The Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame Filled With Flowers in Honor of Robin Williams

Celebrities and fans alike have been paying their respects since news of his death.
37:05 | 08/12/14

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Transcript for The Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame Filled With Flowers in Honor of Robin Williams
It. On the scene of so many that we remember Robin Williams for. The hysterical -- and drag it to his Oscar winning turn in Good Will Hunting. The wide range that made Robin Williams of star. Who touched so many generations today he is being remembered President Obama issuing a statement saying quote. He arrived in our lives as an alien but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit. He made us laugh. He made us cry and just a short time ago on the Hollywood Walk of Fame more flowers arriving on Williams star there. City leaders from Los Angeles paying tribute. And we're going to go out now to Hollywood to the walk of fame there where reporter -- caulking is standing by. The crowd is now building here along the Hollywood Walk of Fame -- you can see the wreath laying ceremony wrapped up. A short time ago and hundreds of fans and tourists alike are stopping by to pay their respects. Outside the home of comic genius Robin Williams mourners paying their respects just hours after the 63 year old actor was found dead. Investigators are calling it a suspected suicide -- spokesperson saying the actor has been battling severe depression. Last month Williams checked himself into rehab he'd had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and spoke about the grip of addiction with Diane -- of raising waiting for the time when you think this time I'm OK and then -- And the next thing you know it's not okay. Williams' wife Susan Schneider saying I lost my -- has been in my best friend while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. Hundreds stopped by Williams star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame seeking personal notes and flowers. Ian Paul Rodriguez considered him a long time how I'm not the only one everybody in America tonight I'm sure. Felt like ball you know you got punched in the stomach the sitcom or timidity and showcasing his wit. Woburn again he dazzled on my television talk -- diminished utilize his incredible ability to have -- -- -- Is -- as such creek and -- back to his father masquerading as a British nanny is mrs. doubtfire. Did he was more than a funny man performing numerous times for US troops and I just wanna say. Thank you -- men and women serving our country thank you very much. And we could learn more about the death investigation at a news conference set to begin within the next ten to fifteen minutes. -- Hollywood I'm Kirk Hawkins now back to you. So many people really affected by news of the death of Robin Williams and we're definitely hearing such an outpouring from so many stars and Hollywood. Who were fans of his who were inspired by him. Kirk you've been there all morning at the Hollywood Walk of Fame where fans are coming to pay their respects to Robin Williams. What are some of the things that you're hearing those fans say. Well a lot of the fans that have come they they've come from across the country and frankly. Around the world by -- and and a lot of them share the same sentiments that we heard. Almost immediately as soon as we learned about the news on social media just as. President Obama said that Robin Williams is one of the kind of Ellen DeGeneres said she was heartbroken we're hearing a number of people saying that they're stunned that they're shocked. That they had plans to just stop by the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And because of the news they felt they didn't just needed. To stop by to pay their respects to either -- flowers notes or other gets. But just to be here and be in the moment for really what they consider to be an -- com. -- of course Robin Williams did so many movies TV shows. When the voice of animated characters really approach a prolific performer and his -- appealed to so many different generations over all those years. Are you -- a wide range of ages and terms of the fans that are coming there. -- -- we really are we're seeing a wide range in generations from beyond. To old and and as you can imagine because its diversity career in film. Appealed to people who are young and animated films as well as adults that we're looking at. Maybe more media are subject matters so he really has affected a lot of people and we have to tell you that you can see. That that's reflected in the economic impact of the films that he participated in the global impact in the box office of his films is more than six. Billion dollars and he had. A total of more than sixty rules whether he was a lead actor and a producer so really -- -- pervasive across the entertainment industry. At least. Reports that Robin Williams battled depression and how the entertainment industry trying to respond to other comedians. That are struggling with a similar issues. We'll -- as you may know that Los Angeles is home to a number of legendary comedy clubs one of those. The