Go inside Marvel's 'Darth Vader' comics before the premiere of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Marvel editors Jordan White and Heather Antos talk "Star Wars," "Darth Vader," "Doctor Aphra" and more.
25:10 | 12/14/17

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Transcript for Go inside Marvel's 'Darth Vader' comics before the premiere of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
Hello welcome to inside marvel Darth Vader on Mike Rothman joined as always by Walt Hickey Heather and terrorists and Jordan way. It's always not the as the but some fear Clayton says bill is not joining us today we're gonna miss you so much from the say that real quick. And cast isn't really slow news and nothing going on Assad loyalists we just talk about Titanic the entire time. We'll tell the story. That still where it does not seen the film. But we will get that way. We can't worms there. But again we're we're here to break down the new line of the Vator Comex. It's also something else going on in the world today and this weekend. Your birthday what's going on note this disease probably buying habits of assets from foxy. It's one of the biggest media stories of the there's also something else going on to little still sending up and coming up tonight sun last. Again itself a lot this guy's. Let's get in to issue 91. Walt you wanna keep hatched up everybody on the series and the issue most. Nepalese so this John this Darth Vader comics takes place after prevented us it. Something awful has happened to Darth Vader he became Darth Vader he's now. A young Sith lord trying to make his way in the world trying to figure things have a right is making some mistakes. Yeah he prices have thought that jet that timing pillows people but he got his light Saber and things are good now. He's now competing with a bunch of folks to try to beat up all the remaining that I find their remaining jet he's essentially these art has been him addressing. You cast in new. Who is a library so darn bidders fighting a librarian and he is losing and it is fascinating so I defer now odds into the but he had to console. Bradley doesn't heal quicker clip that off that the viral clip that's amazing. This it's all downhill from here you know. I wouldn't say he's losing against the library to get very large gun anything tell this but if and local boat guys who doesn't let's talk about this this current issue. A lot of symbolism there a lot of cool new things where you guys particularly excited about for fans who check out. Are her cool new gun night Canada well. Now it's about violence yet that look so for those who haven't work product yet to afternoon at the end. Issued eight. She's in the archives and she's battling a grand inquisitor. Jack I gotten its a light Saber powered guns she how she puts a light Saber and this contraption. This issue it looked so don't look too much about what happens next. He put on account says. But had to get a pick that yes she put she puts it and she puts in and that's gun and and can fire. Blasts basically that are light sabers powered fool. Yes the stakes here pretty big she's protecting in all of that potentially for sensitive folksy yet still wrap yes very much delist its business cede any potential Internet. Yes fishing on its mission why she wants I mean I'll make a new school in it and that I now bond and so that's what Susan we're trying to do that before. But what a floor. I had at the other boy I'm watching I'm watching what I say it. The other awesome part about this issue. Is the the scene which starred Peter follows her into her hidden stash of of forces. Stuff and there's 88 guard Droid. Who first of all the media recognizes that our debaters and can't go I just can't do your attic and skywalker welcome. But your calling us was to be here wanted to head back out at. An elevator takes that is slight favorite president enjoyed killing and the judges does think catches it goes. I'm here to protect against Jetta and sometimes so obviously I'm rate I would note I think I've seen as a drag. It's pretty cool I diet high and I watched a lot of YouTube but it. I know how to do that what is thing about that also is that it that's when the first time too costly new overhears that she's and it can skywalker does not get. So that's kind of when the first times we've seen either jet are someone anyone that has connection and it can find out. That he has turned into this monster. That's an epic moment I mean what was going with your mind when you granite I. I was like pulled away by because it was just gonna dogs and you're like oh no this is it's an immediate betrayal again and ate it does fear that she kind of feels like. His daughter is a pretty good at being a jet I'd stuff and here a little more easy is it you know he's he's a real solid guy a good figure I've read American invasion that's the stuff happened. And essentially it's gotta be like appalling and just times you understand exactly what what position she's in the moment. Yeah I think it's kind of the first time few that that they realize you know in the can survive you know order 66 million hunt and all of that Texans and yet at that moment that you like will you survive. But agreed that only mrs. No witnesses got out of the Jewish temple or two days he was the one. OB one but I think that's all that knows of one. You know. It still vacation right now and a desert he's just kind of catch up on some Reyes should left a note. It hits the moral of stocks that yes if you see McCain yes we'll something. There's a low teaser so aside from the gun there's also a we see little tease of next week's issue next month's issue with. Some kind of cute almost as a cancer act that's a different model probably. Walking you'd sell us about about this that you know ahead I think we're talking about the secret. The thing that. We're talking about a thicker sort of thing. I but what's so important to protect that she would go straight into the heart of the empire the place that she. Is least welcome to the literally be beat the new palace of the emperor. To go get it. Can tell much