Lin-Manuel Miranda and 'Hamilton' Cast Talk with Students about the Show's Creation

Broadway's hit musical welcomes students to the Richard Rogers Theater for a unique education program about the life of Alexander Hamilton.
43:47 | 05/11/16

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Transcript for Lin-Manuel Miranda and 'Hamilton' Cast Talk with Students about the Show's Creation
Jasmine. I Korea atomic so what were your first approached the show and and how that attitude of the Asia. I was like one of the last people I think Q odd issue. A lot of people did the workshop. And I auditioned for for downtown public. The same I didn't get all the music. I actually learned. Nike's part been the auditioning. Lack was like. Higher musical their actor. Gave me the words. And plucked out the light and notes on the piano and act like in the program and I the and I also sank prince song. As well as. He expressed. And it's like half of Bryant's onto. Ends. Then after -- after I got. The gate he. I I got like all the music and I listen to the workshop. Of the music actually. And I was like oh my. God like this is it. This is what I'm apart and I was just so excited to get into the room with everybody in and an apparent. Thank you just just to get you guys have really quick. Oversight and of how this. Over used word how this thing happens Lynne wrote a song in 2009 that he performed at the White House in Washington DC. I was very nervous and very young. If you want us yet but that's a scared scared young man performed you can going YouTube but not now. But not now far laws. So they wrote this on the 2009. Seven years ago when Ben Rhodes. Another song called my shot in it he worked on that for over year. So it took him about little more than you're correct that song until 2011. We didn't little concert and in saying my shot it up went there were two songs in the mistaking the whole this whole. Enterprise has an album not necessarily a stage show and Tommy kills that nation right this faster than one song per year. Come get all the all. So so this series. We're sept that you're hearing about basically we worked then for the next morning for five years getting together. Writing songs growing the company. And it's just testing out to forty minutes at a time thirty minutes at a time sometimes just sitting around a table it wasn't until a couple of years in the we actually put the show at speeds staged it. So the process started 2009 it's it's been seven years to get that to meet you guys who just to give your senses. Some of the archivists and hounds literally. It if it is to me he can spent about one musicals aren't so. So when. Well one of the things that's. That it I think it Wii's got a sense of today in Washington a lot of that the students perform its. Then finding their way into a character can you talk about what it was with the story Hamilton grabbed you and me to think that there was a song there are series. Of songs I you know I think the thing I responded to what I read. Ron shared house biography. With the same thing I think a lot of you responded to your pieces today it was I didn't know one of our founders. Came from the Caribbean I didn't know he was an immigrant I knew he his son died in a duel and he died did too so I picked up the book. Literally at random at the books are thinking we'll have a cool and it ends with someone getting shot it'll be fun to read. And that his life is so unlikely and obviously reminded me of of so many people I know from my neighborhood growing up I grew up in Washington Heights in would uptown it's not. Job. And and just I know you know if you come here from another country you have to work twice as part. To get the same opportunities and Anna Hamilton did that got education here and in doing in creating a better life for himself. Kind of create our financials as I I was so struck by. His relent with us and the fact that he was a writer. He wrote his way out of the career he wrote his way into Washington's. Service he wrote his way to beat with Jefferson and beef with Adams he blew up his own spot with the Reynolds pamphlet. And wrote about his own affairs shows like everything good and like where is that direct result is writing a book it was a really Justine. Character to that right about. Thank you sir. Chris Jackson. Facing history scored a question about. That the relationship to Hamilton story a personal level but I wanted to talk to you specifically deeply George Washington. So this is something that. Lin had the inspiration in the wrote the show and you obviously sort of working on the show early so when Clinton. Live first talked to about the idea playing George Washington what with those initial thoughts and an out of out of all over the course of playing over these last few years. The first thing up was. Your right it's musical about the Treasury Secretary okay. That's strange. But OK. And then my second thought was this in almanac but. Luckily they they let me up and looked very early. Watching Lynn. Write. Something that. Truly just. I would never happen mad. At anyone could've come up with such an interest in telling. Of any story leveled out one of northbound it bothers and then. Putting in a position to play. George Washington. In the same year that we got our first black president. Was in a crazy to me. But. From the from the very beginning I knew it was going to be interest and I knew that it was going to be something that was that would. Captured the imagination. A folks who are used to seeing history. Only one way. Dates names places. Battles of the war. And in sort of like this very flat. A history is sort of this boring thing. That we also active in the war. And by sitting and wearing their that cost him that I get the weary today. And and haven't interaction with folks like you guys. Reminds me how amazing history can be when you capital inject a little life and a little blood it's who it. And realize that all of the peak