat ground to the bottom and stops plus he gets an enormous reaction. When he attacks the NFL so we focus on baton. It's been a talking Puerto Rico would go to rip open the battle. All these horrible tragedy he's boredom would rather positive twist on the top actors in any fare in the mind. Who's a supporter of it is comes roaring in the sand a line. You read a former addict. But I'll tell you can't get out. Some people have suggested that this might isolate some of his time. This right. That's why you have to give him credit because very few people in the industry it will go out and say I don't cal if you don't support me. This is more important than that might pop. Actually I think there's a lot watching the BT Bob Walker. And of the salon like just. Board yeah when that happened and and it does take a lot of bravery I think it's an aperture career on the line and say. You know we should be talking about Puerto Rico we should be talking about Vegas we shouldn't be talking about you we should have a Twitter fight. Hobbled with the Panthers and mail center that. I just put it was it would it was very brave and we've had this discussion all the time where people with a platform should they use their platform. To make these kinds of Politico I statements. I think yes. Bob. I called. BS on saying that it's great to caught the president is more great to be conservative and Hollywood I have I've been no friends personally opened black balled for their political believes. I like Eminem I always have that being said just let me listen just once again and I nearly let your perspective so. I remember when Eminem went after President Bush when I was young very sad quote I don't I don't rapper dead presidents I'd rather see the president dead it was actually investigated. By the Secret Service in 2003 and I think for me what's so interesting what I think it's helped breed trump is when all Republicans are not see is and the worst and awful. Sometimes if you cry wolf hard enough the waffle eventually show whopping one former and other. With some of these people who have all these problems still have the same problems with him that they deal with the lead on. I don't know I don't know but I will I would I will. I will say this you know. People when they speak their mind is themselves it is of great wealth because it's very dangerous and people will take you out people's come up and spit on your hits you yelled to kick cube and Ollie socially acceptable to be liberal Hollywood Bennett has to be kids actually had not actually acceptable to be it. Here's the big hunt was started out as a very as you know. Very right wing sort of area and that's why all of the stuff with dogs stumble happened because it will concerned about Communists and all kinds stuff mainly have black list and all kind of stopped. Then it made a shift. And it went seven oh left. And so Hollywood fluctuates depending on who is again. And when I say who is in I don't mean it was an office is who's in stock bid but hey I thought that I LA I had having. Habits are. Having spent had a great deal of time there and knowing is much about Hollywood history. If you're curious as to how it has fluctuated in the last fifty years all you have to do is pick up a couple of books on Amazon. They think they might have done Alan Hansen I just isn't Eminem isn't the reason I think he's so brave is because he has something to lose. Now you talk to bad people in politics this guy Bob Corker whose retirement is now saying. That trump is leading us to world war three and there is radio silence from the Republican Party base and right through a really tell me who else. Well Adam first of all you're talking about the moment your your hedging a moment I would say it like to say just going off best. I lived in Los Angeles three area half working on another show and I never been more harassed for being a Republican and I was in the time that I lived there are so. Maybe it's a different kind of plays I've never felt that way in New York City I've never felt that place where where they play styles but I don't we I. It is free to all artists making a stand all commentators making a stand on the show and we all come out make opinions that are controversial everyday we every person on this panel knows what it feels like. Yes it is brain but I am saying that I think he talked to people like Tim Allen. There is it is more socially acceptable to be an Obama supporter to be in Lakeland supported via Bernie supporter. And it would be to be any conservative except what all the conservatives are working and the ones who have the jobs Tim Allen has never stopped their world market. I lose codes do Tom's topic. Periodically the brain what is done is James lay eyes that he's retiring for his politics. I think anyone that speaks out because the bottom line is every action has consequences we talk about everything from kneeling to people taking to Twitter and when there are risks. It rate now if you don't see people battered but being picked on for concern he should read our FaceBook page because on. There are a lot of people out there that when you stand up for something and you put your opinion out there people eat you'll live Mary Gardner hi I'm Arnold tap out might likely be met. Reaction here is a consecration when you're talking about a popular artists whose incoming on these these people purchasing his stuff and he's willing to say. I'm gonna draw this line in the sand which means I will feel this possibly in sales but it's that report. And and that's unfair and deal Hume we said it best when you give voice. To the minority you run the risk of offending the majority and and that happens all the time in Africa have been. CB have. I don't want to fight at that Eminem gave my father very nice shout out in not songs so with a little awkward city's name that dale what I. You know please yes I guess I will say and noticed areas he did and I again and I love Eminem I mean like all children of the night is that love Eminem but most. Conservatives get one person not every panel other than on Fox News so there is an element of minority to being a conservative and mainstream anything. We may disagree on it I don't know obviously Owhali and kidnapping in an irony I don't know like I'm the only one I didn't Syrian command. You would be surprised to find out how much of the fluctuation has gone not communism looks file behind.

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{"id":50417166,"title":"Eminem blasts Donald Trump in freestyle rap","duration":"6:25","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the consequences of speaking out against the president.","url":"/Entertainment/video/eminem-blasts-donald-trump-freestyle-rap-50417166","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}