about Walt he's got. Yeah yeah back. It would get it really does get the you'll see what do what it what would be so important won't be so important that she would risk everything. But what their mission in down there's. It's and it's. Nuts that's. I added motivation for what else so that. So yeah I got so Long Island what else can we can we look forward to that mean this is the beginning of an amazing arc. Wore us who we expect and on the fight we've already seen him face off against an amazing. Jim guy and win. By being ruthless. Let's let my friend while Hickey is usually. We expect who now. Well. I mean. I know people are probably very worried that she's gonna kill the hater but she's not. Where it we're not gonna make them. But no it is going to be it's going to be intense battle also not just because. You're gonna physically fight. But houses because again she does know things that he doesn't and what what might he learn in this in this thing and why does the emperor not want to pass the dead because. Yes that's billion bring up like he that he includes is about to kill it Larry and arts stunts and and that's the other thing that I was gonna bring happens it's. Remember early start meters now in charge of this group and inquisitor is know that are quite happy about that lake they you know they want to be dark bitter they want to be the emperor's. Pat projects and they're not getting that you know so they especially with the grand inquisitor their priority is this trying animosity between the two ban Annan's. Now in Paris and we grand inquisitor is about that you know I'm going to be the one minute I'm gonna take her out and I mission of the empire and where it was incredible detail what can really had an ally person solvent data against their cue an out later stepped in and regulate. Yet but did. Chill. That's the thing that I think he's really clever about this booking it that we didn't reading this on Pergo while now and one thing that always looks have to be challenged with with Gator generals like. You know they he's not gonna get. Killed right and so managing state Zooey. Not even managing stakes hard and make making sure that yourself here for this guy are still worried about how when he does and like the realization that oh. There are fates worse than death for Joseph Testa nailed that that there are things that go wrong for these characters and how you that is simply make it like really a major C weather was the the fight and to recover the check assault and is that that's that's interest extra dock. And the fully move on to the other books that are coming out here. We wanna call for FaceBook questions and I really love and the gym and there's an inning you want to know about this year's or. Anything else that's going on right now. It's up. But is also public became start with what became to what what the what else is and there there obviously. Barea disjointed in time lines we're adjusting the and so so because those who go and I don't know chronological order uttered a how. Politically we should go through the week we get we get dark tunnel is not dark Marcia Marcia Marcia what lately in. Peter is back in as he said just after a vengeance. In the year in the original trilogy time period we've got the Star Wars book and the doctor Africa both taking place. Ritter on the same time between new hope and and the ever expect that's big that's the I was gonna say between that and holiday specials. No sir I didn't pick six but it. We'll see we'll see what we're. In particular feeling yellow it well a lot of pregnant back I want to bring them back. But the Howard thinks it's. So what's he wouldn't listen which issue of doctor effort do we have here it. In the second issue we just revealed. Running so it's so basically out without calf we we just finished her first here. That she thirteen Hughes on. This hot bird for that katic Chris all. Did did some stuff with the rebels in Allen's means that it and at the ends. Her first here she. Everything she want to get everything she wanted he now she's survived another encounter with our later he's still think she's fat also Lional world she. Finally got rid of those nasty. Nasty droids that. Have been you know causing some problems aboard her. And so rich. Yeah yeah things are going wild thing he added in the world on. So we came back to his second year to find out what she's not so much rich anymore yet and of she's doing this mission she doesn't really like and why what she's being forced him why. Well those Droid that she used to control. Now they have. Inflamed her. Yes fairness they're basically you know hole it lane that wall known Darth Vader thing shared bed. And we now that he wants you dead so he find out you're ever allow I have. You'd be pretty dead. So that's triple zero and BT one triple zero is a he looks like a black protocol Droid but really he's a. Weapons flick and torture is psychotic especially. Villain is versions obviously CPP on our duty percent to that new life fall into. Folks just coming to doctor after it easy she was is this carrying guns look it's that is missing is his dark meter run she is and admitting he's kind of about delegates are hostile Lewis kind of tight. That. Roguish lead. That worked with beater for quite some time. We color rogue archaeology. This she she she likes to dig things up and archaeology lies but she's not in it for the love of knowledge she's in it mostly to make money. And she cares about knowledge of bit but she has about it more because of what it can getter. She's got very questionable morality when she teamed up with the with the rebels it wasn't as good as ever hard it was because they had they had the ability to get her more money. She she can be a bit of a Jack Sparrow I think that's the easier they should not and goofy is Jack Sparrow area around she's at think she's. Definitely a lot smarter than Jack's banner but but when it comes Delhi children go to the highest bidder she's got she's gonna go for whoever is gonna keeper alliance and that's got her motives. Gephardt is the new Star Wars universe yet so this particular