Justin Bieber Spectacle Continues Outside Jailhouse

Pop singer Justin Bieber leaves Miami jail, climbs SUV and blows kisses to fans.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Justin Bieber Spectacle Continues Outside Jailhouse
This is a special room. Hello I'm time Hernandez in New York with an ABC's digital special report new developments on the Justin Bieber rests in Miami -- -- -- and just in. Pop star -- being released from jail here is black -- on top of an escalade. Crowd of reporters and fans waiting and watching. That escalate was allowed to back up to the door of the Miami -- jail. We're not happy about the antics here there are people we keep signs egging on the crowd as officers tried to keep them back it's all playing out in Miami. The star was arrested this morning for allegedly drag racing. While under the influence -- -- this scene there with lots of extra security personnel on hand. -- -- -- -- But it ABC's Karen Travers now for more. The beads is out on bail a total vibrant area 2500. Dollars. Nineteen year old pop sensation Justin Bieber was arrested at 4:11 this morning in Miami Beach. Police say he's drag racing -- -- yellow Lamberty. -- field sobriety test it was booked for driving under the influence resisting arrest without violence and having an expired license. He did acknowledge that he was using that he did take a prescription medication. And that he used that he had been smoking marijuana that he did consume -- beer. Today's incident is just the latest in a growing list of legal woes for the Canadian superstar. He's accused of throwing. Eggs at his neighbor's house earlier this month. Or DMZ said the incident was captured on this cell phone video. -- -- -- The -- damage was estimated at roughly 20000. Dollars. Last week authorities are ragged beavers home while he was -- -- -- -- Serving a felony search warrant. They were looking for security camera footage in August but they found drugs that led to a felony narcotics charge for what -- beavers buddies. The baby baby baby singer has become something of a bad boy speeding run -- with his neighbors. And his bizarre incident with a picture of Bill Clinton. But he's insisted he's misunderstood. Justin Bieber could be looking at six months in jail but it's more likely he'll be placed on probation as a first time offender Karen Travers ABC news Washington. And for more on the story let's bring in -- -- Batman has been following this. All day -- actually outside the jail when Bieber was released Mac can you describe what it was like to be there. -- -- -- Almost not I was almost indescribable. -- Almost -- there were dozens of photographers. Backed up on either side of this -- intermingled with that where it's called on the believers be -- Some out very quickly. -- -- -- -- I'm with -- on it ain't free -- and added she strolled out of jail. It was only about a -- and yard law because. -- any one of the -- it is. OK VOK if you will -- to back up all oil was jailed opened up this side door. Brought it right keep the routed by his own bodyguard and as Terry mentioned -- tremendous amount of security. On both sides of the barricade. And it wouldn't that article will create a case to the crowd of photographers. All. His -- -- An -- -- it that -- it that are thought it would be all over. At the top Benedict -- And -- the top. But the -- which is rather -- -- sat atop a certain way into the car the crowd making these -- just. The -- look at democratic and and then finally as a police officers were screaming. Ordered to kick off the car they were try to hold back out -- And his motorcade -- off. -- -- -- -- It sort of way to Bieber has been handling things that we. Which isn't that a bomb. Everything seems to be -- out. Doesn't -- Be bothered by controversies. Or. Making it if you -- trying to help out in this case the police very upset and I. -- interesting because that -- on the top of the cars seem to be in stark contrast to the -- we saw. -- during that bonds hearing he looked a little bit so -- a little bit of fraying may be even though it was only slapped with a 2500 dollar bond -- It in terms of this case and in very famous attorney representing him. Let's talk about the case itself he apparently. Had a Georgia driver's license on him do we know anything about that. Well regarded as an expired for much more than six months he got its first license in Georgia twenty and it was a learners permit we're not -- How or wait it was a -- consider it has been updated -- turning to lesser extent sister there there earlier exist but which he's been charged -- is the -- And edit view what Europe -- it was under 41 years old -- legal -- for -- that threshold Bert -- is pretty low it's like. Point 02. We understand -- level of intoxication was significantly higher than that in large part of the fact that he added. He was fueled by by a lot of puppet and that is it is significant charge not only agreed to -- -- -- a significant period of time. But. But until we could face probation now would mean significantly Alter his lifestyle