Michael Douglas Reveals His First Kiss

The actor plays a round of "Michael's Milestones" on "LIVE with Kelly and Michael."
4:00 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for Michael Douglas Reveals His First Kiss
What you call dumb Michaels milestones. And well -- -- have this dollars -- for each incorrect answer you will be asked to remove an article of clothing. First car. 1947. Mercury. Called the ruptured duck. Remove quickly there. It was my first car out. Okay you're first on screen kiss that would be yen. -- sterling and the senator's daughter and it movie quote experiment -- -- doing okay first off screen tests. That would be Jodie Foster in Westport Connecticut -- to. He sure this -- Cashmere sweaters tied teacher -- -- have but we must go back to remember that. Are right your first pick. My first -- was a bull snake there was about bet big -- eight feet long. And that my father got it for me. Reversed days. And I remember coming -- -- -- this isn't -- come my natives and a burlap bags. And I pulled them out of wrapped around a brought about to show what's my father's secretary. And -- -- did -- right away she. -- about the payment. What was your first celebrity crushed. Julie Christie. Good dancer who was your first roommate. Danny DeVito. -- have the right out of. College in New York the odd couple for sure the mess he is man I ever. And Kathleen Turner to -- really the first super -- yeah. Inside the theater. I think that would have to be well -- -- to commanders did you call Lillie. And that have been there was one remembers my father called lust for life when he played the the artist Vincent -- go. And I remember in this movie he cut his ear off and my brother was seven years old he screamed you ran right out of -- Peter. Is he did say was so he was such great performance -- -- nominated for an Oscar. That I'll never forget that we -- weird -- that -- Your first paying job. My first paying job was as a gas station attendant. A mobile gas station I was mobile man of the month. Okay. They knew used to go to again you get your gas field. You get your tires -- he gets your water check and check the batteries and everything else would wash the windows in the whole show. -- local man of the month. -- -- -- -- -- We'll leopard David my wife is when I saw her. At the deal -- film festival when I met her and she was presenting and her picture Zorro and I just said a film before and afterwards -- -- -- for. Drinks after screening. And that we found out that we had the same birth date. And that's when they said. I'm gonna be the father of your children -- -- Stadium Michael Douglas I've heard a lot about you -- I've read aloud about she resolved true good night.

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{"id":24524518,"title":"Michael Douglas Reveals His First Kiss","duration":"4:00","description":"The actor plays a round of \"Michael's Milestones\" on \"LIVE with Kelly and Michael.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/michael-douglas-reveals-kiss-24524518","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}