Jimmy Kimmel defends his emotional call for children's health care coverage in return to TV

The late night host gave an update on his son Billy's health and took on critics of his call for health coverage for children.
12:08 | 05/09/17

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Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel defends his emotional call for children's health care coverage in return to TV
One week ago tonight and made an emotional speech it was seen by millions and as a result of my powerful words on that night Republicans in congress. Had second thoughts about repeal and replace they realize that what is right is right. And I saved health insurance in the United States of America. Thank you. Right now. I didn't save it. Very. I really need to pay more attention to the news I have to say well first I would tell because somebody Kabul that's our son Billy is doing very well he. He's bigger he's sleeping well he can read now it's things. While I took a little video of him today in C. Smiling. Because so many people donated to children's hospital Los Angeles either that area's gas we don't know. What a humbling outpouring of support so many people made donations to CH LA and my wife and I are very grateful. For our planet's the center Clark everyone who made a donation there are lots we have or will you might be getting those a christmastime but. We've got a very a couple of very generous surprise donations one from. Most come Padres which is a group of Philanthropic Latino doors that was not a joke. Ad from boost toys which make shop kids they've made an exceptional donation. Aframax that we bought chopped and for our daughter Jane and told her they were a gift from her baby brother and then they made this huge donations that they Saddam. That eight bucks we spent really really paid off. So what kind of sorts compassion is it it was hard even process and but there are also and it does it shock you. There were also some not so nice things that people set on line. About me including members of the media now this is from this isn't real headline from the New York both Jimmy cables opt scene lies about kids and medical care. This is from something called The Washington Times I don't think it's a real newspaper or shut up Jimmy Kimmel you elitist creep. I cannot count the number times I've been called an out of touch Hollywood elitist. Creep this which I have to say. I kind of appreciate because. When I was a kid we act like we're the drink the powdered milk because we couldn't afford the liquid are orange juice came frozen out of a can it would squeeze that my father on the rare occasion we took a family trip would hide the dog in the back of the car and then smuggle it into our motel room. To avoid paying the two dollar pet fee so. I think my dream was to become an out of touch Hollywood a leaders and I. Didn't. I would like to apologize for saying that children in America should have health care was insensitive high. It was offensive and I hope he confided in your heart to forgive me. There's a very sick and sad people out there here's one of them is name is Newt Gingrich he's the former speaker of the house. He showed up at a hospital with a brand new baby in the brand new baby has a heart problem. The doctors of that hospital doing and they can save the baby you know they don't say we'll take care of navy right after invited check. They try to save the baby's life. That's true across the board in this country. Yes it is true that if you have an emergency they will do an operation and that's terrific if your baby's health problems. Are all solved during that one visit the only problem is that never ever happens we that it doesn't doctor's appointment since our son had surgery you got a cardiologist a pediatrician. Surgeon some kids need an ambulance to transport them that doesn't account the parents have to miss work Rolla stuff. Those details Newt forgot to mention an owner of the double layers this banks are restricting the blood. And I really is Newt Gingrich an expert on sick children turns out he also knows a thing or two about the late night comedy business. The problem you have when humor America today check okay. Please tell us the problem we have with humor in America today. Problem either with humor America today is that Hollywood is so enraged and Donald Trump that they can't be. Pauline that is pure anger. And that's what's coming. On this stuff. And then they think it must be funny because they're called comedians so that they they exhibit their anger and almost a pass biology. On late night television and you're supposed to left is after all that comedian -- funny because they're too angry to be funny. Gee I wonder why we're so angry. Maybe it has something to look I don't know you listen. I don't want to do not Newt Gingrich does know a lot about comedy this is a man this is the guy who helped lead the impeachment effort against Bill Clinton. For trying to cover up his affair while he was having an affair. Please come okay. He's named after a lizard and that was it. I think is important to remind everyone that this is Donald Trump's doctor okay. Handle his health editor of the Dodgers in New York he picked the one who looks like the valued by DOD from a burning. It's all so cartoonish maybe the worst first of all is a congressman named Raul Labrador from Idaho. This from a town hall meeting in Lewiston Idaho there's something he actually sat. Days. So. It's little naughty guys. Peter yeah. Okay. And that's a congressman. It's not a garbage men that's a congressman we have synod health care bill moves from the house the senator or hopefully. Some kind of common sense will prevail once senator bill Cassidy from Louisiana's Republican came up with a barometer for the new health care bill and I happen alike a lot. Could you support a bill that allows insurance companies pick half their payout to customers. It as you present that. I ask doesn't pass to Jimmy Kimmel test. With the child born in general heart disease be able to get everything she or he would need that burns your