Gloria Estefan Reveals Dream 'to Sing in a Free Cuba'

The Latin pop diva comes full circle on new album "The Standards."
9:27 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for Gloria Estefan Reveals Dream 'to Sing in a Free Cuba'
Yes yeah. Of course you know that voice she is the queen of Latin music but -- -- the fund is switching it up a bit she's going. Back to the music that inspired her the classics Johnny Mathis Charlie chaplain on her new album called the standards. And we are lucky enough that she stopped by to chat about it thank you so much for stopping by the -- a lot of talking about the -- -- -- I love. This album is amazing thank you so much how did you go about selecting these songs. It was tough I gotta tell you it happen organically because of the wanting to do this forever back when added calling on the Johnny Carson show. -- -- -- -- -- I saying good morning heart because the second tune because -- -- -- some things -- alone with big switch well because so I knew that there was balancing and that I wrote balance. And -- -- people deceiving you want a new song to new songs on the show right so -- -- billion dollar deal the wailing people know we musicians and that we of this genre. So. I've been wanting to -- -- -- I was waiting Unita have a career before you can cover. Other people's material. So a couple of years ago -- -- interest the dinner with Chile -- he's the dean in the from school of music of UN kiss me to sit in with him at the piano at the dinner. -- of -- -- good morning anxious an impromptu idea and prompted totally and I believe -- -- -- -- being the center of attention that might mean. -- even though I do at a popular million albums that I think we're -- otherwise -- -- but felt like I do because of music seller of music that's release of insight. It all unfolded when I heard in plain -- did -- that song and this isn't this is the exact thing that I'm looking for. And I went online and the debt over a thousand. Standards in angle OK I wanna do this when this when the senate and then there were fifty so I went to him. We sent down at the piano because he really need to wrap your voice around him -- you you might -- the title but maybe it's -- -- -- fit. And then we brought those down attorney -- and just think that the songs that were. At some point in my -- -- -- pinpoint this was important because of this system because -- -- system because in this. And one of the songs it is actually just melts your heart is the song today. You say -- of letting them that I love that song kind wedding song. In Spanish. It's never been -- in English. I was very honored and privileged that the get -- -- foundation card is getting in was zero journal he's a -- gun. Of Argentina he died tragically in a plane crash in his thirties. So this sounds from 1920. And when we danced in the backyard and -- -- -- -- there was a surprise reception our friends in our house. We were dancing in a very hot some timber second day in Miami to veto it -- -- -- -- version and a big Brazilian star. And had done a beautiful ballad. So when I I wanted to make this record global. Says flashed pictures a Jovian song and left in Portuguese and -- -- -- recorded it also in French Spanish and English. And this one that was our wedding song engulfs this would be so -- in English as a wedding song and I. Couldn't think of -- couldn't legally and 1 morning at 2 in the morning isn't getting in the shower I think guard they'll visited me from beyond Pacific and just poured out of me the inspirational Amazon bought -- hours I hope it becomes a big -- to -- -- -- -- -- those that can really. You know grab that moment and Joshua Bell the amazing Joshua Bell duet violent and voice I wanted to do -- What was speaking of weddings and marriages congratulations 35 yeah for -- and -- -- we're thrilled if you think. Two seconds and it does it really honestly feels really and that's the thought the matter is is that you know if you have you've spoken. Quite extensively before about the relationship that you have not only -- your personal marriage but also you're working relationship he has seen. As being your manager and how -- -- how does that work. There's a lot of respect on both sides. He works like an animal that mean I don't know anyone that works as hard as -- -- -- and I trust that when he's in charge of sending its -- Dennis can give them well he's got an uncanny ear. For what people are gonna love. But he gives the artists the freedom to really express themselves and he knows of it's something that I have to represent it's my decision all the way. But he just makes things happen and he's a -- I think it's -- -- -- super happy and you know creative and wants to do so new we second that motivating personality and he makes me laugh a lot like. Today we were. Backstage before we've gone went on to -- of the big -- shows that he -- elections and -- didn't notice any hose me down. -- at that moment wasn't as funny but no proof but think -- he makes me laugh a lot he's very upset minded well. I I saw everything -- every because you're talking about the relationship and dynamics as you so that you both have very you that you both have very different personalities and. We do because -- back -- -- contend some happy to do nothing. And