the characters that we get the portray every day. They were real people. They they had piece they had a lot of things to lap about they were coming up with ideas and and and borrowing from a lot of different. Types. Governing and social norms. And finding a way to sort of mention into. This idea that we call America. Or. More directly what we experienced with win national so many different styles of music reference in so many different artists. Referencing his own since. Of art. And Tommy giving us the direction and the shortest way to move. Putting us in the position like breathe life into a story like this so that folks like you. Cannot only grasp it but you can see yourselves inside. Because there's nothing there's nothing greater that that America can offered in the say okay well you wanna do it Shelby. And then somebody picks up here. A piece of paper and grabs the microphone or grabs a piano or guitar and changes the entire trajectory of how we think about things. So that that the the potential that we have every day onstage to in fact change it to inspire. Is is what we're sitting from the stage looking out what you insane wow. This is are really affecting life and it's it's. It's incredible thing. But daily basis. Good. A new friend destroyed if this is Renee Goldsberry to place intelligence guy. I'm so is this the question I'm Stephanie. This is from districts and five special add. When you're in high school. Did you know this is elect you when it's deputy. Is the as many roles among us on this particular show she was a performer in the show. She also was he says ground refer she supervised a lot of the dancer she wears a lot of hats. That's obviously something that one thinks about in tenth great some you know and so when went at this. Would this trajectory start for you and ends was the eleventh grade Stephanie Clemens thinking that this without ever. I just say an eleventh streets and then themselves. Inspired Ilie if you have my mind on people experts. Patrick. I cannot really cabinet but I make up on because I was over there and that wing crying every one year performances you don't even know it gives us today I have to first. But thank you for that question honey I act in eleventh grade. I really wanted to equal EB doctor and should be against. And so well look thank you because I know some beyond thinking that it immensely liked what it to you. And I didn't want issues so I went to college and college at double majored. One major was genetics and Micah by inserts and the other major was modern dance and grant her feet. Very un talented guys just for the record of dollars. And I want to tell you that his answer a lot of faith in this. It seems well you know they were like you can't do that I was like why not she was like you don't have enough time this is that the ski. And I said well I can make time there are two Summers masters honors the winters and I'll go everything else messer for four years and I'll graduate in four years and I did. That's three big. And I know that is the clap of recognition from a lot of views so I think that that tell you guys that. I had an idea that I wanted to do this but it's at me sometimes it figured out. And then at some point in the middle of college and I had experienced both things I say you know what I'm actually an illegal and I. I I'd like to medical school and I. Deferred my mission for one year one. One year to see if you can do this right it is its finances. It's all those things. And we're about offering here. And I am so glad. That I'm here today to tell you that the network and I am here. No I did it now and I'm so glad that I did it because that science career really helps at all he remembering all the stance that you'll see an element. Great Rory did you speak to this. You know we you know that yes I was in Ohio grew up in Cleveland come awfully hard stand up our. Now after them. There aren't. Yeah I I basically he. Went in did the Christmas pageant in second grade. And my aunt was the director so it's always you know in this business yet another Leon and I was cast as the Lee. And I accept my mom down and I said mom don't laughing mean I know I'm just eight years old but I know what I wanted to do the rest my life I wanna be an actor. And she cry to but how. I know she was very supportive single mom and worked. So hard for me and supported me every step of the way yet. That's when loan. And that's what it takes is a sad if you have a dream you know you have to cultivated and that doesn't just take yourself that takes. Family and friends around you'd hoped you wouldn't teach you explain to them how passionate you are about it now it's like it had him. So. Yeah I'll move in Ohio now. Revenge. The super with. There's a question from the John Dewey high schools about. John Dewey has left the building tonight here but. You know one of the things that. That I think that it's we all think about whether. Where at this point in their career were beginning our careers like some folks are here. Is trying to identify what those those habits are qualities. Some of the things obviously we've we learned growing up and and in high school that allow you to. Get from that place to hear so. You know this idea of making a living doing what you love to do is in many measures of success. So success isn't this about your name in the paper it's about getting the chance to go do what you do. As as you were coming in scored going escorting kind of talk about facts and you went to performing arts college. Whitman were those things learned one with the and how do you continue to learn as you now have arrived at a place where you are doing the things you love doing. And it's and it balancing. You know being a mother being a performer you know being the friend didn't and an all those other things that's as you sort of have gone through this last year particular. What kinds of things I think it working as he held on axial you know that this sort of helps