PJ Morton discusses his new album 'Paul'

PJ Morton talks new project and Maroon 5.
22:06 | 08/06/19

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Transcript for PJ Morton discusses his new album 'Paul'
Williams ABC eighty well of course we're back once again and stellar interview because we have won the only PGA more witness that's right it's official. Sitting across to me to talk today. About something's really important steamy wonderful this new album. And Paul. All yes eating art and wait until Alex T on this Friday. And I'm very excited -- today about it first of all welcome Harry you know. I'm great I'm great happy to be here with you talking about this just new music is exciting. It is exciting. And it gets you guys acclimated this is a Grammy Award winner of this is a very talented man. I'm me he's been in that paying you know making music and you all honesty. Arming and whatnot we'll get a Sodom and five. Let really all about you today and you know it's funny because reading a little bit about just like your history you know it it seems that. We kind of have to think. You know a lot of different situations that happens you over your life that kinda got you back on track to making music because there was a point in Paris and I where you were. I'm saying I'm don't look at all and you come back that they needed anyone in Miami and. Now live. Is that what. And Africa I don't think I could live without doing music but I was. Done with my solo Korea specifically at wasn't going to make any more of PJ Morton record you know I was. Started off as a producer and a songwriter side I was always gonna do that and then you know my land keys and -- five. I was gonna continue doing that but I was like all right we tried to solo thing. Let's give it one more shot in the and they want more side became. You know something that gave me more gases is as if this thing rolling. This year I mean you know EE ED Tacoma nice little us that's that's. Simmering since the prairie. And so fast for a grim looking now and August and you have created eighty at ten track. Old body albums that I really. I'm in your really driving its vehicle. Let you know at that mentioned. It did it's interesting title I think because people are US PGA and I feel you know with somebody call you by your first name no government name rank Alex. That's okay. Oh yeah. The off a clubbing a I. How you approach this particular. Project and you know for anybody taking a little glimpse into it merely touches on some. Very important themes topics conversation. I mean the fact that the law I I have to applaud you on aren't as did the now are oratory. Because it's soul and load ache like did you hands urged oh. Wonderfully crafted united mean of course he asked in a speech on the it and you know against new. Oh it's. Add that rats out of eagle on what first how you approach this project because you know every artists. It's their pitching differently. From worked worked in project to how did you begin to paint this picture what was your. Right wily enough Paul. Gumbo my last album was supposed to be named Paula had their tire go on because I felt like the title speaks to something very peer. But then Gumbel became a monster of his own so. Moving home and now be in there. You know for some years now you know I was so fresh before. Us settled in to where I am now and I really wanted to speak as purely as possible. Because the same thing. That had me warning to stop. Doing my solo thing. Is the thing that may Gumbel success rate which is not over thinking which is not over strategizing. The plans is making things that I believe in and that make me feel good and just hope that other people who also feel good as a result. So Paul I had to block baton because now they Gumbel was the success I wanna fall in the same trap of on a chase that success because I didn't I didn't plan that. With Paul we got down to the it to the purest form of why Gammon. Paul is a very specific. Thing you know yes and now. National health like these fruit Wilkens clearly this policy that's always. Compared opportunity. He knows his birds and run through June absolutely. Now you know I I am critical hone in on just some of the that tracks on the kind of elaborate because Libya people understand what your perspective where joining me one of them you talk you have is a track called Mac and how would you involve CNN political. London into the ride right now come to love you know are. A cousin in Indiana outlet pass. And then you also talk have a track on their wish you kind of you know build your own the united mean. Are you really kind of touch on what happened with it's also certain capacity eaten. And you know there's so many things that you really hit on you know your uplifting the nave about uplifting the neighborhood about you don't. Touching about what is really going on in our community in my back and lie rabbi I backed bloc extract and so there's so many things that you really touched on was. Always the fault is even before you even sat down and started to Kraft it like. Did you say wow these things are affecting me these things are I'm experiencing I need an outlet to say it. The antibody. All of melody using comes to me first so before any words come. I hear what I want to sound like in them the melody of it. And then I start to actually think about things that not only I deal with the with other people deal with because I feel is a songwriter. I'm deadly suppose express myself but it should be and subject matter that a lot of people can relate to. So they can fill a connection to calm him buyback to block and I think. Was that. He showed us an example of how he went to his neighborhood. Make sure that he put his money into his neighborhood employ people in his neighborhood and me you know kept it up to what it should be mom and so I was really inspired by that and and other subject matter this has on the record as well as is on the way that's all right in front of me. Absolutely now let's let's delving a little bit deeper because. I'm always curious as to who speaks EU in the sense. Artistry when you decide to say hey wanna feature mom I love I'm such a huge as an insolvent and I think what I know. Christine so one of the best. What we added that. Happen specifically you know I mean obviously I can see as a rod because she is somebody who you know speaks to this political climate but are like a jasmine Sullivan why was she your specific choice and mean. Sees as one of my favorite singers period I think that's when he came down to when I thought of that song which we recorded that song while ago was actually on the l.s one of the wines. On that was on a mix tape a long time ago that and never actually released people who knew about it would always ask about it. And I felt like it was time