Kobe Bryant, 13-year-old daughter die in helicopter crash that killed 9

The world is mourning the legendary basketball player, husband of 18 years and the father of four girls.
6:08 | 01/27/20

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Transcript for Kobe Bryant, 13-year-old daughter die in helicopter crash that killed 9
A basketball icon. Is dead tonight more not just by the sports world but by anyone who valued relentless drive. An achievement in. Kobe Bryant. The man who could score 81 points in a single day. An all star and NBA champion for the late. He was nicknamed the black mom put off the court he was a devoted father flew. The husband of eighteen years. He and his thirteen year old daughter Gianna were killed in a helicopter on their way to a basketball game tonight. We celebrate a remarkable life and a man who was much more than a basketball nights. What can I say. Mom while. Good evening everyone thank you for joining us tonight is a very sad night for. For us all nine are dead in that helicopter crash in nine tragedies nine reasons to mourn. A pilot and eight passengers I'm joined here by my junior made. Co anchor Michael Strahan and no Kobe was a good friend of yours it's very comfortable for you to be here plumber and all they. Our colleague at ESP added and we are being broadcast right now on ABC and ESPN and that is apart but testament. To Kobe Bryant because he was bigger than basketball would be. But beyond that and I was around a group of people when the news was coming and Tom is this like. Such disbelief. So shop so often there is shock when there is sudden loss and we feel Robin like there's an ending. But this feels a bit different it feels like something and someone was taken IBC most painfully. From the Bryant family. But in a greater sense from the sporting world somebody you had so much left to achieve. Would already built a legacy in only cresting in his moment. It's just tragic any we look at it refused to give basketball world book and to world of the holders of the guard. We made an impact on the court off the court a great father a great friend. A great husband and and and the legend. And gone to some. And we're all excited to see what he was going to do. Next I think that in part of what has really taken us. A back so we Havel a lot that we're gonna discuss this war that today but we're gonna go right now to Calabasas California where the crash took place hadn't met government. Is there forced mass. Rob and this is still very much an active scene a neighbor bringing in heavy equipment you can see that. Bulldozer behind me we've seen a TV's. Brought in all to handle the treacherous terrain that mountainside where the crash happened so steep and just moments ago just beyond that caution tape we saw the quarter struck. Round the corner. We believe taking the bodies away. Process. Point 01 helicopter went around. Tonight tragedy in the hills of Calabasas California. A helicopter took off at 906 AM from Orange County airport in sign. In BA legend Coby Bryant he's thirteen year old daughter Gionta and seven others. It crashed forty minutes later the jumper bursting into flames killing everyone on board the column of smoke seen from my past. Fire crews racing crash site perched already steep hills are. Paramedics were poised sit down into the incident. Early into. Incidents. Home video search of the area four survivors. Unfortunately. All the survivors I'm Bora were determined to have been. Perished eyewitnesses say they saw the chopper flying low and hold the engine sputtering before the crash I heard someone who is available. There was so elegantly invented it was in June was. Not suited. Running last I heard a a helicopter just lying just wait too low and I had like allowed outside noise is the individuals that saw the aircraft. Said it was coming down and in a fairly significant rated speed and impacted the ground on the hillside behind me here. Authorities investigating what caused the chopper to go down. Firefighters and hand crews worked to extinguish the fire wall carefully preserving the crash site for investigation. And tonight dozens gathered here near the scene of the crash a chant of Kobe going up. As they mourned the man who meant so much to Los Angeles I'm sick right now. I'm sick do something that we met this young man in the number 24 Jersey named Bryant after his parents favorite basketball player. The chopper was heading to the mob a sports academy co founded by Bryant and that these two basketball player scheduled to play each youngest team. Which Bryant coached. Was there are supposed to big game today. Windows doesn't play his teammates were. We got the news and it just kind of like everybody stopped the game stop its a lot of us from Annapolis like everybody's argument on their knees. Well these video posted on Twitter today showing that moment of anguish and shark in the gym. Tributes pouring it inspired a whole generation. Of young athletes Shaquille O'Neal writing there's no words to express the pain I'm going through with these tragic. Michael Jordan writing. He was. And a creative force other victims identified are orange coast college head baseball coach John alto belly his wife Carrie. And daughter Alyssa the NTSB is on their way to the crash site tonight. And deceive your sense of how bad the weather was this morning the LAPD grounding all of its helicopters saying the weather. Did not meet the standards for flight the key now is going to be preserving that crash scene there are law enforcement officers across the hillside to ensure that. Nobody tampers with that crash site it has to remain pristine. For investigators to learn. Exactly what happened here.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"The world is mourning the legendary basketball player, husband of 18 years and the father of four girls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"68553958","title":"Kobe Bryant, 13-year-old daughter die in helicopter crash that killed 9","url":"/Entertainment/video/kobe-bryant-13-year-daughter-die-helicopter-crash-68553958"}