you be here. Well. When I was in high school. A art he knew that I wanted to sing somehow. I think I wanted to be Whitney Houston that's exactly work out that. But in some ways it did and that's the surprising thing abouts. Dreaming. Is you never exactly know where your dreams are gonna take you but if you have the courage to itch for a high. You'll be I think you yet you might. Exceed your wildest dreams which is how I feel in the show and sitting on the stage at this keep people. I was tots. To not. Think that I couldn't do it anything I wanted to do unfortunately. I was taught that. If Friday showed up. And try that was enough so I believe in showing up I even if you're afraid I believe in showing up prepared even if you're afraid. I tried to see if there's a there's so many things regardless of what you do one thing is sure there's a lot of elements that you cannot control what you can control. What you've done before you got there. And so that's one thing I learned I learned to surround myself by people that we're trying to do positive things that would inspire me. And. Yeah I love the man. And that. Really works well I think you know people's energy is contagious. And good things that happen to people kinda happen to you to somehow even if it's different. I believe in meant being humble. Even when great things happen to you. It's just it's actually just why is because people like you and if things go wrong thing they'll still be your friends. I also. Believe that something and that that that Chris Jackson said at that last. QNA that we did. And I'm actually doing it a lot right now in that is practicing. What you want to happen and so lake. I try to out practice. Certain attitudes in energies like knots. Sabotaging myself by thinking I'm not worth something. That something that I try to practice doing because sometimes my default setting is to think oh I'm not good enough to get that. When this job came across my desk I immediately thought there's no way I'm getting this job because it didn't make sense to me. That I would be cast to play somebody that was called in making the knives high. Don't sounds. I actually didn't think that was ever gonna happen and so I immediately settlers nor am going to that actors in his I'm not gonna get that job and what I tried to you. Even though I'm still learning to do it so many years beyond you. Is to practice changing my mind about stopping myself from things. Before I even had an opportunity to try. And that's hard to do because sometimes it either voicing your head you don't really hear you're not aware that it's your subconscious because it's so often there. But I'm working on trying to hear myself say things that are negatives. And saying the opposite thing to myself I think it's proper effort but I think we need to share the question that people. Seven Renee gold bearing tomorrow. That means her YouTube channels launching tomorrow 'cause it's gonna be inspirational. That Duffy. When you were watching. That the students perform this morning. Obviously. You. You were charged and I saw you running up and on the Iowa few times it's been very idea. Do you talk about some of your early days of performing and and when you started its Edmund where you start because you have is someone who didn't grow in New York but sort of conjuring here. Yeah. I mean so first of all you get I mean from act one for you know what I'm saying like you know pianist. This is the best day of the year. Hands down. He had this off amazing and I think. One of the reuse scenes that you are so amazing is because. Guys you have recognize this energy and you know I'm a part that's my job when I'm not here and that's and watching you guys use even those of you wire wrapping you understand what it used to be part of this culture to be born into this culture right. And it's in your lead it's in your bones into watch you come up here on a Broadway stage a place that when I was growing up I knew was not for me I it was never going to be here. Brett I just knew that this wasn't a police there was no room for me. And you are all just came up here and and redefined. What this who this space is for. And so cranky. Just thank you and it makes me so happy it what you're doing makes me so happy because. It from now on keep your age and younger that you don't have to think that this faces and prevent. And that's thanks to you you do that just now. I'm so. Ed and you know and that. That profit this has been a long time coming in and that's it that they met in and Tommy all of us have been sort of hoping for for a long time since. And example of that city from Oakland California. And let's don't know about they don't know that now we can afford it. Whose academy. We'll talk later. A half hour put back. Home. Yet. I've about the category it's very important in the -- take it everywhere where not much as volatile. And down. Yeah and I you know I've been ITI's. What I found performing I I really. I was in fourth grade and my fourth grade teacher used to make the whole class memorize and recite poems. And the whole class to the same poll every week it was super born. And one and I was very varies IKEA still at least I can actually. And so. It is so well but one day I was so sick. Of hearing the same thing done this same way that you memorized and everybody just. You know clothes they arrive at the and I got sick of that so like. Him I looked at the sort fifth and decided to act out it's. But something. Here are obviously those. Selected. And every. One them. It was soul. It is all it was the only time I ever really felt powerful group of people. I really liked the people of being around people play well performing it's always companies in the meeting to be around people. I don't have to feel nervous when on the stage and know what I'm supposed to. Post ago we spent years. Figuring this thing out and putting it together so I'm not worried out. And what to do with my hands them right now he's