to give it to the world try to put it on a previous album. Didn't fit but jasmine literally it was just based on she is just one of my favorites and I just always want to hear of her voice you know so. Anytime I can pull on her when it feels natural cause that's that's our approach features in general I don't have that the list of people before I start working in. It's whatever the song needs him when he speaks to. It's kind of how pick their teachers and the best part about making this album and what which they had been the most talent. On the best part was. Really letting go you know. After what what idea before this was kinda like my. A victory lap. Album you know in the sense. That just really didn't over thinking and just just made music Gumbel was something that I just felt like I have to say this isn't it was so selfish in that way. This one is like okay we're we're back here we're comfortable. And and now I can speak to those things that are happening now currently in my life as whether moat more love songs on this album because. I purposely tried to go away from love songs on them focus as it no. I want to talk about other things you know there's so many pressing things also this one is half love and half life you know. The most challenging was probably just my schedule allowed. I feel like we hadn't stopped the gumbo trained you know. I've still been on the road this whole time. And dumb really made his album probably a total of Scalia. Three weeks altogether you know. And really locked and I mean I was right while I was on the road but actually gone home the record. Was not a lot of time so that was a big challenge and also the challenge was. Not trying to chase that the success of gumbo Mena. I had to always remind myself for that whenever I let myself go veer into that or why was this a success. Stretches them a marketing guy base you don't mob mob the foundation of who I am always goes to their marketing but I had to. On that was a big challenge not trying to chase gumbo shall. Yeah MEU that's so oddest scene on some people say. You know I don't have any specific things we might look I'm not focused on trying to repeat what I did before began. This is what this is Nia on do you ever feel like. You know pressure to June. Kind of perform in a certain way. You know some people may know you authentically through just your music I do you look at others may know you through Maroon 5 you know what not. Do you ever feel any pressure in this and that you've now become it is because of it Grammy is the nice thing to tell around and whatnot diesel per. Sharon now even more so after the Grammy. At I could see how that. You know would do that. But because of where I've just come from. Of all that pressure because he initially the pressure was amoral five is so successful we're doing all this leases have five number ones in Rome always played the so we'll believes his. And that was initially did the price that's what got me confused before Gumbel that's what got me in the in the right was I had to figure out that and I don't have to be room five. I'm in room five I don't act I don't have to do that. Com desk that's where that's where I am. And so there is an now there's not more pressure after the Grammy. If anything the Grammy each is. Out of solidified. What I felt and put me at a place of of peace in general you know so now we're which is have been fine and and China makes beauty beautiful art and however that's received I'm OK you know. I'm bomb would totally cool with it. Well it's it's it's likes it's a wise perspective I feel like a lot of artists that I've encountered that's a hard thing to be able to stay grounded and Janelle that you don't have to be as good as your last you are as good as you lock yeah you know and that type of idea. College gonna have a better Cade you know I like oh man must signs awesome watched his daughter I'm about to make is. His daughter's going to be a maid now places like I'm just heaven and. Another key and this kid is gonna be special because is Mikey you know he had no means that absence essence it's a perfect example I mean I never thought about it like that but I. And I think that's that's aptly some words of wisdom. And clearly you know you mention none you know obviously dealing with backed you know coming off of his high from Maroon 5 and all you've accomplished with that. Group and then being able to then I have your own little. Ace there with what you've been able to do him. Did you still any com. Meshing of kind of like what she do you. The sound wise from Maroon 5 with that any influence on what she did for Paul was this something holy its own entity and meet its economies and relatable to some. Us all it's all tied and I mean I think in the room. Has always been influenced by. I'm a black music you know urban music. You know even talk about their pop rock and rock upbringing. To do the way they became moral five to the republic rug came before is they got. Put on the Stevie Wonder and that was kind of the mix it and a look at Adams a very soulful singer as much as our songs are puppies very soulful arm but I. I got an emerald fire so late in the game I can already had my idea in India isn't as a producer and songwriter. I wouldn't say that it affected me that way. I'm probably always think in and the because we have these. These poppy hooks you know they grab you and as a songwriter I'm shore I am. Influenced by that because as as much as a muscle guy. I'm always have always been big on pot. Music and you know The Beatles were big influence on me always want to write songs that people can sing along to sing the chorus is that's always been big to me and never want to be so deep that people can sing along on so when that way I'm probably influenced by you know. Stuff I'm planned how all the time you know in the band as well. Yeah well this is your your full point right now what I'm I'm Karen is because you know. You think it'd be difficult if or maybe you know this clear because you're in of the group. If they are the and a work so pleasing some being and how does that kind of paddy juxtaposed both to. Nina and obviously did not save it takes priority in. Why not. Leave you know I've been in a band almost ten years now nine and a half years. And I think. Was low harder now than Adam doesn't have a day job a home. It's going to be more talent in like DeMint the boys you know can he spent his time there and I can do my thing. I'll believe always found a way you know. Which is that Nicole headline these two lawyers and and they are also being gracious and let me open up Maroon 5 tours enclosed with the band and do double duty so. I'm not worried about it it is. A challenge sometimes just because I schedules are both crazy but these are these are good problems. You know. It