lock factory just up the street from where I'm standing in Hollywood is very popular and I'm descended back to you for about two and more about that death investigation. -- -- The -- the state in the -- statement. My last name is still being cold why. -- On August 11 2014. At approximately 11:55. AM -- -- county communications. -- denial one telephone call reporting that a male adult has been located unconscious. And not breathing inside his residence located -- 98 by saint Thomas way beyond incorporated Tiburon California. The caller was distraught. And indicated that that's hard that was an apparent suicide due to a hanging had taken place that rigor mortis had set in. The sheriff's office. As well as representatives of the Tiburon fire department has other -- -- fire protection district. Were dispatched to the incidents with the emergency personnel arriving on -- wolf -- The male subject. He was pronounced deceased by firefighters from the Tiburon fire department -- 1202 PM has been identified as Robin Warren Williams. 63 year old resident of -- incorporated Tiburon California. Preliminary information developed during the investigation. Mike Warner division personnel. Has revealed mr. Williams had been seeking treatment for depression. Mr. Williams was last seen alive by his wife at approximately 10:30 PM on August 10 2014. When she retired for the evening in a room in the home. It is unknown at this time. When mr. Williams retired for the evening in a bedroom it is all. At approximately. 1038 out. On August 11 2014. Mr. williams' wife left the home believing mr. Williams is still -- -- Mr. Williams personal assistant became concerned at approximately 11:45 AM when he failed to respond. To knocks on his bedroom door. At that time of personal assistant was able to gain access to -- his bedroom. And entered the veterans find mr. Williams. -- -- -- Unresponsive. With the belts securely around his neck with the other into the gulf wedged between the -- the clothes closet door and the door frame. His right shoulder area was touching the door with a body perpendicular to the door and slightly suspended. Mr. Williams at that time was -- to the touch with the reward as president and his body. And Livermore is positioned appropriately for the position he was located in. The inside of mr. Williams left wrist had several accused superficial -- cuts. Pocket knife with a close labels located in close proximity to mr. Williams. The pocket knife was examined at a dry red material was located on the -- Tuesday blade of -- I -- consistent the dried blood. It is unknown at this time of the drive written material isn't back -- -- if it is mister Williams the line -- scientific testing will be conducted to evaluate its investigative value. Mr. Williams was transported from the scene just after county sheriff's office more. -- the corner division pending a forensic examination. Which was conducted this morning prior to this press conference. The forensic examination. Conducted by doctor Joseph -- who is the sheriff's office for -- county's chief forensic pathologist. Did not reveal any injuries indicating mr. Williams has been -- struggle -- more -- altercation prior to him being located disease. The preliminary I guess they preliminary results of the forensic examination. Reveals supporting physical science minister William's life and it from the sixtieth did you hanging. Toxicology testing will be conducted to determine if mr. Williams had any chemical substances. In his system at the time of his death. Toxicology results will be available. We'll see if you will not be available for approximately three to six weeks while the testing is being performed. Please note that this is an active investigation. Into the cause and circumstances of mr. Williams death. World headquarters offices -- completed this. The final cause and manner of death will not be certified until it. The investigation which is several weeks away. When the investigation -- it is included. And our final results are ready for dissemination. Of -- -- will be scheduled about mark. Additionally I've ever seen numerous requests for copies of -- Juan and his -- recordings as well as investigative reports. Please -- these requests. Will be handled in importance of public record act guidelines with the responses provided to those who have submitted them within ten days. Media inquiries should be continue to be directed -- immediately -- boy. The in my email actually avoid -- -- Kate BO YD. Affluent and -- not war and hate are high and -- age twenty are high dot ORG. I would respond to these inquiries to talk -- as they received. Please keep in -- at this time of -- business is also investigating active cases from other residences community. -- respond to your inquiries time permitting. -- that concludes -- written statement at this time. And I will open up to take a few questions. Understanding. That this is an active investigation there is some information that will be withheld. Until a final press conference in several weeks. Okay. Rick -- this is. Design that will be evaluated in conjunction with the little more -- was that he. To try to for a -- time -- that the death may have her understanding