Estelle discusses upcoming album and new single, 'Better'

Estelle talks about music, success and her upcoming reggae record.
28:25 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for Estelle discusses upcoming album and new single, 'Better'
It can't ABC radio and I had a very talented lovely accomplice yes. And apparently I have been one the only Dow Harry you. Here today because there's so much going on. This upcoming. Album and I am and see what you may not only damage from the Corey don't know I'm ready. Yeah and I am clearly. And snow. You know I want to jump right into it because it lover's rock. Is upon us September's. She's not far away. Do you feel I mean. Yeah. We'll meet a back. You. Absolutely. Yeah and so with that being said yeah you know I I am kind of intrigued. With the direction back because this is something that. We mean yeah. And but what about the reasoning behind. Edges. Making more of the status music and between Iranians. For bees African music in life oak despise. All the records I was making recording policy sees. The really good ones to meet and it's now in nineteen Mohamed this economy that is gonna make established its animate your house like hookah. Says to me is kind aside forming itself into and out before I knew the subject matter is mall. Was that more intentional. Aside in the IL labs a personal to a full you know American way Gaffney was via you might. Have fun we want them. You know. Thank you was personal broke out with the American boy was found in. Conger of the lost them was like okay I'm back. Good you know in the take some time in days and times so this to me was my light. A stud. Doing some soul of therapy a degree in just kind of question in my summit so go what do you make in these. And the more I started thinking the more I was like what I'm repeating kind of my mum and my parents. And the mice that slogans my mom about you know. Her life and has stories in my realize I was debating doing something that had no business doing. It is you know you'd you do which he now. And making terrible mistakes in my life. So as I start recording album will be songs live like founding let my mom's story. Now that well. Songs are really good. Let me give Obama moment that story you know and the more doesn't look into them miles I Annan is beautiful is good people don't get some like. Owner of have three kids and even that is separate find their way back tiny is an a and ending game it'll do that. Unit is always some real. Issues when I look at them it's like not being half and sly nod they was missed you know. Says Lee of the backpack and only a city bar B one is that that that level of life. I'm definitely have a disagreement we use anti beloved for the this goalie this food and talk about it once a distinctly. Answered and I Slobodan did oval on Christmas night is like a mall and youth. How do you in. That's in the use. Abuse for us worry you know I want to make sure that people fill he was my music and feeling powder feel like. Aching gap and do something in in the very specific where they can eighteen muscles and they seemed and I know about my applies to meal she said that and that's how I feel. And so I wanted people to get the feeling of love. I can do this I can live my life from my terms. And it's not too late to spy you know Islamic too late to do it my mom at my dad when I was 83 Hughes well if you -- You know and so you know you I think what is full circle is I can have fully only in and with nine children. Enough is never too late and doesn't matter what situation here. Butte we do this. And you you'd tell. Captivating story and you mentioned in this altitude. Opening. Out now been able to. Actually you're X ninety movement now with this coming up I'm very excited at it for us now into this love story and circulated in income coming back to us and BP record the. I mean that in the hub of all saying it made sense. DuPont is it with them Iman Beverly an independent label established nine me have him around label for six years Milosevic in the with conquers the first at least that was nice triumph new the personal. Oh co sign. You know I'm not crazy. Since its goal often do my I think every state Hickory Unita. Known as much as I had I was indicated and I was convinced. Say that. This is the way to go in to my you know that was kind of Concord been one record was and smashed in and I'm. My vindication spoken Uga this would this be on that with VP. This made sense that they expected Medicaid and name is may hint and India. Unknown Wear a helmet yeah. Yeah. Now I I think with the agree. It's. Time for a lot. Of Guerrero. I. Well how can I can tell you of that his name isn't that none. The a couple of he's from east of material by analyze and he's he's just a very he's very cool guy he she doesn't act Jesus Jesus he actually raises money from foundations. And intimate. And he came by a friend did you know we were looking for somebody who's hot girls so they did give survive you know and it is a spike. It was like very very lay them for we. I read nobody had counter and is