July 13, 1984: Kirk Douglas on westerns

Douglas discusses his love for the genre and why moviegoers are attracted to them as well.
2:43 | 12/06/17

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Transcript for July 13, 1984: Kirk Douglas on westerns
The so called westar. The wild west took place in about 2530 years. And yet there is a quality and that. That hits everybody all over the world though movie is really a movie a western movie but you have the classical shoot up. You have to have that shoot out. Corpus and the other people that you can she dance with. Well has been Burt Lancaster Anthony Quinn Henry Fonda John Wayne. And I enjoy making the west. Outdoors and ethnic clothes and studio it's fun I don't always plays the best of the west side effect used here lately. Worst of Manning got. Even in in draw I don't Coburn. Who plays the best of the worst I've plays slightly the worst side. But I find it virtues that photogenic so I'm attracted to characters. We're a little bit evil or a little bit. Many have more fun romance I think so. You also get involved and stuff what I'm told that you are doing stuff work on the last movie mantra yet you seem surprised frugal of the well one would mean at this point say I don't wanna I'm told you Rhode what between the former runaway horse and bitterness perhaps to the state. Coach let go and I'm not you know. I'm not insane I don't I don't have a death wish but I've always been athletic and if I think I can do the stunt. I'll try to do. Outweigh close state in style all this time at some cowboy movies. Went out of Stony Brook. I think edit there's certain point June there was such as saturation you saw so many Weston's of course I grew up as a little kid I remember Tom Mix and postponing. And then you saw so many western than TV. And it suddenly there was a saturation they stop. I think that this cycle. Is returning that I think you're gonna see a lot more Weston's. Turning to ask more questions and back television and well I grew up with west IT this I wouldn't be surprised because it is something that's almost classical. It's something equality about a west. Q what Jones exciting about the west and is that compared to modern society and no question you deal with the problem immediately. You know so well I'm gonna see my lawyer Olympic deposition. You reach out talking about now and why when you say that smile and as a confrontation. You deal with problems immediately and I think that people all over the world it if it impresses me that all the countries that travels and people have always been. Intrigued by the west. I've found people the last two years asking when are they going to do another west.

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{"id":51620992,"title":"July 13, 1984: Kirk Douglas on westerns","duration":"2:43","description":"Douglas discusses his love for the genre and why moviegoers are attracted to them as well.","url":"/Entertainment/video/july-13-1984-kirk-douglas-westerns-51620992","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}