life. I want to pass Jimmy Kimmel to us why did to I think that's a good thing. Okay. Yeah. And he's a doctor that gastroenterology. She's married to retire doctor's wife Laurence who was a surgeon. And he co founded the greater Baton Rouge community clinic which provides free dental care and health care to the working on in shorts offices so one who cares about. People's health and we asked him to join us tonight and he's with us thank your taking time for us senate. They attacked separately knows period if I ever got to test named after me because for some embarrassing sexually transmitted disease. Let them go their injury so much better. So let's talk about health care and out my first question is why. Are those vast majority of Republican politicians. Against making sure Americans are truly cupboard when it comes to health care. Well detect the most prominent Republican politician Donald Trump is fair that he actually wants all recovered. He wants to take care pre existing conditions without mandates Americans A mandates and lastly. Maybe most important he wants to lower premiums. Right now families have premiums twenty and 30000 almost 40000 dollars a year. With six to thirteen thousand dollar family deductibles. Now a middle class family can't afford that. We have got to have insurance surpasses the Jimmy Kimmel test the middle class family can no longer afford. Do you believe that this health care the the health care bill that they passed does that lowers those costs for middle class people. The had the house plan. Was scored by the Congressional Budget Office as actually raising premiums which is why on the senate side we need to make it work. Because we have to lower those premiums so that of another child was born. That child can get the care she needs. Not only on the first year but every year thereafter as you mentioned solo. The clinic you co founded caters to the working uninsured why is there it is such a thing is working uninsured in the United States should there be. No there shouldn't be on the other hand. You have to have a health care program that not only works for the patient but worked for the taxpayer. Or our country is spending so much money right now on health care. I am all about people having the insurance they need. But again we have to be able afforded both in our taxes in our personal expenses that's attention that's the goal and frankly I think that's present counsel to. Do you believe that every American regardless of income should be able to get regular check ups and maternity care except for all of those things. That people who have health care gap in need. You do where do you stand on the annual or lifetime payout cat swear. The insurance companies cap how much money they can pay out so that when a failing as a child with a conditional at my son has. This big potentially could go bankrupt because of all that expensive surgery. Yeah as it turns out he cap still contribute to have a recap does not contribute that much to the expense. You can eliminate that happen it does not really impact. It does not really impact that could cost the policy does to an extent but not to such an extent but you have them. Well the senate make sure that the millions of children who count on Medicaid don't lose access to medical care because. This house who would cut they say 888 billion dollars mostly before you don't to benefit wealthy Americans. Let me first answer your question technically they're more broadly and the more broadly yet. Most children recover and under the chip program and so they are gonna get the coverage in the that's almost independent from Medicaid under Medicaid itself so clearly. If we're going up and fill president trumps kind of contract with the American people that people would maintain their coverage Medicaid will be a part of that. From my perspective I'd rather Medicaid change and is something that works more for the patient. As opposed to the state of the institution. Which too often takes the money doesn't give it to the patient for their care. In the most broadly we will get there if the American people caller senate. Ethical other senators the Democrats say listen don't just on the sidelines in gates don't like to be call you call. Call you Republican senators say we got them a bill president trumps contract. Lowering premiums but coverage of pass of the Jimmy Kimmel test if we do that we get an American plan not Democrat not Republican an American plan that's for we need to be said. Here. I. Imagine this man. Chris I am Jimmy Kimmel I'd like to make his suggestion as to what the Jimmy Kimmel at should be out I'll keep it simple. The Jimmy Kimmel test I think should be no family should be denied medical care emergency or otherwise because they can't afford it. And that either didn't. Freight many on the right track and that's as close as we get that we're straighten government now got to be able to pay for. And that's the challenge so all those middle class families right now pay twenty to thirty to 40000 dollars a year for their coverage. We have to make it affordable for them to. And that's what I am hearing ball I think adjustable having not a I ending of don't way to pay board is don't give the huge tax cut to millionaires like me and instead they. What we're good. Tell the American people across the cemetery north they're confident I think well that's a good plan thank you senator I trust that you'll keep your word in. Okay. You know we'll. Thanks for watching if you like that to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest videos and it didn't. Subscribe anyway it's free who cares.

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{"duration":"12:08","description":"The late night host gave an update on his son Billy's health and took on critics of his call for health coverage for children. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47292113","title":"Jimmy Kimmel defends his emotional call for children's health care coverage in return to TV","url":"/Entertainment/video/jimmy-kimmel-defends-emotional-call-childrens-health-care-47292113"}