International (Music) Man of Mystery

Yanni on dating, music and his private family.
9:14 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for International (Music) Man of Mystery
And next two years in the making -- -- -- would take two years to try to -- make it happen. No accidents red -- -- there was -- that. The pathetic in Baghdad on what I hear hoops around Monte -- get a inevitably we're on to win year on tour I mean things happen there are they -- -- to UC look at very calm very zen like person are you able to just brushed those kinds of flaws often move by the the next one. Actually isn't and that's a very good things -- Who said when things go really bad -- when I get that -- call. Realize because it allows your brain to thing and you go straight to the problem solving rather than complaining or Donald would mean you're. Because things are gonna go wrong. -- -- Slide live with. The whole orchestra microphones scored wires this guy and -- -- lives of the old video cameras. Anything no way in not superstitious and off could go wrong. And if it goes wrong. We're. Amman along with the whole audiences that people rational sound coming out of the -- And their way -- over the -- and tap -- name. And then find -- audiences there would you -- they'd love -- it's amazing happens sometimes where we have problems. And this doing the wave may fifth chanting to mean in the then -- themselves because you have an interaction the mean you read that you have a relationship that should do with the audience should -- space. Very important that we connect. So it was just recently made headlines. You have a daughter and a lot of people didn't know that I didn't know that. Mr. -- it would that we -- it was it was at about -- that you do you you keep have a public life separate from your private life or death. They resentment them this if he could to keep in -- am doing very well so far. Dying on public figures fill in my mind life is -- if anybody can just find things out. Hi a lot of people -- -- of crystal crystal land excellent tacklers land. They didn't realize she was my daughter a lot of people -- she was my daughter -- it was like. There's. I have -- -- -- and have a brother lieutenant they have you know -- its. When I was going out what the Linda Evans and you know we -- the public site for ten years. Paparazzi everywhere this is magazines this the you know your life you lose your life at the beginning feels -- The attention is cool tonight read a few years into it's just the -- will wait a minute. I haven't gone through grocery store. Into -- years. Do you give a desire to do you have hired by the senate primary colors have really love to visited in my car and drive around goal you knew when I used to live and they get my car drive -- Yeltsin's. We've moved there from the -- pick up some food and come back only. I can do that anymore I -- not going -- about myself. I'm not complaining rest by the big deal it's going to deal accept -- because what I received in any concern is so fulfilling. To be able to go all over the world and -- people change people's lives and it's extremely important. -- -- this -- someone in the time it tongue in cheek question but I think -- all seriousness because when people have watched you perform. You must've gotten a call from Mike Casio or Yamaha but said thank you so much you are helping our sales are so many kids out there now that have keyboards in the closet somewhere because they saw performance that you -- -- but you know what I might be able to do that some day. They do away giants by kids investment -- that's reunite. You went to the university of Minnesota to everything currently yes and -- you have a bachelor's not in music. And psychology in psychology. So what was -- potential that that that that your career trajectory is not going to be sitting down in front of a grand piano at the Acropolis with 101000 people absolutely and really guys that'd that is started with. Swimming it was a national champion in -- and held the national record in freestyle -- Then I came to Minnesota when I was eighteen. -- -- degree in psychology and then I decided. The -- music full full time I mean in mind you I've been playing music since I was six years old -- and I just found -- love and that was it. So based on distinctive style that you have created over these past thirty years whom you listen to resign replace -- I listened to everybody who doesn't and in Macedonia and listened to every kind of music can have a very ready wide musical. Diet. And because they grow up angry rental and as long as it's not manufacturers. If I feel I'm being manipulated. Lately what you mean explain its overproduced feel I think -- this kind of like a fuel plays. Did you whatever they do -- they overproduced and that bothers me if it's true. I like country and western. By that I really highlight elect I got -- Altria west -- artists it's just that the particular favorite artists river country western I started listening to Donald Williams than twenty years ago while and I love that through. -- simplicity and what they were seen -- they would agree it was a real. And he gets in your heart is somebody. Opening -- well loved and and doing and it doesn't matter you don't need an -- access to do that they'd be -- and -- the truth. Gets you right. -- -- -- It's right through its and you've collaborated with Renee Fleming precedent in Mingo yet you what I mean you -- amazing people for -- last for the wrong. Oh my god -- -- first below me. God bless them I hope he's around for another hundred years in prison on second -- to him well if we lose him. There's nobody's going to be able to take place best ways he's either conductor -- a musician plays the and the best -- from the world. And an F slamming the same thing the best female voice in the whole world this warm beautiful. Enjoyed -- -- these people. It's it what is clearly makes an impact obviously and in and like. Sit across so many different ages as well let me ask you this and social media has become such an important part of an artist's presence in the popularity. How even able to tap into that. My daughter. Crystal did on the net routed automatically. Applied for the past thirty years that -- -- right -- -- I gotta hustle and but if that's really been putting on social sphere -- -- -- on that -- much relay. It's so everybody in the world pretty much knows who she is significant lot of -- the -- is -- my daughter -- but not everybody. And then it started I think it's. The first time in -- mis guided did taken root. -- was we were in Brazil we -- heard. -- -- show called I'm not on ammonium -- this show bruises Rio -- Brazil the big issue in Brazil and Stastny planned it and mean children if they had a daughter and of course is that yes read that boom it took off teachers who have and everybody goes I knew anything near -- Pistol and hit than the -- daughter and and it started and it's been beautiful. Because we are like this it's how she handled the spotlight I mean -- in -- obviously as you said people knew that that that was your daughter at heart she handle it now. She's in -- and first of all of that absolutely beautiful inside and -- she is either very very beautiful cities -- people. First period loves the contact in the connection. But that don't pass through her yet they're not. I've -- -- haven't seen that good overhead we're gonna keep the media at bay for that -- had a lot of people have all of the -- the folks any relationship. With Linda Evans and a lot of people want to balance social are you dating do you day. How to take the fifth on the -- negative there although it is you hear you I die it's very -- -- -- -- date. First of all -- -- again public. Public eyes social media you don't pay it to everything you do is -- anybody can take a photo on called flexible and they that you don't. And they make up stuff too because I imagine it's going to be very difficult you can't just go out were typical people -- -- going to some kind of it. Some kind of a dating website or some kind of social meeting place like that you don't think that you don't I can have the luxury of doing I don't know going out of -- insane. Name Yoni and that you have put a black and I mean your particular view of the community. Thinks that they Brett pastimes flame at -- -- world's -- -- mean hundred billion playing through a massively. But now I cannot through. Well the the -- -- Esperanto you're on tour now what the -- going to be checking that out young it has been a pleasure thank you so much for making music lives of the draped but it really didn't your fund very tip of the.

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