doing artists like rapper fingers we do that as we don't know what to do with. Since. Again right yeah we did but that's looking I don't would do my hands. Who would benefit. So performing is always given me everything to be in the room around lots of people liked being MP group. I can interpret everything to be around people and that's that's why I've always I think that's why I've always been published reports and it really. Things really clicked for me when I started writing rap songs. The is it was that being. That I was good at it was that thing I understood and it was music on the enemies is my mom with the DJ in the seventies I was like I grew up around music. IE. Rap music was mine my parents to know anything about you know my order hasn't played me too short songs and that was for me package needed to help my parents about that democratic. Young on the Nazis very elaborate but have. But anyway so it was it was. It was it was that thing I can do that with nine and that felt really good at so once again it was a it was a way to go powerful and gave media thing to say and a reason to be in the room so. Those of you who you know if that resonates with them view. It's helpful for your whole life I'm still gest is nervous to that way as when I was nine years old or whatever but I have. I am constantly giving reasons to be in a room because I continue to pursue these these things if that works fees should do it. It. I'm. When the talk about who is. The very talented performer and in our show it gets as. Privately and sings so obviously was. Palaces lot of folks that here to the same we've obviously deceit a lot of performance this morning from the students. It was obvious that language so being a partnership and estimates language can you talk about what it's like to be. Part the physical vocabulary the show. What stance he created is. The move. To me feel like we are but part of history so it's the cool part about being in the ensemble. Is. Yes adding that scene and sending it Fuller on the things that are happening. And and last has had. At the end you know the day. It. He. Young Anthony. Now. It was good. So this this is. Anthony plays up to roles in the show they're couple of the actors on stage the Anthony and little jasmine and her. Who played two characters so one of the things in the construction to show that we tried to make waves some of the people there were Hamilton's friends take on a different role in the in the second act. If they are there. When you for we talked about sort of a you first came to the show it to find to reach these rules. One of your characters. John Lawrence. Is not been Alexander Hamilton. Known figure or a George Washington Thomas Jefferson where. There there's not the ability to do the same kind of research so. How did you take what you knew and who Anthony was in try to Marius of that character you were creating for for many people. Well John Dewey high school that's what's. I'm right. All right any other school from Brooke let. All right all right. Let me answer this question before he choked me. These. I think. I think it was all the right. It was literally all that the right night. I didn't have much to work with. Had little more work with with my first tax WC in the First Act named John Lawrence but in the second act is really almost nothing on. Phillip Hamilton but I think it was all in that at all in the paper like when I got the music and heard the music out of sight this is the story. Like you know everything else is extra. So I just need to like literally just do exactly what. Just be true to exactly what I see on this paper like Lynn lane couldn't have painted it like better than any person leave act. You know it in the beginning when we send it out but the friends I'm not trying to blow it up got about the wants to show lives a few minutes anyway so but. You know it's aegis people he paid he painted this you paint that story out so so part the scientists did my best to take. What I saw it didn't read some of myself into it as well I think Pete Williams doing anything in life you need to. You need to also find how it how it relates to you possess how you make it real to you. And that's how it's real it's. So other people you know what I'm saying you could you could put on something but but it's better if it's better if you win the close and the clothes don't Wear you know what I'm saying. Seven when they Brooklyn stand up. You know so. So yeah I think I think took the words in. And I kind of said okay this is the story but I am competent to Mon date witnesses and these guys and then it made me and everybody else do that. Thank you. Live this a question from Brewster academy. It's what's distort. It it's a question about cultural presentation ends. Diversity on Broadway and obviously were part of. A seasoned not only on Broadway but also off Broadway. That is is giving them a lot of folks. Work an opportunity to tell their stories so can you talk abouts some of the early conversations. That that we had to admit that you had even in an imagining what this world could look like as you were writing the show about. Yeah office. When it comes to diversity on Broadway it's a prerequisite. For what I do. I am a Puerto Rican dude who writes musical. There isn't diverse city I don't get to college you don't get to go. It is required and I realized order early on I loved musicals growing up I looked him pop Latin love musicals. And I do from what existed in the world. I didn't end well enough deplete Bernard or West Side Story. It's well enough to play the man lemont. For Latin dudes like that's what you get. So I started writing my partial in the heights in college. Because. And because I wanted to write the kind of roles that I would I would want to get a chance to play right rule felt that happened leader by. I just wanted to write a lot of rules or upheavals because West Side Story with all we had. And and and very fortunate. Sort of for the