Ne-Yo: Lindsay Lohan Song Came Out Really Good but Then 'Life Happened'

R&B star shares his wish list for next collaboration - and Stevie Wonder is No. 1.
6:03 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for Ne-Yo: Lindsay Lohan Song Came Out Really Good but Then 'Life Happened'
Music Grammy Award winning singer songwriter with a soulful voice in the moves that have earned him a multi platinum career and now neo. Is making a push for a cause that is very close to his heart that if you stop I didn't talk about it -- congrats -- continued success REDs that'll really high on this one Yamon -- -- -- he's a good cannot complain and complain and you're all over the place. I'm doing a lot doing a whole lot my model is much you can for as long as you can and I live in every single day Syria. And I mean now on the -- but also -- you wouldn't -- talent as well right I mean yeah time yours your had and our our senior vice president and live not always -- -- talent I get approached by. A million people a day were different demos and whatnot and now I can actually decent and -- -- -- happy about supporting live what do you look for when you senior talent coming -- Obama in a word passion you know now and. That that Neeson I mean the reasoning to doing a you know. Can tell that right from the get -- -- you can see -- telltale signs. Com the -- what I mean normally ask blast went off -- not Ali not the question why do you wanna do this why he's when he so desperately need this. And if they don't have an answer from -- right away you know the real answers -- -- music. If you didn't say that in can -- of its offense here when so many others watching right now yeah that's out of the secrets Australia exact. To look at what are you working on right now. Well I'm actually in the -- open again in my sixth studio album you know Ari do you still launch around -- stars and if you wanted to pay them. But -- -- six album and it's got a right now still a little creative. Process this is still a lump of clay I have not molded the Michelangelo yet we are in the works I'll be looking for that's what's happening in your hands dirty and azalea at some of those speaking of getting cancer you've got you -- and a wide range of artists -- on -- Tim McGraw Celine Dion and area right absolutely. Anyone that -- had on that wish -- that you that you -- -- -- able to work with. From the in the wishlists that we consider the -- the holes that hold. Thing going -- my wish -- I gotta say at the top -- right now is Stevie Wonder -- you know and and I haven't you know for fact he still signed a multi reconcile that doesn't -- and now -- is just not the book. Yea gotta cut his company email clearly Canadian dollars and go to break into living kind of hacking into a new -- nasty -- -- don't come home but what I hear this about -- let's look at -- -- I'm Martin's I was told Lindsay loyalists trying to do music and I I'm always -- challenge never viewed Lindsay Lohan in that -- so I -- -- -- the franchise and. We actually get us on again and it actually came out really good real but then you know life happens and we didn't get -- -- To really get it out their legs but still up there's a possibility absolutely Lindsay -- -- -- Compared with. That's -- -- -- and yeah you got -- company clearly he and obviously in you know you've got two little kids again he's had a tough. -- than the responsibilities of parenthood it definitely. Takes village to raise chow down -- got for my sister and my mother. And of course them although much -- -- she's she's definitely there you know just making sure that. They know that he is even though that he can always be your Allen wanted men in re definitely know that daddy loves -- -- -- he's doing what he's doing for them. Did you bring them with you please try not yet this still in my mind artists who -- and is one you know -- Niemi didn't know stability as first before. You know last I was twisting -- around where. You think about that about what that's going to be like that whether mr. -- those ages whether you realize hey dad -- -- I don't think about -- sometimes and I you know what they're dish on the early on that they're pretty level headed south end of the -- right now I think the -- -- Obviously. The got a great role models and again that -- -- to discern that took talking about your comment about compound finding. Yes compact foundation me in my manager. Everybody -- entangled in -- we put it together. And 07 basically. We deal very heavily with children in Foster care group homes. -- shows and things of that nature. And now we come in in the place of inspiration you know is is wanting to oats -- feed a child is wanting to house the child is another thing to Hispanics how to be more than just. -- case you know you more than -- -- -- you more than a group home -- -- -- -- -- -- -- these kids know that where you come from when you go don't have to have anything to do with each other. We have an event that is actually coming up this -- in its fostering a legacy and it is our second annual and I basically it's just a good time for a good cause you know we we honor people that are doing major things in the -- Foster care everything from. Corporate honoree Stu Stu -- he used the presidency all Cartoon Network. He's he's been dealing with us for a long time always been super super helpful. Louis Gossett junior and -- -- -- actually. He met his Foster son watching in ABC program. Now -- nice flies out they go stereo free thinker he just you know that -- human caught action when he saw the program solid kid and it's only -- -- that the proper channels of of about the next no the and the third is Robin. Time Johnny Newman's wreck he is -- celebrity photographer who actually was -- period. He knows he's the epitome of showing Tuesday OK and this -- when -- came from. But it doesn't define it and you know he he took in that circumstance and turn it into what he is now he's one of the most renowned celebrity for. You know council you know just honoring them and making sure that that the people who -- for the right reason to people who don't do for the spotlight. Get the spotlight air -- that's what it's about Kevin Hart is hosting. Dallas performing -- Hampton -- huge line that's going to be this can be used on the a good time a good time for a good cause rate cuts. Compound foundation Gayle thank you so much stuff I appreciate -- -- thank -- -- thing.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"R&B star shares his wish list for next collaboration - and Stevie Wonder is No. 1.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"19949972","title":"Ne-Yo: Lindsay Lohan Song Came Out Really Good but Then 'Life Happened'","url":"/Entertainment/video/ne-yo-lindsay-lohan-song-good-life-happened-19949972"}