I. This. You know a news defended her friend. And on my book is leaning in to do this forum in Q now and acts Neeon out like Ike and regulate media. By the you know. He did a great job and used a professional I was directing and acting. By. He'd be in the moment. Peek at the moment in time to tell him what to do and news is the month. It's so critical I mean. Fat. Profits. It's a completely give and it was the most emotional day two days in my life that's completely giving an emotional in this in angry and says more in the light. And let my emotions are from minute to minute right. And I have to give in to that whatever out the union is just my instincts. You know and have figured out my directive that is in the look at this is that the parents as a way and that don't wait for it to sound in my head. I'd say day. But that is now and I figured I figured out some pride myself on trying to make a would you Sanaa. Got to us. I. And I pick. Come up I just. Andy Jimenez last glimpse. It is why Alice that you status and that money yeah. I. Mean you know they would favor a. I want. I wish I was he had to be an afloat every single week the safest element to Brooklyn may not wait. Rate thirteenth those in many of the day parades. Very first time I wasn't out yet had just me. Am I was courting American means shine and I ended up and in the flatness on foot like off to the paraded finished. And disliking to muscle from being in the community and my friends alike know we must leave now houses by. I don't right now let's walk quickly this flu. Like. Uncle uncle. And I just had such a fun time is being amongst folk in this kick in if like home you know. Seconds I'm when I performed everywhere new shows this is good times iPad both sides of it might. Making that regular. An alum I'm here in the final album stays in you know and under the lights. I just love is at that time it feels is the most communities in the the closest the London. And people here. The Caribbean from the U cola. Isowich induce Labor Day week and you go down the puck Yan. After. You do you think will fund to. That. He's got these out residential BI. Now I ask. Is that. Rock also mean. She the out of their or at least in connection. No. I think Leone correlation was that she was absolutely around them and blowing and doing really you and another joke Kerry in the UK and Liz Cheney's name did after the sub genre of music that being seat kind of started and you know in the right in the in the in the eighties he was a radius star when I was born. In out like that was by zeroing she was here singing I'm Sheila and then became a Stein in the eighties and was you know Sade. Time I was eight years old she was shot but at same time lovers which is kinda rule of law based roots. You know I feel like you musical scene we were we you'll owe a debt. Yeah British eyes to the mother's charm beat his it was sweet beautiful aren't be over real AC way you know. And is this is not them IKEA I don't know he wants is done they I don't know what that means I feel like she Fogarty. Same. You know an easy but this is actually I'm actually doing another draw. On the album so it is more inspired by that studies the queen at pale eyes as you know I wish she could have been on the salad. As. Lewis Bennett's wife I'm happy. I mean her voice passes he stays. Sony said Larry Campbell I'm Carol she guzzling and go and you British numbers. We did that states CU that it is in. And thank you my hands and you know. If found only. Did. Me. Anything. I've ever. That I. Music yes it is a regularly uses ceemea I've done TV and film. Iron. I mean. A peoples and there have been lots and. Interests. And image and now. Some city I think it is like crazy and and working. After Pakistan and musically it initiative. Autumn day. Yeah. Sound like op is gone in. Enemies it's about feeling and and a commitment and a commitment goes so far and and that one EB. And it's. Used in. An acute Lyndon risks. One thing. On its depth and I'm doing. So this is it's now okay. Silent and dedicate and working in Thailand men and media attention and then in the pack and in unions you know looking. Same thing with music. At the music it was natural. Also the videos then the nineties. As jet missed the team. A year. Two years. You know and and at the DJ am adamant that the ninety like hosting again you know just. He might as then a lot of natural skills skills youth has the man temples in the actual time rounding messing things to mean acting. In the pot. I'm am and. I have serious favor. Hi hey it's W eighty dollar Levy some and annuity. Oh. He called a pentium. The feeling of growth strip. Them. Girls. I'm wondering gain immigrant gang of the crazy eyes like it will married with kids. Economic allow for now I'm that I'm the Tiffany had it's now about it before I was always be like dated began. And now on the Sydney has the number match on the lands while they chose him. Still things I like. The this isn't a Mongolian against X at cities. In an Islamic American. Is now as a whole. Funding but I am definitely. Academic. Him. Music