Jan. 7, 2000: Britney Spears on '...Baby One More Time'

Spears talks about her first studio album, career goals and what she likes to do in her spare time.
5:20 | 12/01/17

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Transcript for Jan. 7, 2000: Britney Spears on '...Baby One More Time'
Yeah Britney Spears won her first Alan Kelly he was just six years old he had stopped them from the ward from in TV and billboards where credit. But all that might just pale compared to where two Grammy nomination McCain just this week. For best new artist and best female vote pop vocal performance Britney Spears good morning and Brad. And urea up nominate him. I was really just happy to be candy Crandall canyon associations and when he said my name I was like wow that's such an honor seriously contaminated with all the success you must know. They're good kids. I don't but of course there was hope in the back of my mind cannot change that many salmon in this like the Rihanna and call my mom and I think it's. That I was really excited we all fantasize when we watch the Oscars we watch the grammys feel like. I'd be up there here's what my speech would immediately ought to that have you thought about that when it would be like. I'm when he won't have about this thing and that I I didn't make some time to think about that an amount can be so Americans a minority ending beaches this. We heard a Tony Perkins. It's tape that aired in Alaska you said you're just a normal girl elected so good about seven re not all hope that telling and a half town mosque has nothing to do this in the tent DO that I read books clothing. Got to ask the question is there really going to be a date Prince William. Mask black day at my talking about that part of my home but I just keep those and he should really hand you have the perfect name to go over there. Yeah and go out with prince of the Great Britain. About that think they hit it added. Here's a look very boisterous and enthusiastic Greg you get this kind of audience reaction everywhere yeah. It's a little more boisterous I'm. Is that while there is a lot of very enthusiastic because one young man in the crowd I'm told whose mother promised when he got straight day. She would bring him here. He did get the straight isn't she did bring him here what is it we also asked the audience of they had some questions. Four ms. spears. And that Tony Perkins with the audit. Very very questionable Starwood Dana Dana is from Brooklyn what is your question. I'm Keith decide to do anything else can you like acting are. Do anything beyond singing personhood as well I don't know how what I am in a busy focusing on the album. They're playing and I have you know plans to learn my local phone here but annexed I would like to experience an acting you know. You know at him regularly but my music channels that inning ending out. I'm sometimes very. How often. Heard everything depends right now I'm really getting set out actually tell us about what Sweden and I like recorded half album and a week and a half but just kind of ridiculous because it was. Really isn't it most of the time like my first summit. Light sweet night I'm that's what the producers I think my thoughts. Revoking don't. We have Kevin here Kevin you're from New Jersey yeah. Yes that would actually had a dream that he would meet you and get to talk to you what's your question kept. Hong you keep skin mouth performing in front of thousands of people. It's a good question we. Always get it especially elections because either didn't work everywhere telling. Knowing that celebrities are out everything and it ain't so yes I'd be when you have dancers a foot and a half from your left here they're kicking up over there had him. If you really get here. And now they're inexperienced and I'm not there can happen next to it. Here there wouldn't do unescorted. You look at school in Atlanta would you lead this school. Yeah. I'm doing and that's Harry's. Burton's book that we don't we reserve the what's in it. What's your question how do you like he's thank you convenient a Walgreens certain degree it lots. I never really taking it seriously like being a lot of competitions like eight years old. Eight really old thing we've got data from. You're isn't very musical family. Really I'm the mom sat in London is failing them. Glendening to bail out of instrument but as far as locally singing. They don't carry nothing isn't something you always wanted to do or heading into the break if you like you learn everything island maybe at. His name. My mom have company over it and then they were out of agreed Intel will be quiet and not as it always everywhere. One more. We're question this is from Alison tell us what you push. How do you have time have gone beyond your friends and we need you next time you when you're curing all the time and doing our. And answers. And Franzen actually my friends back at home in half but having on an event like. I have like a weekend off off planet largest party in half like my very favorite thing they came up and it was we have I don't need that yeah earned eighteen game. Readily remembered. Yes ma'am he said. You know how many everybody can't give man a politically that McCain didn't think yeah. All the business they shouldn't originally it was a plane heavy and look at the Grammy gold.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Spears talks about her first studio album, career goals and what she likes to do in her spare time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51522250","title":"Jan. 7, 2000: Britney Spears on '...Baby One More Time'","url":"/Entertainment/video/jan-2000-britney-spears-baby-time-51522250"}