success of that show with the show it was really different I fell in love with. Hamilton and when I got to the part in the book. Where he writes it SA. And BS is so pure that it gets him a scholarship and off the island I think that's hip hop. That's the hip hop story isn't it cope with your favorite rapper and it's someone who writes about the struggle so well that they transcend their circumstances. That's the story up to me. And all my favorite rappers did some version of that. And hit I saw him to do in front of me so I pictured this as a hip hop album first I thought cool. They get rappers depleted bombing bothers me. Worry about being at peace at the earth and generate the greatest hits a pimple that life that I'm reading the book. I was never picturing the literal founding. What they look like what it looked like it. When I was picturing was who is the hip hop party equivalent. Of the founding father we think we know. So when you get to the George Washington where you get to look what he's Mulligan. Which is which by what you body that's all that Hercules Mulligan guys. That was amazing. But to me that was the most must arrive at the instead of syllables. I'd ever heard I just couldn't help but picture Boston wrought with the purple bucket. So when I was right in the role of Hercules well again I just to Boston. In my head. When I was writing. C noted this I was you know. Would you be able to account of his affair it is. It's easy it's kind. Grind me until I was trying to write like the sexiest R&B jam like that right. Yes Kelly needs me kill meets. You know frank ocean in just like actually good feelings tonight I. So. I was always. All of us to say. Diapers to get around to experts think diversity was a prerequisite it was sort of always with pickle up I want to eliminate any distance. With the story that happened 200 some years ago and this audience that day. And I think by using. The music of today than. Actors that looks like our country we eliminate that this that we see the whole story with a at a press I think it just. Jasmine. He and I. My Philip. As as you. Watching the show. Ends performing very ably beautifully in your role is there another role do you ever imagine you would like to play. This is pretend you're not talking of the director at thirteen hundred people. It. Clean Air. Act I. So let me. Start at Alexander. Hamilton's. And slow leaves start to do. Three. This anger that. And he ends up like she examined him but like good going through he's. Those districts closed. Its it's. But out. Just just watching that front from the start cute cute the finish and now. He's Leigh those views act is no interest to me. He thinks I'm the best it's likely where happens. And it is actually my favorites. In the and to use I think bird it's such it's such an interesting character. And watching Leslie. Actor. It's it's it's beautiful. Just so much for him just watching. Like everybody else. In this cast. Much as lines me. I think. If anything's possible. Christopher Jackson yeah. This is this a question from Tommy tell. You know one of the things it at that I've been very struck by as I've had a chance to see the show and and I have the good fortune of watching the show. Your impressions of being in the show and then getting a chance to see it and step outside of it. Did you speak to that at all you know that this is something that your your inside this. You know this this thing that happens. Every night on stage and then you go in its a year. You're at a state store you're out into the world I'm what are the things that you find it stepping outside a bit. That's have been. Lasting impressions that it folks that left and one of the things that we alternatives you make something and you hope that everybody can take whatever it is that they take from it. But what surprised you that that someone is said to you or as you've gone through. You know 345 and two performances and continue to work and find the character as he stepped up to the world what are what are the things that you've you've heard that resonated that. That have been the most unlikely things. What what the person that comes to mind. This interacting whip. Veterans of our armed forces that come to see the show. Yes you. Sort. You know their perspective is always different because they they are our and he. They live by code and there's you know circumstances that none of us have ever seen. And for them to come to a show like ours. And CE. Oh but so world George Washington. The office of the president commander cheap as the word. Represented me innate in a show like this where you would normally be back it is certain way I think one of the things that I always the sort of see myself. Crisply toward Washington is as a military first. Now. That would shape his spears walked through life. So that. Any any time I'm. Greeted by someone who is truly it will leave him liked him or someone else with the brother for the cause of America. That's always a very moving thing when mayor when there were moved by what they've seen. Because that's something that isn't necessarily. The script but as an actor. As happened process try to apply that to. The work that we're doing state has always really tell. If regret. I don't safety the I guess the other extreme of that it is being in the position to warm. Thwart the Morocco Obama pressed. For him to rise after seeing an art tire company. Reform for him and say thank you to Hamilton asked for teaching me house. In the final years his presence. That yeah. He went thinking about that he wrote that show. I wasn't thinking about that would arise when I first learned that song we start to warm. But to note that. You know and Ohio we always say this to each other that anytime we step on the stage. The potential war the ripple effect that our show creates. The potential change that Beckham backed by any any one person sitting nor the races these gigantic. We've been blister problem. Every music you