or Alden and act in film world a world I'll. Yourself in this actor but things went lean in towards because I don't think music I. Talent and only different and you know isn't something that you automatically grabbed me if in your pick of the litter. I'd look at. That's saying I am more the Queen Latifah time whereas I am very. And I am good I know my strength. I am more the over Nancy. Look at light Latifah and common and how you do it. You know I just think that. And still do music that was another fast. That. Common. In the sense of why wouldn't these it is does do flew out to. TV production team it's no games and she's been to menaces island child at nineteen. He nature. You know so even BA with Cole has this you know you have the backpack non core government issued the decree is life. Huge for me. Also that's kind of the trajectory as someone else I think is on it really well from inspectors of Scott. And then she goes away as a means that supposedly as a film in this Schuessel he's reached. The whole series in South Africa and you know late NC still laced an exciting when she comes over the wreckage. In a so those people look on the line. It's a media. Examples of how you have a rule or how you do both in you don't lose one idea that you know. Absolutely I mean. He kill it with whom you immunity to second and and Nancy are brilliant interview there isn't brilliant. But it does yeah. Well it's it's funny because I I think John. Culture and I think of American culture it's. What is called the iPhone. Is here isn't a Powell you know you mute. There's things that stand out cute there like okay this is not how we would go about doing anything and I asked what we approach the entertainment world you know and I'm just carries about Adam and what have you learned if it. You know being here and in states received when he go back home like. I think it's not detained. And you went out first came here it was I would dispute. Our right is how we do things you know now was open to learn so open to line. And in what that would I will go home and I would expect a different way or a different level sometimes he would be Larry. Anything you write an American and are you thinking nothing Mindanao. I'm just trying to show you a new way and then when he eager to that he let us that. Idea you know and do the work. Ethnic and the ratio in the amounting to once they moved in different. Audiences. So what I would do some winter's Emeka X they let them announce this I'm tired entire fifty many things you know. That we would just. It would be so many things and summing up Cheney's that. What some mean that normally we would they. Do now with acknowledge its beak is. Not a way I acted to limit to do double team on anybody else because I'm not supposed to be. It continues. And they making his soul starkly changed it now is that. It's a given these things that kind were you know you began in this because assigns the American if you raise. Would begin his kind of as the sly. You know I cool that signal an act. And the killers still over perform you know and now it's a give and this is what every. You. In to be working in Lebanon that case it was a different things and here in a different metal working and beam in the US. Hadn't had to be in the UK because they would normally TV. Now and so it's as it pushed a little odd games up in Mamie tie. It just made me out of a everything everything that it was. We hear now everything is he now is no more hair is now more. It's here now in Europe are nearing the end is here now. You know. Story yeah. Means. You know people don't realize that still does today you have all the testimonies out there are people are still lag. All I got to do with but the soft spot on how to do with Beckett alone in and the end of cells craze. Camel was like I don't wanna silent only Lieberman not instill some what you gonna do behind me. You learn to erect its for the sake of the IDB is a great example and the greatest mouth he's I think oil. Having people nowadays have now. I think is great issues are there issues right now I'm working I'm tie you my eyelashes well enough is it a thousand and these guys and when she won useful how winning you know because she went. Because it is just use on the shown in Hoffman sheik Isa has. Oh did radios that the funeral shows that the gold touched people's that the goal shake hands and his baby's exact ad campaign. You have to do it beak is no one's you know no one's company reckons that plan. You have to do so I'm not. In. North. A benign it's that rhythm I hasn't put enough about Eli. Note I do I genuinely appreciate. It and we appreciate you on nine. Aaron candidate uplink. Is that gains there against them. I know that they have in the navy band mind value yeah. A little. Israel is in the hands of the island you know before eagle eye. I regret that you even called her anointed les. Little bit about year machines you'd just as if it out just because we looked at the results. She's I am. I don't know I think that's. And. In my house in China isn't one of Islam movement to eat about me