March 1, 2005: Dwayne Johnson on his new film 'Be Cool'

Dwayne Johnson discusses his role in the 2005 movie "Be Cool."
4:58 | 04/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for March 1, 2005: Dwayne Johnson on his new film 'Be Cool'
Movies like walking tall he is proving to be an explosive presence on the street but you're about to see doing jobs. AKA the Iraq. As you have truly never seen it before he is now starting his first comedy. Playing a game body guard opposite John Travolta and Uma Thurman in the sequel to get shorty it's called the cool. It opens this Friday and he joins us now and how do you do that. With the eyebrow her he can't do that what would it do. It's it's one of those that like natural things I'd like to think it's talent and good things we can it was written runners. Basically throughout the movie like of course but television bill the big screen we needed to make it you'll look like that I I can do it this way we can thank Dick I think Italy that make it. But but he didn't just. It just what's the what you yeah I guess that's a good way of putting it at this complex. If if I was told that somebody had written a role. Of a gave bodyguard who sings and dances. You might be the last guy I would think of battle. You know what's great is haven't of course is movies as an Elmore Leonard adaptation and when I met Elmore last year upset. He's got it comes out you're playing the role I wrote it with you wouldn't mind. It really wouldn't mind a bit better yeah that's that the police said and of course like sitting here I told Gary gray the director said. What if what the character to make more to stick if you say. And Gary sit well yeah. What would he think he was saying RBI thought well you know he's. He's an artist babies you know as got to old soul he would sing old country music. What song but that's what that's like somebody saying who I wrote an action hero role for you Liberace. Yeah. I tell people what when he senator -- for your minus that a while I appreciate that I'm flattered of course is a fantastic writers it will. You know possible what inspired you sit well here's that five years ago you were an aspiring actor before you broke it with the mummy returns. That's right and angles of plus or know your story eight years ago you have typically no money. That's a that's true and arson wall or. Where did the gate park cumin are equipped when the but the Eagles are just thought that would really be interesting facet where you'll have it would be. So see you wind up playing I want to show people seeing you play a bodyguard yes you come to rough up John Travolta. Yes then you find out the Travolta holds the key for you and aspiring actor because he might be able to get you an audition. And he wants to hear a monologue this. Correct exactly what this is the this is the earnest. Sensibility. Of my character okay let's take a when you go to nationals. Predict. The whole. Movie won't bring it don't worry. I never do. Home. Singh. Wow. Is that the only monologue that you've got. OK well it was a bad but you gotta remember when you're doing a monologue. You don't do both parts of the conversation you choose what continuous speech. And you might think about doing a part that's written format. It's good you. You give them look at the cheerleading movie doesn't bring it on vehicles at the monologues normally. Casablanca bread opponent this bring it on. It's a very very funny idea what I think I want to mention because you have an interesting ethnic background your half Samoa right possible black and you were made. The chief an honorary chief shore so it's really wonderful. It was. Thank about the ways it is actually. The most moving experience I've ever I've ever experienced aside from the birth of my daughter. And it was oh win over there two things to be recognized by the king Molly saw. As family on my grandmother side and to be bestowed. This honorary title. And it was beautiful it was moving its so proud of it I was able to take multifamily. My entire team which is well over to some law. And and I'm problem and by the way it's for some of really talk about on TV some provinces tell you and everybody will. So number one. You're doing Johnson number two your the rock. And number three your son of Elliott tell. What the book by the time we get through the introduction of bugle ultimately there is an outright record collector. That is a great honor to have that done for you and you beautifully so very pleased that and then and and also noticed that there was some meaningful in this great absolutely. Some Amalia Tola starring in be cool opens in theaters this Friday. March 4 it and it with thank you.

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{"id":47083448,"title":"March 1, 2005: Dwayne Johnson on his new film 'Be Cool'","duration":"4:58","description":"Dwayne Johnson discusses his role in the 2005 movie \"Be Cool.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/march-2005-dwayne-johnson-film-cool-47083448","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}