Inside look at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

ABC News toured the King of Pop's famed 2,700-acre California ranch after his death in 2009.
4:11 | 05/29/15

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Transcript for Inside look at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch
Yeah. As some media from around the world gathered outside the gates of neverland today. We were escorted inside for a rare glimpse of a place created by a man. With the imagination of the child and the checkbook although superstar. Atlanta witness in place that might have been hit west. Let's have a lot. I'm earlier today at neverland by helicopter. Somehow the beat of Billie Jean in my head. I'm proud I'm happy. This is train station. I hear it's a joke actual rough welcome from distant land yes it is. My diet former investigator for Michael Jackson during his criminal trial issues has still low and whether Michael is here not. Kids came from all over every school in the area I think during the hearing the whole time period but couldn't find anybody who was announced here literally as a kid again. Jackson paid nineteen and a half million dollars to the ranch in 1987. And renamed it neverland. Reportedly among the 35 million dollars worth of amenities he added it took staff of a 160. People to maintain. And ten million dollars a year at its height it had a Ferris wheel a terrorist cell and dozens of animals in the zoo. The it was a plays was sick children sometimes came to have on and the plays for famous wedding. Michael Jackson was always fond of the Hollywood icon to Elizabeth Taylor became close friends in fact he posted her wedding to Larry for Penske was held. But under this tree in over fooled the gift that Elizabeth Taylor gave Michael many years ago an ice cream truck. What was neverland and to Michael Jackson and I think it ones. Do you mean often a deal childhood. We don't interns in the face called rapture. They come and inaction interns your interns. Fantasy figures the animals the carnival like. It's it's which China owns storybook. Lying in bed at night just fantasizing. Vision. You could be. Inside the neverland mansion we saw the airy kitchen breathtaking views and now an empty living room. At one time a castle used to sit right in the middle. A lot of email about this film too because it's a very almost soundproof room with very heavy padding on the floor thick rug. It was actually Michael Jackson's music room a place that he liked to store his cassettes look at this. And a place if you said he liked to make music over here prince Michael's bedroom and down the hall paris'. It's really up here that's interesting come around it to the bathroom there's a back staircase. And up these stairs. Is a little school Mona. Michael Jackson's children were home schooled and so I'm sure this room with her put to good use. But of all the rooms inside the house the one most controversial. Michael Jackson's bedroom. Now or in the master bedroom suite follow me along there's a study in here. Been down there. The master bedroom. There's been so much controversy about what happened in this room of course. And here at the much talked about secret closet. Closet is held such mystery over the years. A cedar closet. And this. His. Secret or another cause they be close in front of it. And it got a reputation as a place that Michael Jackson was storing things that he didn't want anyone else's city. But just the controversy neverland will always be known as the birth plays. Of some of Michael Jackson's biggest hits. In so many ways neverland holds a mirror up to the man who created it. Filled with joy sprinkled with fantasy. And tinged by tragedy.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"ABC News toured the King of Pop's famed 2,700-acre California ranch after his death in 2009.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"31396767","title":"Inside look at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-michael-jacksons-neverland-ranch-31396767"}