Maddie & Tae talk vocal duo of the year CMA nomination

The artists discuss this year's female-centric CMA Awards.
2:32 | 11/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maddie & Tae talk vocal duo of the year CMA nomination
What does Wednesday night mean to you knowing that it is they tributes to. Some of country's greatest female voices you guys are certainly two of those but this was also largely Kerry's idea. Oh wow. Oh. It's very disciplined on an email to working at sea Knight. Just means to us that you know the talking has finally been put to action and it think it's awesome I would love to see. Maybe next year where it's just as much women and men. But that's just me you know I think equality equality but I love that it's that excellent women this year to think it makes it really makes it. Okay here's where try to get you to spill petite because I feel like the only performance. We don't know the specifics of jets it. How soon. You see us could be about like anyone they notice there are like what's uneasy he can tell us and I think we can't we look at the list not only song not ours here it's like the secretive but maybe yeah anything like. I hear that it is this song is both a CMA song in single of the year. That is true in that was released so or not and probably tank cook cook we'll tell you that you are gonna get in trouble for says. Yeah. I'm still signed a trip tea appeared. I don't know. That might let you out and then it adds. At least meaning it given away the act and think but it's really awesome and he fun little. Fun fact weakness standing right next to our girls run away G and so it just makes it like. Natural because the two medicinal years oh that's on my favorite things about the environment. Guess that you guys have this like sisterhood forms the sisterhood that we'll just never go away after. I'm drinkable for I. Definitely have those girls back and out I'm gonna be like the assistant regional for their songs like I'm going to be eating up the radio station is. Like he could just as much as I stood up and let's talk about a very important categories we wrap up. Local two oh. A year what would feel like to take that home I mean that categories. Was stacked. At act I don't know I don't I don't know be able to put into words even the possibility exists I I have beaten them in mind you but me. We're definitely since support whoever wins very deserving. Only women category which is pretty pretty cool that person perspective.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"The artists discuss this year's female-centric CMA Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66940914","title":"Maddie & Tae talk vocal duo of the year CMA nomination","url":"/Entertainment/video/maddie-tae-talk-vocal-duo-year-cma-nomination-66940914"}