Jane Fonda Apologizes Again for 1972 Vietnam Trip

Jane Fonda says she doesn't regret her trip to Vietnam in 1972, even though veterans are still angry over her actions.
4:02 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for Jane Fonda Apologizes Again for 1972 Vietnam Trip
Hey can now but it's getting it topping our headlines another military may have Coppola. It's time thinking on that yet about fifty veterans protested outside Maryland's Weinberg center for the arts last Friday. As Fonda spoke inside another city seven year old actress was dubbed. Hanoi Jane back in 1972 called a traitor after she visited the capital of north make non. During the height of the Vietnam War he was even photographed in May were called with the enemy troops with a helmet and gun criticizing the US and even now 43 years later despite numerous public apologies over the years. That anger still raw among veterans but on Friday bond at said that while she understands that veterans anger she still says she doesn't were brought the trip which she calls. Quote an incredible experience amazing that they are still protest so many years later the division again next up. She's back Whoopi Goldberg has made a triumphant return to the view that comedian hasn't sideline for a few weeks by her needed dead skin. Housing recently found out that video that you posted from her hospital bed describing the pain being so bad. She would she get half of puree it's back. All were. And yesterday she got a hero's welcome back to the show and he'd done what appeared to be hospital scrubs. Goldberg says that she's thankful she didn't need surgery but the treatment did include a lot of physical therapy recyclables bats for celebrity. To be roasted by your contemporaries is an honor in recent years we've seen Roseanne Barr and Donald Trump definitely gray Joan Rivers get roasted and now. We add another celebrity to the list just emerald. At the rifle age of twenty. You know it was ridiculed this past weekend and as of now for those Calvin Klein ads that he did and Bieber showed that he had a sense of humor about it all agreeing that. Favorite indeed really funny but a Comedy Central rose there's a whole another matter seeing just did it was twenty. We'll have some of the top comedians in the country picking it up aren't. Onstage takes it was really no shortage of material. The roast will air in early march on Comedy Central I'm sure there are being. Jabs about his ex girlfriends actually yeah it's of course. His ads his abs. Slowly die in Miami Beach yes. Yeah we invite your right now I couldn't get a pack that thing about Justin Bieber and and then with the gross it's all supposed to be jokes and some of it did to their lies in essence but we Justin Bieber you just read his rookie Wikipedia page and read the facts and it's funny enough and sent a trash can see just read sister just read his sister from Connecticut it. Did you see this Sylvester Stallone was spotted in a place where that were used to seeing him although it has been a while Stallone. Was in Philadelphia over the weekend the scene where else but the top of the steps in front of the Philadelphia. Museum of art the ones that do so famously time. And one of the most iconic scenes in film history CNN. He was spotted by a few new friends that. Courage in taking a picture perhaps something with his dues films and how she decreed the latest installment Iraq. Franchise but it looks like he was just hanging out. See if anybody would really nice him. Seems to be a new trend we lever beside doctoral pickup for the last weekend they shot with him than anybody at a gym last week in the middle of the night yet some even. The celebrity brand messaging these guys proving themselves to be men of the people or may be. They're just really into this new social media thing that concerns into either way school. Al right habits and celebrity birthday get through it. Look who's celebrating today they technically Sunday five years old 13 of the three tenors Placido Domingo turns 74. Soul pop singer sick of the seventies and eighties Billy Ocean turned 65. And Oscar winning actress and. Tina Davis turns 59 a big happy birthday now.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Jane Fonda says she doesn't regret her trip to Vietnam in 1972, even though veterans are still angry over her actions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"28380629","title":"Jane Fonda Apologizes Again for 1972 Vietnam Trip","url":"/Entertainment/video/jane-fonda-apologizes-1972-vietnam-trip-28380629"}