know every celebrity that's on the list. The heads of state. A cabinet members of our current government politicians. Every walk of life we've been which it to have. In our audience and that means that that Lin so beautifully articulated on the page and what we get express every single show. They give us an opportunity to truly effect change way outside of what's happening you know the Richard Rodgers theater. And so for me. With between. A soldier or veteran war president of the United States anyone in between. Idea that you can stand on the stage and express an idea. It is excellent so much that they didn't wanna go out in the world and tell the person. It becomes way more then go buy tickets and the go try to sell your right arm to get a ticket and that. It becomes these people are talking about something I sent an audience for. Over two hours and I was so who that I have to tell you about what I feel. Apt try to explain their express to you. Would it is that I I've been moved by. I want but I want to do more than a one typical book. A one by a book for someone else a one be nice to my neighbor of one of boats. A wanna be active. Participant in this idea that is Mair. Those kinds of things. They have far reaching back beyond dispute and accurately shows it's pretty. Good I'm. A couple of minutes I think it'll we'll wrap up on it and what that is when exit is say what we have a moment that. Is in deputy mention this and it's something that I feel to be true as well which is. Broadway. Is it's a place it's it's a series of blocks in New York City. And and you're you're sitting in a Broadway house and the reality is. Making theater. Is it is something this is transportable. If you're if you're coming up with an idea telling a story in its in your classroom that's Peter. If you're doing it in your living room and there's one other person watching Betts theater you're doing it outside on. You know on a summer day that's theater it doesn't have to be in a building that looks like this for it to be theater and whether you're. Inspired to tell the story or you're inspired to sit down and listen to a story. It's as simple as the camp fire to suppose the idea of sitting around and one person communicating something to someone else. That's what's vital and that's what's important much more so than is this going to be a group of thirteen hundred young men and women who wind up working in the theater. This is about us a celebration of your voice and a celebration of your courage to expressed in to receive it and I think that's certainly something that. That we get to experience when you're here. You know. In a way that is singular and is there's been a lot of wonderful energy in this building. It never feels quite like it does on these Wednesday morning's. And and I waited to thank you all for that and and remind you to continue to. To make your voice heard. To support your your peers and your friends to be that kind of audience it to be that sort of progenitor of creating material because. Let again you don't know. Necessarily be impacted it has but that's what we can carry with us as we go into our work. This is not just from here to you it's it's from you guys transferred back to us have to thank you. I'm. The great so Renee. Look at it you two guys never an act. He subscribed to you to gently. Renee just did. Remind. All of us you know because we see each other in the work environment so much he talked little about like outside of this building. Ends. That the things that you do outside this building that the keep youthful to it to come in here I think that you know what we're sitting in an audience our relationship to a performer is just. From lights up to lights down. But you're obviously someone who has you know as polite outside this building it's possible he talked about the things that inspire you in the keep you energy to committed to your work. Yes absolutely. I am a wife and I am a mother and two small children. I see couple husbands that bothers them there. And Phoenix W I see. And but that's important to me. I have to tell you. More than I think would be announcements little girl indeed stand with my ration care and things on so. So this career is much. Is as much a part always wanted to do you had been him. And yet I was always aware on some level at this by itself as an easing its wouldn't elect enough for me. And so he's giving me you mean opportunity to talk about and it's really important to me and that is. Hill may steal every Q. Live your dream don't be afraid of but at this game. I encourage you and Yucca tunnel thirteen hundred people pit hill hill. Don't need big eared and you can't ask that work really really hard for both parts of your life. For the part of your life that is here that is your career but also for the party like that it's your personal life. That is your friendships. And that starts with the people that your work with but also the people that you're sitting around right now. And and I just believe that at the end of it at all. Nothing from me but it didn't mean as much satisfaction as my family around me so I spent a lot of time trying to juggle both things. And I always encourage young people as you start out to remember that both parts like important. The possible. Our good will we're gonna we're gonna wrap this park here so you guys can go get some food and the spokesman few lot. If you would show at 2 o'clock. Yet the show guy you this morning and thank you reveal Hester got the ball.

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{"duration":"43:47","description":"Broadway's hit musical welcomes students to the Richard Rogers Theater for a unique education program about the life of Alexander Hamilton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39038782","title":"Lin-Manuel Miranda and 'Hamilton' Cast Talk with Students about the Show's Creation","url":"/Entertainment/video/lin-manuel-miranda-hamilton-cast-talk-students-shows-39038782"}