Mayim Bialik Thanks Strict Upbringing for Her Not Becoming a 'Troubled Child Star'

Actress reveals even though she's a strict parent, she is still a "fun mom."
6:32 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Mayim Bialik Thanks Strict Upbringing for Her Not Becoming a 'Troubled Child Star'
She may be best known for her role as the quirky scientists on the Big Bang theory and has blossomed of course but my MB -- it doesn't just play -- -- on camera she's earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience. And that -- getting kids psyched about science and math with a little help from Hollywood and got her here today Flores thanks for stopping by today thanks -- congratulations first off on the second inning -- -- own nervous the second how to -- a kind of like -- environments relay -- we -- some stiff competition. I'll not to add to the nurse and I can't but yeah -- going to be watching England and English knives that has written article about all the amazing -- I category and as thinking. They aren't machines didn't think that there is a wide variety of talent in roles that he -- -- That -- coming in line you know beginning there's also nominated Jim Parsons also nominated and you know for us as sort of a classic for camera sitcom -- rest. You know it's unusual I'd like to call its national but it's unusual so it's very flattering you know for me in for -- And version to -- knowledge as well among shows that are not for -- it comes so now a second nomination of a rituals not that you go to for the red carpet and even a speech written you've got the mayor's office not thing and those are now -- not winning a miner -- Well you know that that's then that's a guarantee that you're going to win I don't clearly -- pleasantly out late at night. And they -- -- yeah spinning at a picnic and -- I'm not the whole. So obviously childhood actor -- -- fact of life facts of life I mean you've grown up essentially in front of the camera. How did you avoid the pitfalls that so many childhood actors fall into. I don't know there's -- you know one solution or answer. You know. In my personal case my grandparents -- immigrants from Eastern Europe and I grew up very modest. You know. And of immigrant sort of family and colleges really emphasize -- when I was acting which I started as a hobby in junior high right. There isn't strong emphasis on -- still doing chores and being expected to be part of the family and normal ways and my parents are kind of crazy and -- -- and just. Can ever you know -- -- strict -- sort of seems to work for arraignment that he carried the same kinds of upbringing stylus to your own sons. Until a certain extent I mean they're almost five and aid and you know I have been outspoken advocate of -- -- parenting which you know emphasizes a lot of it -- a hands on parenting but I'm also pretty strict that doesn't mean boundary list parenting. And I'm a fun mom and the -- think of me is fun but I definitely have. -- a lot of my parents kind of strong work ethic and you know and emphasis on chores and you know when they ask for an allowance for their tourism and get paid to do my show. I think about -- every parent but still they -- -- he -- outspoken and it. You you have -- criticized from some of your parents and silos and human surprised by the reaction. No I mean for people who you know believe strongly in natural birth and breastfeeding and -- You know not buying lots of expensive things for your children you know we've been criticized for years -- in the public -- are not for things like that because it's not trendy. But I think you know breastfeeding is obviously making a really legitimate scientific come back and so to me I'm I'm glad to be a public person that's kind of willing to listen -- and take the hit for -- parenting that is the way prime -- have always Carrington in the way. Many brave moms announced used to parents. -- part of the success you have and metal as -- as an actress but also as a scientist of the fact that you have you're able to use both of those mediums to express yourself and explore because that -- they are so different. Yeah and I think a big part of being -- -- which I was for twelve years you know after Boston in the Forrester acting again. There's a huge aspect of presentation and not a very confident person but -- I can be well really in no not at all. Some analysts funding and winning in everything I'm really silver and. That's I think that's -- just modesty coming down mojo now that's I think about who would be very surprised yeah -- are surprised. Suddenly so is that knockout in the sense that you like you don't like public settings he Olympian -- yet house with rank and keep. It to practice. All of the -- The -- you know so but obviously you're able to get over that in both of those stages -- I don't really wonderful people who support in help -- enemies and -- since he pushes me if necessary unilaterally you have to Judith Miller signed you up for -- how -- its -- To have -- -- strong women who you know give me the confidence that I may -- have for myself. It -- thankful for some time what this collaboration that you've got with with Texas and tonight action a spokesperson -- for Texas Instruments and for the of the TI inspire CX just kind of you know color graphic calculator. For two years -- and this year we're doing -- stand behind Hollywood meaning science technology engineering and mathematics. Behind popular things in Hollywood so we're starting -- zombies men and we're moving on to super heroes and friends -- and space. And -- it is it's -- stem Hollywood dot com there are free classroom activities on the can be used on the inspire. And it teaches literally the real science and math behind as is that we're starting the zombies. And it's been super fun I love being sort of positive face for stem education especially for girls. But we're taking things that are popular were letting kids see what it feels like to be a real scientist. Dealing with things that there are interest and then like zombies forensics space in the super -- things like that. That's one of the things you know when I first heard about this -- was votes so struck by the fact that you are actually in these lessons that you're not just -- plan. Here here's they had shot go -- musical. Well I do -- -- -- -- do a lot of things -- instruments on huge emphasis on you know teachers support teacher resources but also getting to meet real students and in this example testing out you know the the actual activities that were using -- that are really need demo with a bunch of kids and they loved it I mean they think it's cool to learn about zombies but they're actually learning about. Exponential curves -- it looks like to -- -- CDC research scientists are learning about -- -- learning the -- math and science behind that is that all of these things that are so public in Hollywood now and that's I think how we get kids younger to -- Anderson stand which is really that the future of the workforce the -- -- -- that the practical applications and -- very exciting -- -- they're learning the fundamentals they're holding it on hand held which is exactly what it looks like when you get -- high school college and -- and that's what it feels like to be a scientist is to hold -- kind of graphic calculator in your hand. So it's important to teach them those skills to get them excited about it so that it's not been thinking that being a scientist -- allowed by yourself that's very -- it's a great program -- it is sent Hollywood dot com it's where we will that was and what to remind the out thank you so much for stopping by thank you don't.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Actress reveals even though she's a strict parent, she is still a \"fun mom.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19908607","title":"Mayim Bialik Thanks Strict Upbringing for Her Not Becoming a 'Troubled Child Star'","url":"/Entertainment/video/mayim-bialik-strict-upbringing-troubled-child-star-19908607"}