that. There is no perfect environment when you're talking about scientific studies in the community in -- morning so we will use those facts. The sacrifice in mind when -- when the death nail of her. We're not discussing the -- for a note at this morning. As the investigation is ongoing and that information will be discussed the future. -- -- -- The investigation is ongoing and toxicology testing will be conducted in turn -- -- chemical substances -- mr. Williams. System -- the time of his death. At that time we'll have a determination of whether or not already signs that that you may have been an influence during the past at many -- He was. Slightly suspended in -- seated position. A copy of this transcript of this statement will be posted on the sheriff's office presentation. At the conclusion of this press conference. So -- have a copy -- the -- today is that this is the polling. Human life. The gravity and though that's when you pass your blood is no longer flowing through your name. Stop flowing in his first full due to gravity and that there are signs studies indicate the third period. Well that's settling business this -- Dan. Very early stages that they can be adjusted to look at remains removed -- Politically innocent lives. This -- found it. I'm going to that part of -- investigation what I will say is that she's retired to bed. -- when his wife -- Prior to mr. Williams into a room in the home. It is not known exactly design -- the Williams. Retired for the evening but he went to a different room of the -- What I was saying is -- he's been treated for depression outside of that at this time. We have some concerns about. Tip of her actions. So were the little slightly prohibited beginning in the future -- -- investigation progresses -- program. -- -- -- -- -- -- We're not releasing any information about affected the investigation is ongoing and still people want us being where counselors and -- we are available. To deliver your mail. With the respect you. Any other findings from -- friendly candidates and specifically his health will be addressed you draw up. -- -- -- won't -- Goliath of did you present this time it's not the what I said was he was close that -- is -- -- close. As they flowed and afterwards they get close on. And that's -- That at this point to -- -- They were -- -- Superficial. News his reasons. -- say it's like. You're talking about the night now. Superficial world. We're not let her mother DeVon -- across the depth in the sixty -- hanging. The investigation is ongoing and fortunately we're still have -- -- They -- These are gonna look into the -- rigors. Other other factors to try to come up with a good generalized idea when he passed. That will be released. Past -- future press conference when he doesn't. I'm sorry -- At this time investigation is ongoing and are getting getting the specifics of our interviews inside because -- still a lot more to conduct. We want to be able to have. Untreated information from individual companies being -- verses saying what we are you may know from those interviews 12. Doctor Joseph Cohen has the -- forensic pathologist. -- county sheriff's office. That he was not in a chair -- he was suspended. As I indicated. From the bell. Which was. Wedged between -- door to door brand. In -- seated position. Slightly suspended off the ground -- That is why I I don't have that information led to my knowledge you're not into the home from previous contact. It's. Over here. We're not releasing the nature of how many invisible they are -- mentions anything that other -- stand in line that they are. -- me while I was yeah. Investment on the -- -- The autopsy was conducted in Napa county. Primarily due to -- I'm sure it's not possess a government -- facility. We have a private contracts within local mortuary to the facilities around the -- the government more but it is not a government facility and due to security concerns. And the opportunity to ensure that we want super glued it. Images and other things what may have occurred -- that exam going public we use the facility that we knew was secure. It already addressed that in. As I said they were obvious size -- Left wrist. We're not getting into specific questions like that those those statements can be asked -- -- your -- Plus. His personal assistant problems -- not sure that. His wife my this lead at 10:30 PM -- you. We're not releasing that information does not for the brown. -- As this gentleman just that's the only person -- we believe designed to be in the hall was. Mr. Williams mr. Williams -- I've already answered about the no not discussing out of his -- Better. Mr. williams' wife return. Now shortly after. Sheriff's office personnel arrived on scene fired -- -- arrived on -- She was aware of his fascinating. And very early on line. I'm not really didn't. Everything about five or questions. We're gonna move on so number one here. It's a reasonable -- that he passed between 10:30 PM when he was watching live. -- -- -- When the fire department arrived -- -- What will be working on trying to narrow that down it is possible. Do working. -- -- -- Inside a long time I think I'll always be doing his -- win here. Why did an investigation