June 14, 2010: Betty White reflects on 'The Golden Girls'

White said the cast of the TV show had a natural chemistry that attracted audiences.
1:52 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for June 14, 2010: Betty White reflects on 'The Golden Girls'
I'm blessed with good health and but believe me I never taken for granted. So it gives you energy and I I just don't get tired for someone used her other hand. You know you've worked with. The grace you've worked with Carol Burnett Mary Tyler Moore Bea Arthur who makes you laugh. Oh and it gave Tim Conway cam can make me laugh just tilt by standing there are still Vietnam. He he is so funny and and you all seem to have so much fun when you were with. B and rule on the golden girls all of that was that was fiction. Wonderful. Cain and to lose lose recently with death. That hurt I just can't tell you that hurt and be not too long you put it. Shallow animal should be able rugs and any. And with some very very much but it was such a great experience how bad he can't seem to make each other laugh every non only exists and we love until that it was that simple and that's the chemistry that the audience may not being able identify. But they fatal you know it's it's something that can. Can you mentioned at its plant you mention a couple times this whole idea of chemistry do you know it when it's there. You're just don't know it has to happen and felt something you can learn is not something you can teach. He just testing happened and boy has that happened with with Al Arian and Shandling and on hot in Cleveland. They just spark each other and it's an effort is this is my part and this is my partner how many lines do you have. It's not bad at all they don't really work together and slow.

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{"id":52316941,"title":"June 14, 2010: Betty White reflects on 'The Golden Girls'","duration":"1:52","description":"White said the cast of the TV show had a natural chemistry that attracted audiences.","url":"/Entertainment/video/june-14-2010-betty-white-reflects-golden-girls-52316941","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}