Kelly Ripa, Husband Baffled by Graduating Son

The celebrity couple can't believe they're 'old enough to have a kid that's going to college.'
1:44 | 06/17/16

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Transcript for Kelly Ripa, Husband Baffled by Graduating Son
I say guess our son graduating. But he graduated. A month after high school and dad. And why is that we don't know they just didn't have the graduation ceremony until he's single really strange thing what did you think. Watching him sleep till 1130 or anything you can't there's nothing there's nothing happening to you can't tell you gotta vendors like Leahy you know. He doesn't have a test he doesn't have he still goes on runs frighten you really there's no need for me to get a and his job yet that doesn't start until July he literally says to us I have got nothing to do but Slinger Adam any sleep every second that I. Come back amazing deceptive to realize that we advocate a graduate and now he's going to college I know how we are old enough to keep the. If you I don't know. I don't know I was hoping to get you know they need to he would take a year for T is off to that we would have a college. Kid are you crazy like that I don't think I'm here for his bedroom big time. Okay. That figure is gonna be turned into a mega closet before you can saying. University. I've ever going sees it right here and he said. You know I think everything's taken care for his graduation this idea that one thing but we get taken care of who Marla what thing he didn't turn in his uniform. Yeah us country into my cup. Come bubbling crust country in the form from the phone he didn't turn and I knew like well you know they can't really graduate lest it turn in their uniform and it should I give moment. Did you turn your alternative tomorrow don't. Tell us spectrum like prison warden I know I really didn't you act. Crazy to even imagine that and that Lanka the graduation my class forget it forget.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"The celebrity couple can't believe they're 'old enough to have a kid that's going to college.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39931596","title":"Kelly Ripa, Husband Baffled by Graduating Son","url":"/Entertainment/video/kelly-ripa-husband-baffled-graduating-son-39931596"}