and my right trio met in our men have been barred from one punch and hit that since last. I could hit that note. I was to scream at him. And mama Muncie that outside laughed and then laugh and then behind them from. In this mean about what she did I was the harm. And then that Rick and have since. So you know cuts in the movie yeah meeting came out. And at the singing aging which is melanoma. Right back before it did sign. I was in like an incubator space it has been since the specifics on rotations that I'm out. Waste improvements from practice. Announcement very fast. And it's. A self let me. Learning the great. And that phone was this in my mind on here and it houses are not this is a cute but as an adult. This into the woods one we missed the Medina where he sing in the next week. So them but the scene from an old argument saying like PG. After Beijing. And so I had to the Golan before off the Sharon in the decade that was my whole life. Gun opposite aren't right what publicly children that he shouldn't look at me I why does know god is not a war mobile Margaret my way you know. I think you Alan up in October time and I did my best. In other look at the methods they liked the. Hinted that some but not she gave its move thumbs up like music as an she said. Fates. Is there that to me is right. He's not the reason we thing she's how we thing you know she's the cover month. Now in you know she was the president who sang in the genre that was my inspiration practicing any Jacque Reid did it any jar. Of these do what who route. And lose. His soul. Who I'm be to read a thereof dozens of why it's no games right and the every being. Came from that she Sydney Amy she chases the feeling. Asked. To do when using takes the feeling and he trusts that lamp is common you face practice. Is hits mob. So I'm just everytime I speak about her eyes one and you parent that should be and nominate and that acknowledgment of being. What I everytime I think about it I just think of what she's done with his eyes and another another great that I don't know if you let next week is his sick would have been his sixtieth birthday. Michael jacks and I mean. Idaho. Lab is no longer staying. I am Michael gonorrhea and go on the knee with a win. Missing in the roof is gone like doing. And who is who is stepping up to take the mantle. That's the pot. The but you know the full am emblems like. Washington and the new. Rule in with and if that they are with them. A name. I. How small singing opinion in the quiet. One of many to fix it you will learn why he is at whom. I think at some way movies. And you listen. That would land and then Tim. At. The O. Okay my favorite nominate his and he was singing. I just I love these mountains there is eyes he can to what they do this is there. Oh yeah yeah. Though needs of this is and he had any apiece and China sing with Indians and to know that he either never used it. During this entire time is eight teams. Blew my mind. I this is his first time using and you pieces and I was like. Have now Ennis you've done AD hubs. And now it's not the people it done now you'd there's no way physically possible to do your best work. And they she last movie in your brain in these and you are practiced within an inch of an inch which he probably was that's it's. It's it's it's it's a sound science thing you cannot use of a real time. In the stadium. Without some type of any meaningful this'll people haven't. News again just at the so much this let the sounds as punching me in my unit as is a con. It's a good month saying flawlessly. What to do it myself that's up to the day out of my. What was now. The magic. What did you what is happening get it demands the right. Well that's my favorite that he was it is that when they. He hadn't kicked in his brain solo he was that if. A yes I do that. It. It would die he does and roots and Memphis Tennessee I'm so excited to be light pulled to do this. I get these amazing. Is medium easy light moments. This scientist backup and quite grateful. Quite painful and I feel. I was in Tennessee and the thing we have grants night. And MIT and it was this YE. Using east in its. Opting not. And then at Madison and I mean everything. With them in due at what. And that has been in my mind Palestine in analyze. Just a little thing recently Gladys Knight in Monty Bryan and and we just all here and resist and in the can get stuck. Not yet big threat that Obama at a besides at this Simon I get to be in the bill would my eyes the Brothers in the group. And I'm gonna covers them in Tennessee musicians and the mob as then. I hope I get the figure rethink it. Or another amazing Tennessee as delegates indeed seen its don't know I just don't pick yet but I just on doing just as whenever it and you. I'll. Opt out here we you're not. Don't. Meet the banking and Arthel excited. Yes. And of those outfits and descent and I'm so excited. This is at one wants me we will win the books I thought everybody you know defeated is there is so can be. Read. Worries. Us. I. B.

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