Ginger Zee talks about confronting her demons in new book

Zee sits down with "The View" co-hosts to discuss her candid new book, "Natural Disaster."
4:38 | 12/08/17

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Transcript for Ginger Zee talks about confronting her demons in new book
ABC news chief meteorologist ginger zee is talking about a lot more than the weather these days. She's confronting the demons of her past in her candid new memoire, "Natural disaster, I cover them, I am one." Please welcome our friend and colleague, the fabulous ginger zee. Hi everybody. Before we get to the book give us an update on the fires in California. They're raging out of control. This is my job. Almost 150,000 acres burned in those fires around Los Angeles. The wind speeds 60 to 90 miles an hour. The San Diego fired destroyed 65 homes. All weekend the winds gust back up. It doesn't look any wetter until next week. No rain in sight? No. Ginger, I notice every time one of us has a baby the other does. We're on schedule. Someone was like do you plan that? I was like do you know how hard it is to get pregnant. No planning. It seems to work out for us. We are turning into a family of four as well. How Ruben and Adrienne handling there's going to be another one. I don't know that any of us quite understand it. What's his name? Adrian. Adorable. He was laying on my stomach and he got kicked and he was like -- he looked at my stomach. Get ready. Those kicks get harder. I think he's starting to understand. I think it's just beginning. We want to say congratulations. If you haven't read her book, B it's already a best seller. Ginger you and I go back 11 years back to our days in Chicago. I knew you were a hot mess in the dating department. I honestly had no idea you were struggling with so many of these demons especially depression. Page one this is a page turner you get out of the gate fast. Why did you want to start the book this way? I start the book by saying I checked myself in a mental hospital. That's going to be shocking to people in my life. That's how I have wanted to open the book. I have wanted to talk about mental health challenges. So many people in our nation have it. It affects so many families. To me it took that step to commit myself. Saying I have a problem. Once I did that, I got better. It shouldn't be any different than somebody with high blood pressure or somebody with heart disease. They say I'm going to go to the doctor and get help. That's what I did. You've been so raw and unfiltered. You talk about being in an emotionally abusive relationship. You were drinking too much and tried to take your life all because of this depression. Uh-huh. What are some ways people can get out of your own funk? I put on that big smile like so many of us do. Be honest with yourself. Be honest and stop putting that mask on. I think that's a big tip T. Also there's something I learned. You have to make a checklist every day. If something is getting me to the point of upset, angry frustrated I make a list and say is this going to matter tomorrow. Usually it's no. Is it going to matter in a week? It's usually no. Perspective. Almost nothing matters coming from people talking about suicide. I mean the perspective. Joy said it. I used to absorb people's emotions. If Meghan is upset, I'm going to ask if if I can help her, but I'm not going to let that come on my side of the fence. You're very brave. Thank you. Okay. Ginger, lovely to have you here. Thank you. You're a brave go. It's a great book. You can see her weekdays on "Good morning America" right here on ABC. Her book "Natural disaster, I cover them, I am one" is available now and members of our studio audience are going home with a copy.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Zee sits down with \"The View\" co-hosts to discuss her candid new book, \"Natural Disaster.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51674461","title":"Ginger Zee talks about confronting her demons in new book","url":"/Entertainment/video/ginger-zee-talks-confronting-demons-book-51674461"}