is ongoing. Although the -- preliminary indication right now in cases of suicide. Lucky girl plus make sure that we cover all our days it all arrives across northeast make sure that we're not. Forgetting anything else that we're not being presumptive overlooking something criminal case but we're gonna continue to root review. Individuals they haven't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Medical information. On medical history with a comprehensive standard or does he's mister Williams case. Is consistent with any investigation we conduct for any citizen passes within -- -- and now -- Unfortunately due notoriety mr. Williams -- while you're here today. We will have the final. -- the Susan yes that's final press conference movie that final determination and at this time. Our indication is that his suicide. Due to. Sixty -- you. As -- says preliminary. But what was he doing anything. I'm market release that information does what -- is may have been doing it at 1030 last night. Yes you have the -- at approximately 10:30 PM. She then left the home in the morning have indicated then that she returned to the home. Once the civilians and turning -- disease. My hardest thing that could be in a written statement. Here. -- -- arrangements mineral rights -- our decision of the family. We are pleased we have doctor Paul Allen -- decisions are on field. There you see how that's -- to see -- the audience that remains are no longer have to ask county sheriff's office. That's right and bass family as you were not at liberty to release that it. Last question. Actually one question. He was in -- room in the home. He was in a room in the home design that's always -- last question. I -- Activision isn't intentional. Which cannot be accidental. Last question over here me. The best way to -- Found -- okay. The best way to describe the position is that it hasn't -- with the -- division suspended. Slightly above the ground. What that -- is his body. -- in a position that looks like he's sitting in -- chair. Slightly on the ground. Suspended from an adult that was wedged between the door of the -- brand that was placed around his neck. Day that's all we have for today and any further updates and internal wolf the issue to underinsured not a -- on the front page. But when we have final. Summary discovery to release that will be through a press conference will provide 24 hours notice. For that press -- friends. -- will respond to emails. I asked for your patience and responding to those emails letters and I am just looking at that and I will love responded and in Boston. Several weeks fox ecology takes a minimum two to six weeks. And will be resolved all of us to release any final findings until we have all of our toxicology studies concluded. Okay thank you for your time make you -- today. And we have been listening there to a marine county coroner speaking about the giving us what. The corner -- said that day it was Robin Williams personal assistant to found him. In a room in the house yesterday. And called 911 right around noon. The corner saying that he was found suspended partially suspended with a belt around his neck. Also that there were cuts on his wrists and a pocket knife found in the area but the coroner says. They -- preliminary investigation leads them to believe that he actually. Died -- because of strangulation because of the belt around that next. At -- belt around his neck and they say that it will be several weeks until they can confirm the cause of death. But pretty clear from the information and from the evidence so far that this is a likely suicide. Joining us now is another comedian. And Jim Norton. He's joining us now via sky eight. He was a friend of Robin Williams and who has a very interesting opinion piece today on time dot com titled. Why the funniest people are sometimes the saddest. -- and we just heard the sheriff the court -- tell us that Robin Williams. Likely died of this fix here from hanging what is your instant reaction that. -- -- more distinct thing to me is that they said it could cut marks here. And that somebody has been depressed and anybody who's been depressed and tired knows that you're probably an automatic stay and you just looking at anything to get -- -- -- you realize that cutting -- -- very painful way to do it. Almost being -- and had -- seems to be the most she's away. That makes sense and also gives you a moment to get out of it if you want to. And that's what I was struck by the fact it is sad and you tried something else ours it's just it's terror. -- can tell us how -- met Robin Williams at the beginning of your career. -- eight years in comedy and performing economy sellers and they said that Robin was coming in. And as I mentioned in the article -- never wanna -- Contrast with bigger comedian -- try to act you know La plus we don't care but doubt -- -- all excited and he came in and he did this act. It was really sweet to all the comics you know -- didn't have to do ours he -- -- -- And not ask anybody and not being courteous and you don't make it Portugal and -- the guy who's -- Bob you know he might want you still are. You should really humble on and he was like that -- all comedians