Penn Jillette Talks Working With Donald Trump on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

The magician also discussed his recent weight loss on "The View."
7:14 | 08/05/16

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Transcript for Penn Jillette Talks Working With Donald Trump on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
Out how that Chevy half of magical duo Penn and teller. Shares the trek to his impressive weight loss in his new book presto how I made over a hundred pounds disappear another magical tails please welcome. Penn Joseph next. Yeah yeah yeah how many side is just how I don't I don't know sizes that most close like. Fifty or something and I'll like 34 Y. That's great. Hey you know if you watch the show we were talking about Gary Jon asks who is your day your choice I look at it and I didn't familiar burned would feel like Johnson. Yeah. The years it's Mary. I am a libertarian advice far right jubilant money is for let's go insects. Are socially liberal and too fiscally conserve but did you see it as a spoiler. Why don't know I don't know if that's the way I don't like to see politics to sports and our team and so what I think there has to be a certain kind of morality underneath that. And I used to think that Hillary Clinton was bad and that was before I saw Donald Trump now she looks pretty good that's right. And he's a little more and live by politics but most important I'd love to hear about the conversation. In front of the American people about what we could do would maybe a little more freedom. And saying that he's more Bernie than anybody what they did they agree you know off I was talking dare I normal little bit. Virtual hit he took the online survey of can be angry I went yeah. I yeah. What was really funny about it was of course Topper Gary Johnson was Gary Johnson. But second was burdened by like 97%. That scares me because that means that he would take votes away from Hillary Clinton and then we'll have enough to George W. Bush and Dwight Howard doing is out. But you warp. Predicting the future is opposed to speaking from your heart you had a mostly trapped there for each of those are two different velvet ways to look at politics but they're both out but it but isn't -- way is valid and so was the way of going with your heart but isn't it true he has really no shot at winning hand so even if he's polling at ten or 12%. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is gonna win and so if you vote for someone that has no chance of winning. But definitive sense yes that's look at this looking at it a little bit myopic way. Because of the very very big picture if you keep voting for the lesser of two weevils things we'll just keep getting more evil that's that's pain. Now yeah no absolutely aren't you were voting for someone in your college not only did the best guess I should be allowed that to. I surely like yeah. The book about the three card would be. They're asking me to do government and I'm right and the more you see people voting for that other party or for someone outside the establishment. Yeah system to parties did you cheat sheet though she makes a huge difference and it gives the next group hope to both the way they want to not just because there's a democratic or Republican part eight should not be team sports should be a little more morality. I want to ask you speak to hammer out he actually have some personal interactions without trying to I've been fired twice and celebrity Evans but before you we're not fighting. And improvisation old television show we have no jumped off for me to shoulder Mike could've played he took to bankruptcy. We were in propping on a show we were not on the board longer an exact. The board room was less real than this rocket you've had personal miner act. And I won't working with Dick Cheney yeah I think I caught I want one and while atheist yes that are but I also said his hair looked like cotton candy made of. But that's part of doing reality television as far as everybody was on Celebrity Apprentice I believe I'm the one it liked him the most. His capricious bullet told. You're responsible. Unpredictable those are great qualities for reality television bulls are terrible qualities for president. Actually yeah. Yeah. To be fair. There's no one I respect more in the world the my partner teller he is the best magic's bond who's ever lived. He is completely responsible and he's a wonderful performer if he was running for president I would do everything in my power to stalking. Just because so we're good at one thing does not mean he should be present at. Away from all the. Talk about you yeah its. Thank it. Okay here here let's talk about the book. You're heaviest debt was 334. Pound ES the heaviest I measured medals and we don't we way ourselves all yes I'm I'm I'm I'm six foot seven but I've lost no winters just. Right after I. You said that you started your diet off against conventional and probably you know would look down on some people in nutrition while the temperature data will will be a less. Conventional and a few years the of the work of the NASA scientist red crow and I some bush people worked on this will be publishing the real papers in about a year. I was part of the pilot study but I'm what you wanna do is get out of eating food socially and for entertainment. Almost all of our eating his habitual. We eat from habit the reason grilled cheese is a comfort foods because of the happened about his child. So why took two weeks it was a very bad either I was also known as an American. Yeah. I took two weeks to dual model dot. While all of diet just means you read one thing so you get knocked out of the habit you've had book could have been cornered could be dean's could be anything but I chose potatoes because they're funny. I ate nothing but it potatoes and complete potatoes you know it's been. For two weeks have nothing autumn just think potatoes of what that does is at the end of that your taste buds are reset. Here you get over this salt sugar and oil that you read and then you can taste food again I would tell you with a great deal of shame I don't believe I ever tasted. A an ear of corn until I had done the two weeks because I wish slathered it. We've all sorts of if there's it's almost like three chord rock and roll has been blaring in your head. For forty years all of a sudden you turn it down it is Miles Davis who bought playing behind. And there's there's there's wonderful pictures of you before and after because this actually actually works this is now. But EEE do you hear about the sellout I do not good for vanity I didn't I was happy with our looked I did it because. My children I'm an old dad my children were Mike my daughter was born when I was too felt it my daughter's name is moxie. What crimes are nothing but I have ever felt like my son's name is Alton but. They're my daughter's only eleven and I'm 61. I like I kept thinking you know. Statistically have a much better chance of spending a few more years would then if it more carefully and isn't it time when my children more important and chocolate apple. Competitive but presto is in stores now whatever one male and his going home with the county.

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{"id":41144901,"title":"Penn Jillette Talks Working With Donald Trump on 'Celebrity Apprentice'","duration":"7:14","description":"The magician also discussed his recent weight loss on \"The View.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/penn-jillette-talks-working-donald-trump-celebrity-apprentice-41144901","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}