HARDY on number 1's and 'Rednecker'

Singer/songwriter HARDY talks about his number ones with Morgan Wallen and Florida Georgia Line, plus his own hit single, "Rednecker."
2:09 | 07/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for HARDY on number 1's and 'Rednecker'
It was the first you know hide can and and actually that simple what number one the same week is up down number one parent. Yeah so that was definitely not a big league that was like come at least forward with the music out since we've had an easy out in the mosques in the world. I think the thing it did obviously was happening that we didn't know about until we got here are some of the music is. There's this amazing camaraderie and friendship. Going on with Morgan Wallin and the FTL yeah yeah that's hello and I know. It's only I think people are like come on a fraternity which are not matter that they heard you know losing undergone like to have fund. Yeah home. You know as far as I mean more is one of my best friends in the whole world and that makes life easier than you on tour together is going through the ups and downs and the whole thing and that. We're really close. And same for Tyler Brian and that she and Eisen and just their whole crew and everybody that you noticed is just involved in the mean. After what rose on normal days it came from very normal abuse situations and small towns and stuff and we can just have that that thing together in an assistant. Equal funding. Friendship that that's like. People all vowed to school you don't. It's fun to talk about mean more in my during some happenings in their necks and stuff people see that socialists on. Let's take a minute talk about redneck or which is your single. Quitting that come from. That came from Colorado. We order and calm. You're a writer's retreat bunch of guys which Karl ski trip. And that any Albert who as a songwriter and body mind and Jordan Schmidt three Masterson in the corner we're laughing about something. And handy yes and armor and accurate and you and we don't count each like they we have to your right right now and so we did in an upstairs in Renton. Britain and music. We run it like a doctor Susan Powell moments and I was like. It was even then we came back to town in Jordan Schmidt note the track and it and it took on this like tough persona somewhere like we have something this is really cool.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Singer/songwriter HARDY talks about his number ones with Morgan Wallen and Florida Georgia Line, plus his own hit single, \"Rednecker.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"64201513","title":"HARDY on number 1's and 'Rednecker'","url":"/Entertainment/video/hardy-numbers-1s-rednecker-64201513"}