I don't know what. Level of the latter Iran -- it really gentle. -- -- -- -- -- -- on time dot com that you're personally known at least eight comedians who have committed suicide. You ask a lot of people knowing your life that have gone and ended their lives that way so what is the correlation there. Well I think that you know most comedians have something Lawler and I I get almost affectionately you know -- either alcoholics or drug addicts or sex addicts. It's almost like you know comics are always looking to escape. That's why didn't hundred comedy as you know making people act as a great way to escape and it's a great response. To feeling sick. I would look to being funds -- as a response to sadness. And -- -- -- and Richard Pryor tried to set himself on fire and who is funnier than and he was. So it almost seems like in many cases funnier person is if you look -- -- them. The they may -- more sheriffs are -- they came from LA that's always true but I noticed that. In a lot of tremendously funny people is that they -- -- -- very very dark place for -- they're not being funny they can slip into a very dark place. So Jim given what you know about. Sometimes -- correlation between very funny people on the struggles that they have in their lives behind the scenes at the rest of us aren't always aware of were you surprised at all. When you heard about the death of Robin Williams in the way that he died. You're you're always surprised because you know get he sixers are a changed person you know he's been famous and since I was ten years old and enjoy it had a partner -- You know the culture. But as an alcoholic -- addicts you're you're never a 100%. Shocked. When somebody does that just because being so you're seeing so many people do it and you know that nobody is beyond. Actually tell anybody you know who thinks that material possessions we'll -- you. You know Robin had you know use electronic guy and gotten started -- And he had money at all things that you think would make a person happy and that just doesn't do it it's not necessarily -- You know if you don't parents -- yourself so yeah I'm surprised. -- dog on you know the other part of me just note that it's always possible somebody's. So Jim what is it that you think that we as a society we as family members and friends -- comedians and others who are struggling with depression. Who can possibly learn or take away from the death of Robin Williams. Well I think it's harder for most people are comedians because at least we had an outlet. I'm you know people who are going through it only suggestion I can give an -- seems right. Is to encourage them to get. -- You know there's an old expression. If somebody is. Ready can't say anything wrong and if they're not ready can't see anything right. So -- -- -- could all -- suggest that thing over -- try to do what you can't let you know. So that people you know in your life may be suffering silently. -- -- a job they hate each and they have no ability to dance so a -- you know I would say just try to be supported and helped them in. I wish I had a more profound things senator -- very -- -- here. Definitely some important vice mayor Jim Norton thank you so much for joining us this afternoon we appreciate it thank you very much. And it we're gonna head out to our LA bureau to Alex Stone with ABC news radio who has also been covering that press conference that we heard from the marine county coroner. The Marion County coroner excuse me Alex what whereas some of the. We're quite a bit of information coming out of -- -- they have been fairly open since the beginning of this yesterday when they put out a statement before anybody knew this had happened publicly. They put it out -- had quite a bit of detail in it immediately about this. Potentially and apparently being suicide. And now -- saying that they believe this was -- hanging a belt around the neck. Wedged into the the door of a closet. And they believe it happened sometime between 10:30 PM when he was last seen. And 11:45. The next morning when his assistants found him and then dialed 911 immediately when paramedics arrived on scene they say he was cool to the touch rigor mortis -- already said in. Now they're working on a time of death they note with some time between that 1030 at night. And eleven now 45 yesterday morning Pacific time when he was found by his assistant. -- there's some discussion of a possible notes. Did the corner make any mention of that -- -- Another corner wouldn't talk about -- potential note saying -- that something they're investigating right now. We don't know if the -- was -- there had been some indication there there may have been something. -- what ways he's condition before his wife went to bed. They won't say had even act. Acting in some way they do confirm though that he had been dealing with depression something his assistant said yesterday. That day he -- being treated for and dealing with severe depression before he. Apparently took his own -- And we also know about Robin Williams that he struggled with substance abuse for a number of years investigators know yet if he was actually under the influence at the time of his death. They don't know -- -- toxicology