'All In The Family' and 'Jeffersons' reboot sparks nostalgia

The star-studded ensemble included Woody Harrelson, Jamie Foxx, Marisa Tomei, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Hudson and a big surprise from Marla Gibbs.
6:29 | 05/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'All In The Family' and 'Jeffersons' reboot sparks nostalgia
So guys did you watch the remake of all of the Stanley in the Jefferson's live in front of a studio audience last night it was pure nostalgia for these iconic boundary breaking thick comes. And still timely touching issues like race class sex in them. It was produced by Jimmy Kimmel and hosted by Norman earlier a star studded ensemble including woody Carroll saying Jamie Foxx Jennifer Hudson and a surprise for Marlon did so take a look. All I TT and did the base if you don't. They. Come get your quick. Easy hat this. We'll try to voted me out I needed. I'm yeah. This hopes his friends would you talking about it. It closest friends still shrinking heads in Africa. Jeffs is at a couple. The look. Do you feel rich but. No doubt and we are the justice it's up. Elton dying. To be kid then. Up a couple of eyes it. Let me know basketball. Still so bunnies I want to bring in Kelly Carter from ESPN's. The undefeated. Kelli thanks so much for being with us today. You know normally hear at 96 years old he said Nevada Reese staging these shows when the knicks spearmint. To test if they hold up as well in the present day 2019. Audience what did you think. I think that I'm Norman Lear's. Air and quite well it actually hold up all these years later. And a lot of cases especially because. Chose classic presentation. You could actually stuck paying current vision and culture bigger. And it still works and seen that. Well part about it but it didn't really hit it out. You know how she'll lead in the back of what people are actually are at record and able. Yet and so I think one of the things that aid they changed from. The originals is they had to bleep out the in word this time so what did you think of those moments where you could hear that that word was being taken out. I was. Really have you been here crimes especially for a Ximian some of the RXR. It's immaterial. Earth are people that are why generation or consuming it. Here right. When Archie Bunker would heroes are earth at the work color. People know Harry acts you know what went to. Imagine it in order would have what are well in the audience which can't Wear me. If it isn't worried where a client or at least any ball why. 2019. That would apparently uncomfortable moment but I see that the quality of the script that Joseph still ended there are well who's right. So want to talk about the performance and let me hear who your favorite swear. First occupant arteries it's OK yes no. Rick me in order. But she did it and well I don't current it was a little guys. I have heard let me show you. Eight and what I can deal he got me. Well. I am IR NE 80%. What exactly. Sherman Hensley at her dad was very over the top. Cartoonish little bit and it why after. Eight Jamie. Kind of throw back on his. Comedy with a caller yeah see any cat gay actor back. Sketch comedy. Came into not many people are added spirited act or her and I was quietly greets. It was incredible and I want to talk about Jennifer Hudson because of course she did the song that we all love that we have a clip of that lets hear her singing. Yeah. Thanks didn't kill it she she really take everyone interns no matter. What I thought she's singing reading it I love absolutely love this time. Laughs yeah. Google noble here and know that yes you know I've been. Are evident and I will and I ordered the mood on route. We're coroner or laying so people are very familiar with heart they aren't. And she hadn't really Dayton accords are what the army any indigent her lap right it was earlier. And doesn't just getting your opinion what do you think it is about comedy that just helps with these varying death called issues. To tackle. Your company at the departure. And so it gives you a chance. That ridiculous. Or Latvian team and also usually they don't talk about. An a different way would perhaps the aggression and he gave. Me. A little bit. Asian. Don't give everybody an hour you know we all have relatives are represented. In Holland and family in indigent person. And though there's a familiarity that we cannot crack are about. Some of these issues that are there credit dominated headlines right now in 1980 gives you an entry when he and all that gives you can't just. Or thirty minute or when he made it and just say. Oh yeah. Wells said Kelly tighter thank you so much for joining us appreciate your. Your perspective there thank you. I.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"The star-studded ensemble included Woody Harrelson, Jamie Foxx, Marisa Tomei, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Hudson and a big surprise from Marla Gibbs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63231308","title":"'All In The Family' and 'Jeffersons' reboot sparks nostalgia","url":"/Entertainment/video/family-jeffersons-reboot-sparks-nostalgia-63231308"}