John Quinones Asks the Co-Hosts: What Would You Do?

Take a sneak peek at upcoming controversial situations on the new season on WWYD.
4:50 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for John Quinones Asks the Co-Hosts: What Would You Do?
And huge yeah it is they hit hidden. Camera show that find out how ordinary people handle extraordinary situation that we are checking out some of the latest break up several and please welcome host Jon yeah that's. And this show for ten seasons now. That's early. There have been possible for me to go have dinner anywhere without people say what's gonna happen I'm we find out what's gonna happen I know the new season starts tonight you actually haven't sneak. Clip for us this particular clip that we're gonna look at deals with that disciplining your children can you tell us that's. You know how some parents discipline their dogs who misbehavior by spraying their noses with a with water where the spray bottle. Both parents and some teachers now are using that's there and take me to discipline there kids. I'll check this out we rule our cameras one last time. And while this guy starts talking to were mom this woman immediately notices what's happening. Craig. Why. No true and now she turns the tables on our mama looks. No no when I say no they don't miss it's on like they have to let. I know we're happy that I mean I I don't know what else to do as far as discipline. Okay okay. My anybody that can. Just water in there it's not vinegar yeah. As we know we must not talking and I need us I don't. It was like looking. Yeah. Have they little people think that that's so bad blood that town there were some mothers who were there who said I hadn't thought about that I like better. Can you bought that ball up. Kidd was not laughing at something like that night I think about it. An abusive I yeah I think it's abusive to them back as you know I love the show 'cause I was put myself in these opposition but what when I die I think I would went off on that mother but an America. I'm the next clip I would have yet to sit next clip is from another situation at a grocery store that just really gets very very heated up let's take a look at that one. This is my first day this is ridiculous. New concerns should be in the back I'm very offended by him Martin yeah Marion and I'm you. She's not even in line but can no longer stay quiet and Mary it for you don't. Lay out like that here in front of everybody I'm do you see how long he's taken yeah. Only those people in the store. We'll he shouldn't be working out how do you I wish you are here. Fine without. Szczerbiak does that wounded child the child of them the young man bagging groceries has Johnson dimension in like the fact that he was working there right. So it's when I interviewed yet. Her. One who didn't didn't want the woman worked would want to boy working accusers and I can't get the reactions are still like her. Yeah. Interviewed her later she said I just happened to be a very assertive purchase them and and she's said that behavior. Was an acceptable and she had to speak up let's. And I. Yeah I lastly people like that I think you're gonna love that's what got it takes place actually at a pharmacy and deals with privacy you gotta check it out. Paulino herpes medicine and Paulino. Phones let you know her medications ready. Harvey. Houses. Really didn't if you solve it so watch officially come faster exit. Urine tests are back in the full. We never got hurt his medication. A little bit Americans shouldn't stop there and irritable bowel syndrome mr. Jones yeah. And so does this city in different parts of the country debate people behave differently absolutely no hidden it in the northeast. It's a patch and north these people are going to be don't don't. Whereas in the south and the midwest community. Much more polite and the south we just on the show in Atlanta which will be on the season found people are so polite and taxes here. Not so much you have I guess they aren't they told you see something say something that's what I think is now. There's been no better time for what would you do then right now that's had been right we're hearing from politicians and amounts and seeing in places like Orlando. No better time.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Take a sneak peek at upcoming controversial situations on the new season on WWYD.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39939119","title":"John Quinones Asks the Co-Hosts: What Would You Do?","url":"/Entertainment/video/john-quinones-asks-hosts-39939119"}