Is Emmett Till painting cultural appropriation?

"The View" co-hosts discuss an artist under fire for the stirring painting.
5:40 | 03/22/17

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Transcript for Is Emmett Till painting cultural appropriation?
Advance. That's a protests going on that New York museum over painting call open casket which portrays the dynamic so black teen murdered. By. Several people. In 1955 the protest which was started by a black artists. It's because the initials the painter of open casket is why now beyond my petition claims it's not OK for white person to use black suffering fun and profit. In the is me distraught. Why is it fun and profit I did I got an artist I don't I don't know but I will say you know bid for me. What what she said is no no I'm I'm not a black person but. I'm a mother and I know that Emmett was this. Woman's only child and sell I'm painting from embassy. And so. People calling for the destruction of our act. Goal is very very hard for me because I did not suggested that the Nazis want to got sick get rid of stuff but. We don't like burn the book. Do this they call can you called it degenerate art yes so Ken I mean can you really say destroy our what's troubling to me is that. She seems to take issue with the fact that it's a white artists what Norman Rockwell painting it's such incredible moment in the civil right division. Some of carnival ride this out payment that I Jamison during some very serious and on the problem we all live like. Yeah and and he was white and so I don't think that art. Is at our empathy specific to a race and that's offensive and is it's it's also offensive that she says it's cultural appropriation it seems like they don't really understand what cultural appropriation it is. This is not cultural appropriation this is I think. Trying to make sure that and it sells. Mother's pain is America's pain. And showing you are. Have to take on Mark Twain it was a white guy. Who wrote about ten blacks out these some of this bad things that was going on there outfitting and Tom Sawyer those of some of the most famous American box he was white talking about a black experience tell. So. You know there are so many people black people write about white people Chinese people write about caucasians. Canada's candidates that this. Issued this article made me so mad I was reading through it twice because I was so enraged his French sculptor had there's a quote that mean paying about art. Is to be moved to loved hope to tremble to live and when I think about what art does work we're on the heels of an Oscar so white. Black lives matter all this stuff going on. Now you have someone lifting up a story does it matter who lifted the story about the stories being told where and to me we talk about. Yeah yeah. I have a false. It's a painful thing and it makes you hurt but he needs to be felt because people are only move to action when they feel. And I I found the fact that this woman also been said that she didn't want anybody that's white signing her Petit. Oceans and you're taking away the power ever wonder how do you react so yeah I don't understand like I don't understand how what you you may be an artist budgeted to grow locked. In the real world. Everybody needs everybody to get our stories out as just a waiting. Art it's not okay no audition ever hear that and if you aren't artists. Young lady. Should be ashamed these sound in doesn't somebody decide they don't like your art Benoit. Seemed once you open that door are apt to say that's not you know Rudy Giuliani at. Hey did a piece of art that I forget where what does that image in Brooklyn Museum is on by an African artists using. Elephant job bank. And it was V. Virgin marry. He was incensed teach trying to get them that the noticed p.s aren't the heat on because it was John and he thought it was welcomed and about the birds and no no that was it was adding a resident and seminar you never know. What led someone to create matter what was going to I feel to me art has to be protected space for everyone because that's of a space where somebody feels out their own feelings about an issue. They're drawing attention to an issue sometimes and sometimes a promotes a conversation so. The fact it's controversial makes us sit and talk about something that needs to be talked out Picasso famously said that paintings on not to decorate the walls they are weapons of war. Now the trumped. The trump administration's deficit cutting back in the any added that National Endowment for the Arts because they know that or is a weapon at what they don't like cash. Hard is back to you said something about you if you can't go to a museum and look at a piece that means you may be brought to the wrong way maybe you disagree with that if you can't appreciate it for representation of someone's spot and be okay with the fact that you disagreement there's this it's it's a bad reflection of who you market that's. I and then it up. And I'm not. You are not obligated you are not obligated to be an amusing am why do anything but you don't have the rights. No one has the right we don't have thought police that's what we're fighting. We are fighting to make sure what that we cannot make our own decisions. This goes beyond collar this goes beyond human. Beyond human everything. Incidents if you won't appear more by. It was read into didn't do anything for you move not and then you paint something that you think it's going to be want relevant but never tell people destroyed their art you're not that person.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss an artist under fire for the stirring painting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"46306805","title":"Is Emmett Till painting cultural appropriation?","url":"/Entertainment/video/emmett-till-painting-cultural-appropriation-46306805"}