Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker surprises a special 11-year-old fan

Little Noah was born with a hole in his heart, but he never let that hold him back from his sports dreams, landing him an invite to join Booker at the NBA Draft Lottery.
9:17 | 05/16/17

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Transcript for Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker surprises a special 11-year-old fan
I'm Michael Roth that they BC news and we got some special cooking here at Brooklyn Bridge park if you Penner around. They say six core bass hall park and if you look at the handsome young man over there in the orange Phoenix sensor. That is that no Smith and to him fastballs life and the Mitt he's playing with you may recognize is that sons all stuck them Booker. Now. What's going on your wondering so today tonight. Is the NBA lottery draft we're gonna bring in know as Big Brother Brad Smith who is part of something amazing that you were able to. To do for an air and for yourself if you were saying. So you guys from Arizona that jailers and Iran. And that. Fills than what. Happened here so he's super into Special Olympics. Cynical now all right yeah got a gold medal is all rack of Simpson in his room. So what I did was the suns where promoting special to win free tickets and a phone on there. Website using a sign that filter whatever and I use the one with him wearing his Special Olympics uniform and I use the caption. Yeah he is the caption do you guys do something for special Olympic stars and when free tickets and a phone and nothing happened and then a couple weeks later I got in enough from the sun saying hey we wanna set this up. And it blew up into this and then. Couple weeks later DeVon Sarah to a school. Surprised him he was overwhelmed with all the cameras and on this friends Marty him by his calm down and he's super excited and this is awesome just to see and do in this. Kind and I think in DeVon a school that none to fill in the background no was for the whole desire. And he's had several surgeries. Since then. But he's obviously knew we were going over the sports declares that he would let that interfere in an on and you're saying is he in the swimming. Maybe golf look a little decide not gotten it. And do it at dad wants ended yet in he'll he'll do it that. He had just to see him come from where he was supposed to be going when he was born doctors told us that. About twelve hours after he was born he's really not gonna walk talk no value July 8. Usage is kind of put him in a home see what happens from there and he's selling them all Ron my mom is a special needs teacher and my mom city don't know what I do for a living you don't know what I believe in these kids so. Yeah seeing him overcome everything that medicine is said you can't do. I mean he's had his developmental disorders and stuff bag he's gotten overcome of all of them and he's been able to skid on past him. And he's either funny he's a great kid we were hanging out and below the before Devin guiding air obviously his face lit up the second Devin locked on and he's making jokes he is. He's kind of in and it's here there we go out there Craig yes. But this is incredible when you mentioned that you go to their means New York before which is crazy. And so we have a whole itinerary we have. So along with coming to the draft lottery. The NBA's taking you around to view I'll see here where Brooklyn Bridge park and and asked are you guys are going alliance that promote these were going. Right raid on the street apparently it's erosion of the Maldives we have a couple out in Arizona by. Excited to try some authentic New York pizza which will be we'll never have a who the New York pizza never thing. It's it's going to be get a highly that's my favorite Noe loves pizza T civil will be our bill. And you guys ago into one world trade center for the observatory which is an incredible sight yeah Iowa is. Obviously I was young when the 9/11 attacks happened so I don't think I was. School for it. I remember the impact it had on our country and stuff so being there just being their memorial for the lives are lost there I think is awesome and go to the very top and to see the observation that the city is going to be super cool. And it's on the well known and then there's one more something NBA store and its board and in the draft lottery and you're telling me and look at this or Miller later on. He brought and that pretty amazing. Good let's yeah he is bringing his gold medal from Special Olympics basketball. This season he won state. I thought that since analysts he is bring in hopefully lockup then one day. They play center guard for key. All a lot of the special needs kids just love to handle the ball themselves he is he'll primarily played point guard hell is coming over and out. But they did that. Yet so we saw you over there at a school in devil that's I had I had idiotic things I. So how much fun as displayed at DeVon. A lot of I'm. Schools that they have this trip and then and the kind of you've got a good look John we are talking about your gold medals in the Special Olympics. Idea that you T figure to be able it get that number one pick yet. I hope so I hope. You most excited about doing nearly yet have a whole slate of stuff going on what you peak heat that was Devin booked her. You most excited about mean this is pretty awesome what you're doing and I know you do a lot of work with kids you've done this every every year Steve in the NBA it. About the streets also known candidate. This enjoy and experience. This must think you're doing this. Last year with the central part this offers on the Brooklyn Bridge park is scrutinized so I'm just hoping nor has groups. He's over there is looking really easy four to make a lot of shots more than me efficiency. Believe it's a prized gold medal for good luck tomorrow have a group gold medal yes so. You know those big deal and you can bring our our good look for no more picked up I would like this a try. Eisen on Friday and CC is face light up when you walked on the court I mean. At static animal it's all about it was great expressive front of his old school. That you as a little desire than what. About these loosen up with me now gives us certain houses filled work around rules Megan fun in the early Hazen is not the issue that the that the he's ready to go now see him over your soon make shots over me. Overs George arts. It was a again just the connection with the kids in the community and to do stuff like this. Why is so important EU is it's it's not every amazing athlete doesn't like this it's really nice to see. That kind of art for that there for your community plan. One the other support. Less of their ability those those have been fairer than those of the Fed also so. Affect real until I was taught to do this with every single kid in a few submitted daily to me I've been involved with start itself. And I did aisles one of those kids also looked up to people. Looked up to NBA players so. And are no fiber got a chance like this knowledge of the best day ever for itself is doing that make a film is that we make you famous that's what it's all about. And. For you guys what is it like to have. This bond of basketball on in this amazing event the kind of like. Nearly you've got a special bond obviously. Like to think we have a special bond. Yeah its super called us to be doing the flip them to share the experience with them. I think he he likes to think I like to think he looks up to illness so it's cool to be here and distances. With support. What do you like about your Big Brother he's he's he's got he thinks the go out of his way to do great things he what's what does he need the with him. I'm finding. Funny. What I just like. What do you not like about me. I don't know I don't know but I do what I do that's a menial. Neither do. You make an ass answer questions on camera right now I signed him up for fun trips to New York that's what happens. We'll we'll let you guys go plan alone hold you as a claymore. Kendall know that we just candle and that. They forgo wrap up and a sack and then I was doing it pizza which is that everyone thinks I'm very excited about but. This is like to seal of rather that you're talking about obviously when he was born in and you and your mother really having the person is like that no way. But to be in the situation right now at a kind of lying. CS standing here it's its amazing it's almost surreal looking looking and all this go down. Never I what I thought this would happen in my wildest. Instead to see it happen for Hammond for him he deserves all of it. He deserves nothing but the best there everything he's gone through. To see him living in just loving every aspect of this is super cool and to see the love that DeVon house forum. Is super cool and so so humbling to see like. When he has more money than I would even dream of having to see him step down from his. And then basically. Do this for the kids a super cool so I have so much respect for and the suns organization presenting a solid which is typical. Well we let them play that he pizza. And then much many more events to come. But in the meantime. For Brad. For no they're dead end and the man behind the camera did well in the late wrote that before he got out. I'm Michael route that would ABC news.

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{"id":47441234,"title":"Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker surprises a special 11-year-old fan","duration":"9:17","description":"Little Noah was born with a hole in his heart, but he never let that hold him back from his sports dreams, landing him an invite to join Booker at the NBA Draft Lottery.","url":"/Entertainment/video/phoenix-suns-devin-booker-surprises-special-11-year-47441234","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}