because he gets caught with alcohol or -- These are serious repercussions for its future and that some of the apprehension may have noticed it's at are -- Of course all that melted away he's sure at a jail. -- exhilarated pretty jubilant with what it just habit and it accurate noticed that. Mug shot -- smiling pretty basic. Oh yeah basically guys probably know this before but this may -- the most. It -- -- serious. -- -- -- with which it dealt with in his life. I know a lot of -- legal experts say he's not going to face jail on this first time offense however we're talking about -- -- in the very serious. And drag racing on top of that obviously takes two to drag -- do we know anything about the person who is allegedly in the car next in the time. It was a very got a real shall reap RB -- who goes by the Twitter handle the I -- another -- -- being restrained -- did. Wheeler wreck their red Ferrari deeper red yellow equity at their entourage -- -- back on the two lane road. And block trapped behind -- -- race they got busted. Driving sixty miles an hour at 830 mile an hour residential -- It's a big no no while intoxicated on at least -- substance we have three. Looking good for Justin Bieber -- -- The law is pretty lenient for first timers. I suspect with the legal team that he -- -- rather well. But still it's just a pretty significant charge or urgent. All right ABC's -- gotten in thank you so much for joining us you've been outside. That jail all morning looking into this intriguing -- thanks again Matt. And joining us now via -- -- celebrity attorney Vicky Ziegler -- legal questions here. Just been named -- 2500 -- by and that's what -- state -- for they asked for the standard Bob are we surprised there. Yeah doesn't seem. And -- With serious charges and -- in the -- -- -- -- -- Obviously. Without force also arranged an act and if so unfortunately. I eat. -- -- Such a small amount. We have all girls' team -- drugs. Well rat -- -- Justin -- or other people. On the street where drag race or any. Respect and mixing in celebrity -- -- -- -- -- -- Justin Bieber in court that we're a little worried quite frankly and then Justin Bieber. You know leaving jail -- little worried at all should he be worried in terms of what this could mean. -- we're looking at six months Max is he really going to get that could any type of probation. The problem for him in terms of leaving that stayed are -- to stay connected to the state of Florida. Well -- they're -- -- -- and dare -- say. -- it Canadians it is so you know give a reason that immigration issue. And a half inch. Or severe. I -- time legal troubles -- anybody that the average person -- -- Sally should be -- just Justin -- -- forty million dollar and -- and they're already know our. The law still applies -- -- city. Instead he's got a great legal. You have a huge legal -- really -- you'll probably like. Yeah I'm but certainly -- probation. At first but you don't wanna be seen in the state and an admittedly didn't. -- that marijuana. Killed and we he may have problems not just social drinker or drug user switches are real problems he's really here to stay out of trouble or and -- well and -- Chris brown and god -- it might. Lot of people talking about Lindsay Lohan someone who had these types of brushes with the law. Being charged with things like deal -- You know have. What -- -- -- you make avenue mansion all these people he runs the risk of becoming like them. This continues to escalate what is now. You know facing a small sentence in the small -- could really becomes -- -- much bigger. Yeah actually absolutely I -- I don't you know covering celebrities. For quite some time and honestly you -- you -- the package -- So we wish we had a -- -- -- that he gets a helping. Hand. Allegedly not -- -- -- being trapped hanging around people that are actually benefiting him and his like any -- he has all his money order. Such stars want Spain they want to be loved him like an outsider art. On -- -- -- you want like Michael jacks and it very reminiscent during his legal -- we know what happened and -- hands so he -- get ranked helps you gotta get on the right have not invincible you know he's nineteen years all but again our role model -- Out there. Don't want to send a -- it. Aren't the celebrity attorney Vicky Ziegler thank you so much for joining us and here illegally in -- there. Advocate of course get a complete recap right here on ABC news tag cloud watching that scene outside the Gerald house where Justin Bieber. Bieber was recently. Released facing DUI charges. As well as resisting arrest without violence for allegedly drag racing in Miami for now -- Hernandez -- New York this has been an ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21642195,"title":"Justin Bieber Spectacle Continues Outside Jailhouse","duration":"3:00","description":"Pop singer Justin Bieber leaves Miami jail, climbs SUV and blows kisses to fans.","url":"/Entertainment/video/justin-bieber-spectacle-continues-jailhouse-21642195","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}