Immersive play tells real-life stories based on black LGBTQ men's experiences

The immersive theater experience highlights the voices of LGBTQ black men from Baltimore and Jackson who are living with or affected by HIV.
4:59 | 09/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Immersive play tells real-life stories based on black LGBTQ men's experiences
I know we have a lot of theaters lover theater lovers out there's a listen up a new stage play is coming in new York and it's called. As much as I can aides taking the personal stories. Of hundreds of gay and bisexual black men from Jackson Mississippi in Baltimore. To get people understand how HIV. Impacts these communities and take a look at a clip. My diet Jeremy living as it is heavy crowds of residents started in 2010 bags young gay man. Obama not so the hospital hunger mountain laurel road who I just knew I was an actor did test as if there was something that hadn't. I'm glad it's down the he nearly you have to have an immense amount of trust in your partner and is being alone and very little of the man only an amendment there a high level of charges. And it's in places. Your race and hang. Your parents this bill you don't belong there. A lot of folks are like Bentley Chris acquiring a sense evening why I was someone do this to me. So called. Friends suspect. NBC don't ever helps communities as it once there doctors are not running. Health and she wants things on big. And I'm. My I'd. There is an investor and environmental. There are we on all of these people you know we aren't. I'm feel about this is nothing. I was on a song. It's powerful right so it's an incredible cast including yeah Lou because this is a completely immersive experience for the audience I'm joined. I James a lots in his one of the actors and Sara hall who's the playwright of this incredible play so can you just start NTELOS. What it's actually a bouts yes. I think there's a couple layers I think candidates are obviously it's about. The experience right now. Black woman with HIV and in the present time commanding from hens and how these stories from the pound and and we don't understand how old emerged in an immediate it is right. I think that's something that we're not talking about a not so it's really about bringing visibility there but also bringing back you know there are sad moment the story but there's also moments. A tremendous joy in the story. And then I think the thing that's really exciting which makes it applicable for everybody. Is that their season that it seems. That are alike. How to we learned two. Care per thousand mark ourselves how do we. How relationships that are supportive how to rebuild the rate hits of communities around us. And a limit to participate. So what James I want to ask you now that cool thing about it is it is it is immerse authority the audience. What exactly happens and how does that impact how you're doing what you need to do on stage. Well for me if it helps me to bring them and fourth lines to bring the audience into the into what's happening because I mean oh over after it is immersive. So calm it's not immersive if the audience isn't a part of the show they're just not sitting there watching their apartments. And how are they a part of it like normally hear here in its share the stage is here so logistically speaking like where is the audience during this play. The audiences and are playing field. Wherever we're. Purchases exits. The audience is there where we are performing in the area the audience is there so we could. Reach out and touch and onions Cameron to get them all into what we're doing and where we're discussing. Well that's incredible that's really cool am completely different so. Why do you think that both of you why do you think it's important to you tell these stories like a right now 2019 why does this matter like right now. I think one of the things it's really exciting is that it's a place where you can actually create change. So obviously sometimes we think about diseases so it's specific and individual but they're so much about this that is actually sociable and and that we can make a difference is an audience like we need our audiences there are partners in the show. A name this is very much an active shown a call to action. And you know so it's really important that they come in they participate. You know its its limited run of just five ninths and it's just so important for them to be apartment. In James before we go and tell people where we can see this what candidates are so people now. Oh against in his Joe's pub. The dates are and its growth in the sixteen. As five nights tuned to shows a night officials and. He shows a night and I Joe's pub he gathers you gotta get there I'm gonna get there the I'm gonna get into the act so James lots and Sara hall the play is as much as I can so. Thank you for being here Hideo.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"The immersive theater experience highlights the voices of LGBTQ black men from Baltimore and Jackson who are living with or affected by HIV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"65434867","title":"Immersive play tells real-life stories based on black LGBTQ men's experiences","url":"/Entertainment/video/immersive-play-tells-real-life-stories-based-black-65434867"}