if we were both like -- would had a heart attacks -- -- so. There's a really good balance but in the things that really -- -- that were on the same page and values priority family number one. We rarely differ when it comes to music or business so we were very much elements thing. And your daughter heading off to college and soundness of the considerably realities are both how -- how -- And she's following a months ones that you -- would. She's an amazing musician she is just so well rounded. She was a four point three GPA and school she played on the basketball team she's an artist she pain she draws. And she plays drums piano guitar you name it when she's like we issued a little like being the center of attention so. I think she feels could be and that -- that'd take a massive wall -- the -- and forever. She can -- she won't do it yet but she can she sounds beautiful -- This is going to be great for her relieved getter trust and investment can be and that's what she wants to do she's got the discipline -- Good musician what I think shows us some great role models as well as which is always nice to have that kind of a boost what do you -- incompetent in particular that thing. I -- -- modestly I understand completely but to think that what do you tell up and coming artists. Because you know we see in all these different programs whether it be Dancing With The Stars for its American Idol they can be instant fame overnight and you. Really have the kind of career that has shown it takes a lot. A blood and sweat and -- -- he's. But -- when you would do what you love I mean it's it's wonderful every step of the way for us it was never all I wanna be famous -- -- -- tea and now we started doing music as a hobby. And you know Mino is as part time job at a -- -- and -- years old I singson -- talk and the fact we got together and I joined his band. To me it was -- -- so exciting and wonderful and fun what I tell artists is -- look the business part of it is really bad right now so. There's not that big of a payoff on the monetary sadly there used to be. But you don't do music or art or paint for right for that reason an artist needs to do something because they feel the need to share. This creative streak in this art that they created their own way so I say if you do it for that reason. Than anything that happens as pie you can still go out and you know do your thing and do -- shows. But it's gotta be for the sake of what it is and -- -- and we took into changing it just because something is working there. You know hot and entered some trend because you know really if you're doing that and -- just to just do your thing if you really feel. The calling then you have to do it for that reason in stay very true. Less and satisfied to ask you about this because obviously aside from your career -- you are incredibly dedicated to some Philanthropic work the -- upon the foundation. You really have -- he's been able to handle the business side of things -- the creative side of things. What have you not done in your life that you would like to tap. Whom he could have -- an -- and meals for the -- technical and we are busy busy being able. You know everything we do it because we love it and the fact that -- and I are very hands on. With all the businesses and -- sometimes you really -- don't want and deal with business I -- -- love it very much and we balance that we too he assisted through. Meetings and financials and insurance I love that part so rich that's so surprised yeah we balance -- -- he's a creative guy every day he's on top of every single business making sure that it's up to snuff and the quality is there anything so it's a good balance. Quite honestly the only dream I have left is to sing in a free Cuba to celebrate with them. A new future because even on a fellas to and this is my country and in Miami is my home town and I love it. I still feel that you know alone -- heritage has been a big part of our success and -- want for them what we have you know the freedoms we enjoy and the opportunity to go into the future and joined the rest of the world. So that would be an amazing celebration for me just to be their. Performing for them and knowing that they're -- and go forward into a new era and that would be great but I can ask. Life for anything else and -- and really been able to do everything and beyond an -- could have dreamed it's been great extent. Well Miami has embraced you Cuba has embraced -- the United States the world has -- I do love I love everyone that. Really has been their for me every step of the way and they helping through a very tough time. You know -- -- -- back -- -- three years ago I got so much. Love and prayers sent my way that I felt around the -- of physical energies on the -- lucky woman and I think that every day. And you continue to give back Gloria estimate on the new album is called the standards thank you so you so much things -- me.

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{"duration":"9:27","description":"The Latin pop diva comes full circle on new album \"The Standards.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"20216545","title":"Gloria Estefan Reveals Dream 'to Sing in a Free Cuba'","url":"/Entertainment/video/gloria-estefan-reveals-dream-sing-free-cuba-20216545"}