Meghan Trainor Pulls Music Video Over Photoshopping

"The View" co-hosts discuss the singer's decision to take down the video.
2:49 | 05/10/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meghan Trainor Pulls Music Video Over Photoshopping
So Megan train act kind of thing that she she had a video upfront for a single animal meat you know maybe you've seen it if she is. And died after she saw the fans posting that her waist was photo shopped to make a look then act. She's she pulled it. Didn't change yeah digital if only out via so what did you think about that in. I mean the whole message of parents to Osama is to embrace all of that at face and then it up that was that famine in alienated and it. So should she have pulled you know what a what is posted to I'd Presley liked about it picked me back. Yeah I was a thing I easiest I think you can only go on I would like to me photos shot all the time yet but a consistently not looking like what I luckily she likes she doesn't want that he can yeah first song was a mile about bad days that I had a snow travel all my momma told me my size two can you do need some of those people that look like. That look like me on TV so that I can look up to and the like thank you I don't have to be its eyes to you isn't literally in the song like. Are all about that photo shop c'mon let's make it's that's happened really in the song the words of the song. I think may be and did she know. Is my quest and I have to ask. But they didn't understand you know watching some other what do watches up on television how it's actually very much why I'm what I see myself and one of those months conscious it's like public got off mom pulled did you area. I got up looked more like a he had demon he's dish Jim meet actress and being in charge of your likeness being in charge of your brand you're supposed to have final say. And I feel and I'm not just with Megyn with. But meet other people in and other people that she see in the industry it's funny the more things should get the ski. Yeah I know this does is an honor to engage and you get real skiing. Despite I'm sorry more when I'm happier to have more money son you and I do you makes you fat this show makes it sat on to say out of sight out of their idea. You compile a lot of weight at the BO I don't know one maybe it's these segments. She let me get back any time and I look back with that photo shopped get fat invitation I'm yeah. Side out and make trainer had an opening and here she has built her career about embracing who she and I am. You know no matter the size bank hadn't pulled it and she's almost Contra fifteen and he called the sellout yet she had a hundred daughters how and you would've gotten backlash sport it needed. The details I had. At Seventeen Magazine cover previously where there was an issue where she was photo shopped there was nothing that was really done about it's I think now it happened a second time. Maybe that she was looking have or the senate different message and had a different impact. And now monetary Washington says and that's why mom. Amy Schumer did is just becoming too much that they need you can't even the French Open and I don't I I didn't get a bass take pictures actually sit down.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the singer's decision to take down the video. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39012960","title":"Meghan Trainor Pulls Music Video Over Photoshopping","url":"/Entertainment/video/meghan-trainor-pulls-music-video-photoshopping-39012960"}