issue. Triple zero has assigned her to a mission that we don't quite understand why what it is yet but he's. He's assembled her basically an entire squad of people to pull off a giant waste. And so we're just meeting all those different crazy characters a couple of them are are back on characters from wrote one who were able to flesh out which is a lot of fun that. It it's it's neat also in addition it. She had met the imperial officer in Pullman who's the head as she had a run in with in the first market now is back in her life because he's running into. Very interesting there. They kind of hate each other but they're fascinated with each other so that's fine. All of it's deaths though. Mullet you guys we have to talk about election without talking about fun. I got an idea again Cuba weevil adults and it's and we also seen the movie so we're basically. None of us want to get lose their jobs or a lot of so why don't we have a one word reaction. No details no spoilers. Starting with lofts. Day. That's also. Marseille and they. All are our day. I'm legal why thousands browsers at you'll excuse. It's your own rule that. They cheated that's not fair and nobody altered the terms of the arrangement together enough about hanging acknowledged that there. But. Yet craziness it's a crazy movie fans are at the C a 1098. We can't say anything and we really and is certain candidates doing very long run tomatoes the early boat that is days. I I it's a very good one adequate response yes I. I'm gonna say like a lot of people are wearing that it split its two and half are so long as Star Wars thousand deal but it doesn't feel that way and it's. You know I. It's easily to have our films that I would sit through Ryan. Johnson who recently got us the keys to the new forthcoming to a little fast and heavy in the Thelma I get why the guy gets hours in a way that has very few he'll do I think and I think. But the people are going to be really excited when the beautifully about this movie and about the the cast and crew and the director is an unlike other movies some other movies and in this in the genre. Is they get it they appreciated I mean Kelly Marie Tran crime on the carpet. That's just kind of stuff that expands it can sense and feel. Brian Johnson is just seems like another dislike fan of the of the John he's a fan of movies and justly loves this stuff that is a slick it means a lot to concede that there there. Pressure are actually. It's going to be it's going to be. Very long anxious wait till that sit down significantly yeah I was saying about that let him. And we can't we can't say the judge Irving accidentally obviously we know we can't say Japanese yen is and we we talk us on the spoilers we had I think you know NC. That Titanic crossover was that. Money. But I do what it will Mora on the horn not I wanna hear about your first Star Wars experiences on today we were we're you know we're forty years and when did you guys first he connected to the force. Me first great job. First yeah arms I watched as a lot of folks did just in their living room on a VHS cassette. With there dad and that kind of thing and it was. Eight it was kind of technique is the first and they see this movies you do not get those movies lake EI EL I remember the the main question that I had about that Willis. What happened Obi wan and end all and can the kind of moral settlements Egan with eights eights in way to talk to kids about. Big issues in big sweeping morality tales and in a really compelling. Cinematic fashion so that you can talk about the that the necessity of death and all that kind of thing. Wit with with a seven year old and you know get a point across and an emotional so I don't know I had the of really bonding different generations. That's all that. Yap for me it is very some wire right I started watching the phone with my ballot watching movies that that was just as the tradition you know he and his mean Indiana Jones husband and eat teens and Star Wars but. My firstly through memory becoming a fast was we actually. The date myself here for the young and come and it. That we I got to see phantom menace the field trip an elementary school. And ends. Is acting and I found that. Allen honey hold violence but at. I I gave an eighteen year old kid now they're just. You know. On the yes I was so we went into the theaters and I do remember it like I just it's something clicked with me they think the big part of that way is still. Yeah this stuff that April it was it the same agent I was and sold to see a kid my age. How the fourth link you'll at least cool things and about. Me having these cool adventures. Was just awesome and I actually. Hit out in the theater. One my class last so I could just sit and watch the movie. But on the top and I got a lot of troubles I think a lot of struggle. But when attacked McClung came out and we went to see that and theater is excellent meego has set the hook up of those but. Alex Jordan and after your story we have a FaceBook question her. Lots to keep briefing but I the same mind. I was born in 79 so to the movies were out pretty early human before right. Knew anything in the world that was just child. So I don't remember the first homicide it's always has been I think I knew and that was apartment life. But it was a big part of my life growing up I remember. When I I was giving me any light Saber for. Probably my birthday one year and it was the kind not the kind that liquid tracks like we have nowadays but it was just kind of long Cuban public. The metal coil and its would make like being nice and he would sort of at a and it came legally elected. Mining and it no don't look at the attracting when it's not feel free the area about the fan any visual it would go like yeah I. And that there was. He told there would they. The talking the talking to. Even a passer on the topics that there was there is a certificate to fill out. To fill out that would make you an official deadline and so my mom was like let's let's split up I went knew it. She's like why not and I said because if I fill out. I'm NAFTA fight back later that. You. I hate the