is a good problem to have men now. Obsolete when you realize Adam know is decided to that would from the voice three might. And be happy you don't so ultimately as one and be happy I was like. It was a means to know. He's not he's gonna have some action time. You know because when I first joined the band there was no boys and no we will call rehearsals on of the blue when the boys came. He kind of had a real job you know we had to be somewhere at a certain time. So we'll see that their bets. Almost ten years ago where it's at new decade I imagine every ten years you know you come in something new. I was new then I was just coming into the band that didn't they had been banned for ten years already. So this just our new chapter you know and a man. I'm curious if I had I know you guys. CEO and scheduled Lazio you can you know we're gonna have to figure it out we have challenges already as remote busy now both needs solo and the band. I've gotten busier and busier you know. And I'm easing off. Not record an out with them you know I'll know we we do a new music. I know a new songs was becoming a priest but again we're always working always work. I you 1008. Legged and I am now number beginning thing but. But and that we do have new mute at his song was Bosnia Allison. Already but. I guess it's common car and tank and I got Paul Cummings vessel in Amman. We'll let you and we found out we are fun and no doubt so of course. It's back into it because again I feel it's really important mean you have visuals were starting to see that pick Hmong. Clearly about what are nowhere can we seek all applaud you know exactly going to be part of the whole movement. And what will that look like can you kinda gives some ideas on what this whole type of promo for Paul will be. Media would use it if it if you're familiar with me in you know that I. I'm go hard you know after we release we make sure we go see the people I'm not and I've not gotten off the road really Agence. We just played in Newport Jazz Fest we yesterday. And played. Where was if we're in between on the weekly does. Summer spears says sin in and Merrill and we're still on the row we have we Jersey City tomorrow you know but the Paul tour. Will come after that alum and bureau so there will be an announcement. Soon since Nen San on the toy but yeah I'm. I'm going to be on the road I live on the stage you know that is. It's really where I. I think I'm fully myself. So. Yes they'll be tour announcement pretty soon. Now and you know essence let's scoot out of a year that was matched its all that was magical that's the right word. Or go home in New Orleans and check it out and do the first live recording there. His live album recording on and hand me X there in. Luke James and Joseph Joseph and deejay it is Chicago kid in him hometowns. And though it was just a special night. And. I don't know when we're gonna put that out there. You need without don't know yet that we got a list of to give you. As I don't know when that's coming out exactly we'll see how of the year goes and now but we guided in can't. Yes and I also have the comment on the just because I'm knots and make you say. About them I. Alma Knight so and I know he had. I. Don't need me. I. Cameras film and yeah. Though he still can top out about just. Dean in adding that cultivates you to be artists that you are because I'm always preaching and teaching about how important HB CUR machine and what they mean to use some line was living in this world to day absent in learning about yourself and who you are. Pivotal was being an aged ECU in you. Life as you became this artists that yesterday I mean very very pit of pivotal. I speak to people about that I mean I think he gives you one more level of support. And seeing people like you lived and do the same things that you've been through. Are also. I mean dresses I was I was one of the the cool kids growing up right and and I was one and if you like in my world there. Or relate to meet. Then I got to morehouse and it was a bunch of cool kids in the budget and he jays just like me who experienced the same things on the level that experience them. Com and it was a way to connect and grow and learn I think those years there's just so important. As to understanding who you are. In your development. And I mean or a lot to morehouse you know just as far as. Make you meet demand that I am you know. Not to mention liked the classes that I took in the there's no public speaking classes in there. We had to dress in suits in one of my class you know every week. Prepared me fourth where this world you know that I'm living in. Absolutely have. I feel like he tied in all these different medical means in just kind of your messages. If you had to Kynan Eric down his campaign that. People can really take away with. What would help them overall message of all is not BC's very personal it's one that's very near and dear it's not your appearances. In totality there's something that you really wanted to let people know that this. Album is really gonna speak volumes to what what would it be. While you know freedom is one of my favorite words and at think. Or creatives. And when I say creatives I don't just mean music or art in general filling. Entrepreneur or is there creatives you know business people like doctors are creatives you know. In the way that you practicing medicine and you've got to figure out how to figure out that how to do this next surgery and you know you gotta be creative and think a different way I think we are creatives. We all have a creative gene and that's and I think. How I want Paul and all my records really too. The world is better off more all ourselves our peers cells. And Paul is my name mops yourself. And I want to promote everybody being their hear yourselves because you know if if the pinky Shauna be the dumbest hands that gonna work right in and since everybody's got to play their part. And if if there's anything I want I want that to come through. Like I said I had an opportunity to its a preview all of it I mean there is not one song that means nuts how the the boom late word what anyone called you can it is still on point like you as a collection it is so well done I think congratulations to you thank you so model. I can't wait this. Friday and he had them all in the available go on every place and everywhere everywhere so thank you so much he didn't think even handed me I eat call them. All hands are being gay and that and Jim Morin for -- by ABC raise the toxin he can peacefully end this indeed make sure you check out all available it's Friday it's only down and he has it is such a beautiful album you're you're really gonna love it so I hope you check it out criminal out. In his lane signing off. He's.

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