Inside the National Building Museum Iceberg Exhibit

ABC News' Megan Hughes gives us an inside look the National Building Museum's Iceberg Exhibit.
19:59 | 07/21/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the National Building Museum Iceberg Exhibit
I am ABC's meg in Houston we are here tonight at the National Building Museum iceberg exhibits and their late night series. Now last year the big summer exhibition listed each this year it is all about the iceberg. And you can see behind me an invisible looting and ending the idea here is that we were are all under water and this is stimulated. Glacial ice deal. It was designed incidentally by James corner field operations which created New York's Heinlein. Now tonight I mentioned this is the late night series so we're seeing different examples of poetry and music. Dance that was all inspired by this underwater glacial experiment experience environments. Adam don't just walk through. Oh yeah. Also pending. Under water X. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Oh yeah. The. Okay. A. You. Yeah. I. Okay. And I. Oh. Okay. Yeah. And I. Yeah it. We're. I. Okay. Me. And I. A okay. I. A okay. I. Yeah. Okay. I. Okay. He. Okay. Yeah. Okay. And you've been watching the late night theories here at the National Building Museum. Obviously. Good dance that you just saw inspired by the iceberg exhibit in joining me now the choreographer. NATO winners. Put that altogether made it thank you so much for being here I. We have a great time how little bit about the inspiration here and music that they hence. I mean it was it was very clearly that some human tonight vs nature themes going on. Basically the extradition of icebergs. Is very strongly. And in installation of visual image. And architect for that help. That there was an opportunity to help any of the story. For the icebergs. That all of the human impact from. The speed and are just so many. Dramatic stories happening. And so I think I don't know why because that's when I was. The iceberg and the tourists are designed to those. I desire to see and to be part of the and to experience that he. Visibly. And that's one of the things that cynicism and music and the feeling wasn't all you. There was also. Some adult learning environment there are moments of that it seemed almost year. There's there's the feel is anger there's the disappointment. There's something. Something in saying so I've been worried now. Because I felt like everybody can count have a nice. And then yeah. He is sentenced him. Around this the big per game right here. And so. I just felt like have packed noise packed boys were not enough. Like there's a great packed. And indeed having takes place it releases hydrogen oxygen. Hits millions of years old. That ends justify throwing. Them on pizza and read that one. It's being released can. It's pretty exotic they think the ideas. Actually they're struggling tonight dancing in the town that we've thrown our experience it's try to get everybody into the inflation. So. At that even fit him and and then music. Both of these composers are veterans Whitney. And and I want to youngsters who was. The company for the first ten years. The 74 to 8102. And in Stephen has been all over the world valuation of Brazil Kenya with us performing all over. Seventeen countries and so ice brought them together for the second time that they have performed together. Stephen Ayers paid a musician. Violinist vocalist. Says string quartet. That place for me an electronic musician. But he is a musician John on the other hand doesn't go through and he created sculptural objects that make fountain that uses. For his sound resources cases filters and exile. So the two of them. John experienced students silence. And Sam Smith's. Time. And on the argument Steve is full blown. Volume man who live in the demand. So they're trying to do. It's a statement news and I read the music was somewhat inspired by the idea that these dancers were performing in an icy. They were interacting. And daily free spirit. Here humans. Victims from human. And they're expressing. What feels right to understand the power. And let it can be good many handed them and so. This time. If you were not to the tipping point yet maybe. Yeah. NATO withers thank you so much for being her witnesses that that a very cool evening here at the iceberg exhibit on a very hot DC night. I'm negative news with ABC news at the national building.

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{"duration":"19:59","description":"ABC News' Megan Hughes gives us an inside look the National Building Museum's Iceberg Exhibit. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40752777","title":"Inside the National Building Museum Iceberg Exhibit ","url":"/Entertainment/video/inside-national-building-museum-iceberg-exhibit-40752777"}