tests are gonna take they say anywhere from two to six weeks so it's gonna take some time before they have a full picture and they say. Look you know they're giving a lot of information but this is all preliminary right now. -- and it will take some time before they of toxicology back before they're able to put together. -- final report so -- they think they know many of the the major details right now those fine points it will take some time to now. And the corner they're giving. Mentioned that it it appears preliminarily in that there were a couple of ways that Robin Williams attempted to take his life. Yes some superficial acute as -- put it superficial wounds to the wrist and there was a pocket knife found near his body. With a red substance on it is -- described it now they're working to figure out if in fact that was his -- Apparently he may have tried according to what they described. Not cutting his wrists and during this suicide. But that did not play -- final roll. -- in his death facing that was not his cause of death -- constant death was the hanging from that belt around his neck. Wedged in to leave the door of that closet they say that that there were these superficial wounds but that did that did not play a role in his actual death. Alex the coroner said that it was his personal assistant -- actually found his body around noon do we know anything else about who else was in the house. It sounds like it was only his wife and then later his personal assistant so -- on Sunday night only his wife -- it appears right now that she had gone to bed they wouldn't say if they were sleeping. In separate rooms it sounds like they may have been because she went to bed and then he went into another room. -- his assistant apparently became worried when the assistant showed up and Robin Williams was not awake at this assistant tried knocking on the door trying to get and making sure he was okay eventually gaining access into the room. And then that's when the assistant -- found his body. I -- it does not appear that there were any children in the home anybody else who was there. But his wife had left. On Monday morning yesterday morning she went to bed Sunday night she'd left to go somewhere Monday morning. And then the assistant found his body according to sheriff's department a neighboring county. And then the whites say his wife returned to the home after his body was found. You know Alex the corner said that they would do a thorough investigation and that would take time and yet. When he came out the press conference today he really did reveal. Quite a few. Well you know every department doesn't differently and neighboring county has been very open on this one that like -- -- from the beginning yesterday putting out the statement and amazingly this did not leak nobody knew about it and -- put out the statement and and we all had to double check that statement when they sent it out. To make sure that this wasn't. -- some sort of hoax -- somebody with putting out because nothing -- typically. Neighbors say something a medic might tell -- friend neighbors might see ambulances fire engines outside of the house. That didn't happen in this case amazingly where we didn't know about it nobody did -- publicly. And held -- emailed statement came out and the statement was very detailed already saying yesterday that first mention that it was apparently a suicide. That doesn't happen very often here in LA the LA county sheriff's department LAPD. Rarely puts out that much information early on and rarely does it -- that secret somehow it did in this case it north of San Francisco it's an upscale community. Apparently. -- -- buses stayed quiet or didn't see anything. -- -- time media showed up already that the sheriff's department was gone and there was a crime scene tape up things that you would expect. It was kept very very secret -- they put out a statement and today giving a lot more information. -- what can we expect to see next in this investigation. Well now waiting for toxicology -- they are still investigating right now they are still trying to find out details of what his night was like. They want to know had he been drinking had he been talking about. Ending his life had he been specifically Sunday night talking about being depressed about something specifically. They're going to be talking -- to his friends and family members they still have a lot of work to do they know that the major aspects of this case right now. But they say they still need to figure out -- did he have anything in his system. What what had he been up to in the hours before they see that's gonna take some time -- put out a final report. And they say hold a final news conference at that time as well and give us and the the ultimate details. Of the end of Robin Williams live. Alex Stone joining us from our LA bureau this afternoon thanks Alex for your time you got -- exposing. And we want to say to our viewers that you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news asked. And starring this story -- like to get exclusive updates while you're on about on the -- For now I'm body cannot -- in Washington.

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