Jessica Chastain Hunts Osama bin Laden in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Actress discusses playing the CIA agent who fueled decade-long hunt for infamous terrorist.
9:00 | 12/21/12

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Transcript for Jessica Chastain Hunts Osama bin Laden in 'Zero Dark Thirty'
Third floor northeast corner. Completion and we don't for the hearts of. Washington says she's -- killer. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and this is popcorn we we tell you what's happening. At the movies and you just saw a scene from zero dark thirty which is a major happening at the movies right now. And the star of that movie Jessica testing is with us right now. Look at you. You know last year when we talked to had a hundred let me -- at this. And this year he -- a mere three. I'm counting lawless and counting Madagascar north Yemen where you were what was an Italian jet -- in -- And then you take on this very small. Supporting role in -- -- ethnic. -- care. Oops yeah I just Anand in erotic place in yet another at a place that's like eight performed week. Yes yes I know I shifts and sometimes in love with -- job. So from -- it not work at all it's not -- -- -- -- start with zero dark thirty since everybody that sees it says is the best picture of the year I love it. Jessica -- asking my body -- -- Mike so tell us what it's like to be so great. That is an impossible question Bradley. Look teasing you it's the best thing he. Okay well it already admitted -- evening. -- And he asked. Think he should start then by just telling us who your -- who is this month a -- -- character names via. I've -- on a real CIA agents working as a target her undercover. And it's follows almost decade long journey of her was she. You know goes through it very intense interrogation. To find the compounds and events that -- them but mine but I can. Keep thinking you know the book that's done from the Navy -- point of view is called knowing the day they keep thinking your -- should be no easy decade it. It's like watch out CIA. You're just doing this pain -- more. You know it's amazing that you bring product -- he -- because our film was written by a remarkable. Who's started at his prayers and -- he had journalist so all of this information came from his. Like investigation of what what was going on. And then he created the story. And so we were all thinking OK well there's no other books coming out so I think this is the most accurate kale pick marks word for it. And -- no easy day came out we -- would finish the movie and -- in the editing room and I ran out and I bought it and every time it mentions. Who. Mark -- calls gen the CIA agent -- in the book every time it mentions her it's something we talked and now. The -- into the last moment of -- film on the airplane he mentions that in his book it's incredible sight realize how accurate actually your story is. Did you meet this woman that you plan. I don't think so now I I I really -- -- I am I. It's not someone that I can really like call up and say you know I'm just some resurgent latest -- commute an undercover and I -- that would have been amazing no I never had the opportunity to meet her. But I had three months before retired shooting -- like going to school you know -- in those and that timing named mark. The professor who -- I would sit with him every day go through this script talk about the CIA talk about the different characters and other related to my what. You know seniority was in the room at all time. And then I -- are -- reading books upon books really to -- a -- books will. Beyond all that research -- effective when you're playing this -- especially in the first part of the -- We don't know there's not know. Dialogue marked -- not handing you big chunks of dialect to say this is my back story this is land. We have to just look at your face and we need you mentioned the last shot in the cargo plane killer shot. I don't know if the depression that must be put on -- than they say we're just gonna look it. You're faced. The only -- the will be reflected in. No pressure but they want us out of this here it only when he didn't this and -- -- and that's true yeah. When we were shooting it like we got ten minutes to get that shot let's go let's listen. No it's it's true it's you know. The great thing when he did but the script -- market if he -- these dry facts. Any created this are -- movies like this a lot of the characters. In our life. Is in explain in the dialogue she doesn't speak -- subtext. So I have to create at all which means I have to before even show plants that make it. It very specific and very -- -- every scene I have to know. Where she is in the story I can't just show ago let's try to ten different ways than I have to really carefully marked out -- going because. I I don't explain it to the audience I don't say gosh it's been really hard day when -- on you know what I. I you know I can I don't just say -- -- the show -- in my face that certain moment. What about the -- later -- character has the things and now Washington says she's kill. -- Yet and then we're all thinking. So is that something that captain song. I guess I was wondering killer and Jessica Lynch has -- -- what is the killer chest. Now all I know how she -- affiliate -- and thought back girls heard. I I really don't know. I was cast before he ever even met Catherine. Incredible. We had a phone I would think she'd want to somehow be involved. Well I mean I wanted to be involved in any movie capture -- making. That we had a phone conversation she'd seen a lot of my work and I read the script and I really. When you do it. But it at all nervous because I was cats and then. I was -- is making me in Toronto. And I flew back to -- when I finished and that's the first time we met we had dinner together. I was hoping to -- like I hope when she meets me some kind of a -- personality. I'm very Miami. You know not. Quite on par with with my I was -- nervous that he beat me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ago it can't possibly happened that was the toughest thing for you to. He -- the toughest part about playing -- it is of plane carry an character -- trained to the unemotional. And analytically for -- That doesn't mean she is -- because he did have moments where. No matter how hard she tries to cover it it chest comes out like. There's a scene right hand Kyle Chandler is that I love that mountain and that's pretty great -- -- -- -- -- and didn't you -- vulnerable. But my whole life I've been trained to be emotional. It's been -- years of of trying to -- bring the walls down and open up my -- they've -- and allow myself to be sensitive. So. Wouldn't someone like that inning -- in these scenes like these interrogation scenes. My natural -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that -- is not going it and yet she's not going to do so that was always the -- of the constant by also I really don't like fighting with people felt. I was always fighting with my natural impulse fine with me you -- I never fight with you always fighting you have this I know that you are. On the debate team so I was afraid it -- Yes on the debate team you know and it was I -- like poetry interpretation and it. Debate poetry to her yet like I did like the poetry interpretation but I will say I -- negotiations. And I was. -- that I actually won a gold. I think I went like this state championships. And negotiations. I could see that it's of that really cut to write and I I can't -- -- lot of smiling technique. I don't I don't a lot of like communicate you act like you wouldn't give me what I want. He's never -- -- PR Wilson what do you think some right have a different. From that -- you.

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{"id":18037446,"title":"Jessica Chastain Hunts Osama bin Laden in 'Zero Dark Thirty'","duration":"9:00","description":"Actress discusses playing the CIA agent who fueled decade-long hunt for infamous terrorist.","url":"/Entertainment/video/jessica-chastain-interview-2012-star-hunts-osama-bin-18037446","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}