I don't know that I was the loss of by the US or is even at a very. I thought you Godzilla I haven't earned the rank I don't know. I don't matter who don't winning which leads to our FaceBook collection and game once and it was dark beer the most powerful so that the board. Well. I mean of all this if words were familiar with what do we would recently with four well are we talking cannon that Ian yes of course being head upon usually dark vein that we're thinking well or rabbit. The we tankan is great though Maine is he really great news we've actually limits explores future though the high enough that it lost 30% of the audience that for a look. What are officially. That we do we know officially candidly of Darth Vader Darth city is that a country and it's Darth Maul and done lately it's. So that's only five right that we know of any other apparently is and injuring problem was earnestly and so was at that its discount him. Well we have heard very little about him in the news can. The lives I mean obviously it's it would be easiest to see city this is the most powerful but. You know later took some off a cliff and he seems pretty. So probably dictator's most powerful he is his medical income is higher than mass together. Excellent and the high particularly Shia. What his pulse arch enemy is sands. Natalie disliked that it and how to sand and far higher end of medical and not. It is an outnumbered could get everywhere. Some. Before before we go I do wanna get everyone's take on the on the big news today that that the you know Disney mostly video I have my since the secrecy time. That said in the also owns ABC news and marvel as well as Lucas films that missile disclaimer there. But they're also in the process the bucking to collect the first century fox parts of 21 century fox right. And what does mean for fans I think that don't know because obviously for awhile now some fancy the movies and don't know that. They're not connected in the universe because obviously different city as a from rights. What what do you excited about with the the potential of this this the steel. Yeah again. It gives a lot of opportunity. Mr. the marvel films folks especially. Two. Bring in other components of the universe that wasn't previously available basically just gives them options I imagine there have been a lot of plans moving forward. For how to proceed with the current I'd he held by the company right. By I think that this just isn't new opportunities somewhere source I think it's gonna be really interesting. I think it'll be very fun to watch eyewitness I really jagged these kind of things have to hop through her regulatory hurdles. I really interested to see how these companies come together. Woody a thing. I mean again my obviously without. Without doing. Without it's making guesses and and and you know right back as I mean. As a big fan of the marvel movies tiny I think that marble city is. Knows the characters so well and does a great job with them so. As as much as I enjoy some of the the fox films that they've done I think marble do an even better jobs I'm very excited. To get an a new take on these presumably and you take on the financing for a new take on. Even the extent I think that could be really really cool in a way to merge that in with the avengers world have been me. Yet here really cool I mean you know we we've seen the transition out of spite need to just this past here and and how while received that was and how Aldana was played it just. You know having this. How friendly on the tales of of this news fighting when meat is just makes me so excited and Mumford all of the possibility effective. If it's a funny but think of Kevin fighting who runs Oro city as and I didn't know his next acts in the reflects and he was like on this that I've read that he basically was like helping to make wolverines hair more coiffed but yeah. And actually it just look at. Joanna Robinson he's right he is like this little details like that about lake obviously adding that the real Gypsies from the books which I think. That is really what I'm excited about is gaining you know more that. We you know. Some of brook to Hugh Jackman yesterday during an interview for the greatest showman and climate and I don't know I kind of want to be that reporter but it's funny because he's always sadly the only reason only when he'll come back as if he's part of the avengers. And he kind of walked back they'll easily look I think the ship sailed for me but his. He's excited as well and so sure his of the dead pull mean. You know. Ryan Reynolds are between out that's not that we can't repeat as obscene but are headed out. It making jokes about the math is about I think is is greater it'll it'll be a nice crossover and thinks it's. Whereas I on the storage sizes things I don't really know. I don't know that it would if he would change anything I think I don't know exactly how that Powell and the original cuts them Marmol and and the tax man and it breaks. It's got that I wasn't. Isn't perfect there aren't any accident we are talking about the verses here's I think north of the universal going to be amazing be creating on some honest hour's fronted here is the potential because. Recently fox owns the distribution rights to the original challenge Newton so there's potential but what that means put us literally this is the morning of a major corporate announcements and it probably won't be settled for a year or more at moments yeah stop in this is all. It's bassinet in the room. Likely that about sums us. Yes for another amazing Schiavo and his the last of the year I think socialists say it like to know. Yeah laughter and yet so let's technically well that's not me I'm sorry technically like these in of you learn English sentimental side. I is I don't think you guys were here coming you know over and over again I wanna think Walt for. Being the worst partner in crime problem. I think Clayton you know is not here this week. And gives out the dated and jobs behind the scenes are producing it. And that you guys were watching.

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