'The Illusionists: Magic of the Holidays' hits Broadway

The magic show comes to Broadway for this holiday season.
3:21 | 12/20/19

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Transcript for 'The Illusionists: Magic of the Holidays' hits Broadway
And guys before we go a little bit of fun some more fun because we all know the news has been stressful but what would you just to make. All the drama disappear we'll anyone can come close and that is the two guys I sat down with yesterday Chris Cox and Paul the back. Are two members of the Broadway Show the illusionist and let me tell you begin believe in magic before. You will now take a look. I tell you like I'm very excited because I saw the show OK I saw the shadow. Hollis avenue still wanted us the dialogue and I want the company says I was talking to myself throughout the entire thing actually is talking everyone I was like you see that's how does this past oh year that lay I would. They removed right Baghdad. Yeah. Ultimatum I enjoyed it even in front your eyes you just don't know how you guys. The doing what you do incredible that's landmines except as fast as I let us laws much continued as online show. It's the greatest thing is you know do not being tricked but you know you're being tricked the job magic show but you can see it all happened in front mute son right exactly so just some people are clear. All of you guys do different things like you're the host that's right yes you also do tricks yet. Yes I'm the tricks about is that Mike Carey to name in the checks on a host of the show involved in a lot of the comedy along the audience participation in the shout I will say do that. When Chavez in the show's well I'm mainly lost awful. And and yeah I get to and should use all these incredible other artist Chris being one of them. All of what you do Chris a fundamentalist which means underlying Drina it's I didn't mind reading and I trust me it's so fun and exciting and silly on my making physical connections who people I get in sync with them. And read that mines and tell them what I think Melvin do all sorts of nonsense. Did you guys always want to do this when you were younger. Yeah I think you are saying I want to be. I want it to be a full and an entertainer and I can't sing a condolence Telecom act signed contracts and that he cannot convince other reputation had to say today that's a moment in the show where we will await seeing someone standing death. Each each night the before we will come to stage lacing that is say. We have a little challenge to sing musical is a song or at Disney song lines that it's never quite in the right I might ask our economy. Only kidding I think that this man. And their right key and I you may need to Bronfman is a wonder mitigated and that administrative that. Five but it's a huge state so it's you're here today then and I'm so happy because you are going to do some of your magic. For us and not our viewers. It's Cleveland you're going to read my mind on shore and here reminds of reform one of the aren't gonna perform a little less associate it slide show you wanna say. Both of you. Ed Paquette. But let's Segway that I've got he a hundred Chinese who on a tank but. Is that this is not a trip this is allied attack ads and magicians like what you can do is when you get to Union City elitist you take your foreign currency new folded up once twice. Three times you do little fold like. And a blot what actually happens is it starts to drum capitol like that CIA had genuine ones hundreds. Dollars and that is a really good exchange rates as well. Waited decades they guidance and look at six but that. I still don't know how that half it.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The magic show comes to Broadway for this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"67855293","title":"'The Illusionists: Magic of the Holidays' hits Broadway","url":"/Entertainment/video/illusionists-magic-holidays-hits-broadway-67855293"}