Liev Schreiber dishes on puppies, 'Ray Donovan' and what makes him cry

Schreiber dishes on puppies, "Ray Donovan" and what makes him cry.
22:30 | 09/06/17

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Transcript for Liev Schreiber dishes on puppies, 'Ray Donovan' and what makes him cry
Net hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn. We we tell you what is pop it in the culture. And if you are a rate Donovan fans like guy. And questions for this guy. Anyway my guest today is ray Donovan in himself we have Shriver who's got. Stories to tell absolutely welcome thank you very much. This well first I should congratulate you on your ninety Miami nominee oh. Yeah I guess I. It's only the thank you thank you what it's a pretty exciting thing that's coming right up in the papers. The secret to success and she knew it done so I hope I don't win because I think when you win used getting nominated. And so it like this being nominated all the time I think it's. It's just the good thing they say when you are nominated for an enemy when your up for one you submit. A certain at this. Oh yeah and look at you have any say that I don't yes I do don't remember which one I think it was it's so. We've done three different times I think to it was episodes flow like it was last season's and I think that's what. Good they submitted it said don't take too much on and I'm a busy. I do think them through you read in my little pony. Do some places. Really they don't watch wrecked. By yet a hold of it now. Ties eight sauces and the year and had them ready if she's etiquette basket then they can see. Well I've got to talk about this season five redone because now into it. I think people have watched it so we can talk about the death of heavy gun which he was just shocked do you view I I I think. We felt. That we use me to. 220 who could really take a shot to me she really gamble on some new season for us. The nappy last years now. Our our show runner head writer who depend ultimately like yours dealt with something in his own forum that was actually if you really terrified I think we you'll. We'll. He's doors okay now at the time I think we all went through a kind of existential moment about. Mortality and illness. Family and it was something I think felt close of the home for buses. Stanley of sorts on the show an ensemble. So when David brought this up. News there was no. Resistance from anybody we all felt it was important work to do on a show where we try to do humanist complicated. Stories and this this fellow right. On the way in which the story unfolds the non Linear narrative. I was really nervous about I was afraid that. That people would get bogged down. He in the flashbacks. And cutting between flashback and from time. But fortunately. Our our fans sir Mars surface in a files that they. We are we don't want that arise come which I was your visual wit non it's also very heavy and it's it's very dark stuff. You saying you have put at this time I mean forum for Paul mathison who laid you what. I don't know how happy she what's the here but she wasn't going to be on the show anymore but this is part of the deal when year. You're in a TVC. And the other thing is it was an opportunity. Pew poll. Some new and it really extraordinary art to work this season. And she does incredible. Work on the shows so that's a great thing. You think oh this actors gone and we come back in episode one. But she's running offer seasons ago yeah she's marvelous. The thing is. You you're so lucky if you show has gone this law you know it's such a blessing so. I think at this point really everyone's to cervical and happy to have the right. Losing poll was like losing your cleanup hitter she's just such. Horrific act. It was very difficult in the beginning. Because we got through this season. She really sink your teeth into the role. It kind of became more celebration them because her. Regret and we get to see I mean she is suffering from cancer this is true what we see but the flashbacks we also see. This real sign of what's going on between ray and far. That we really didn't see that much before. It was nice ironically for me to get the plea these inquiries. Into the race smiling it's not a happy. No I don't know how to how do you shift that. Dynamic and actually really brilliant that. In heard in flat backing from heard that. Heat values her UC incapable of love you see him. Able to connect with her man and and you seem enjoying himself which use. She's usually for me that showed to have. Seems like that because it is very very. Darkened hands mostly how do you get into that tactic of rate down immediately and with him for five seasons in. Can you say goodbye to him inning lead them at the door when. Hey you know one. That's tricks for me yet reader very. Is to come homes kids could really good. Crap. And Graham. That. And that kind of shatters any illusions. I love red I think he is really conflicted character Michael great Rama. Is a real duality to him. Schmidt and his weakness. Which usually realizes. Violence and rage. I think we can all identify with those extremes at times what he gets to act. Oh yes but you know the thing. I I think. For me. Articulates what's likely rate. He's that you ample all of that tension you rev the engine you ratchet ratchet ratchet and then you don't express. And fats. Happy if a book. Every because. You need some sort of an outlet. And yet soy. I saw you play Hamlet I think. On another century. And it whatever century was that it happened but. They're something Shakespearean about. In the dialect that he does have but he is conflict over who years in what he has and he's such a broken. Aluminum back from the beginning here in the and Paula. In the room. Human. Those occurred will at the end of the fourth season there's a lot of back. Between June via that nothing can touch us. Here we are now tomorrow and Marron tomorrow. And here it is what was it like on the set for Paula and the rest of you on her last day. What went on. It was I was very emotional. It was in New York poll went straight off to a bar. So did so did the rest of us but we had to shoot for another three or four hours before we could. You know she's my family now. Like every one. And so in my family house I'm gonna see them again zone. As devastated as I thought it would be so confident that they're going to be in my life. So it really was I think. Mostly for me in that moment of celebration of what she had accomplished. As actors this season and they really thinks it is extraordinary work. Mr. crying yet quit crying and hopes Akamai not me not called like you can't. As Mike. No crying you know no pictures of this crime you know it just be none of this I should've asked you for really sad stories. It's boring knowing what tells me cry. He would pulling my name not and those here's that is always didn't make me cry yawning makes me cry. Really why would he be on making you know makes me cry. Sports things really I cry at races and I'm not even attracted to your guy. When I see someone win a race in dramatic fashion always makes me cry it's very embarrassed. Also in boxing does that to me. If I see somebody come back from behind. It makes news emotional. And you played that recently in China. Where you. We could see this this was the guy who was the model for a shipment. You. The models that character. He's the best. It's. So it's true I've Miller BO I got it at what what is it what was the did they come to you and say this that we want you to be made. Your I think after they said that the 45 other guys. And you're it you're our first choice you're we it now. We never want to work without orbit now today we do you mean not seem to be fifth yeah this is it. So when I look at the stuff that you and I see somebody constantly mixing. You really don't let it be possible the say he's always this because you're not. You know thank you you've been Saber tooth can opt for reform our ball and then you be in the Butler playing LBJ. Now you can turn around and do. Oscar winning movie like spotlight where users. Died from Florida who takes over the Boston Globe party and does this. And the Catholic church and that's it is that something when people were talking about ray Donovan they seem to forget. That raised the victim of abuse. In in terms of that church where that's happening do you get a lot of controversy about that where people are saying. Are upset by this. I think. Upset about it I don't know how controversial anyone feels it is anymore I think. Long before spotlight. And I'm I'm really grateful or I think there was a consensus that this happens. And and that people are suffering. And and it's I'm much. Bigger problem than any of us at imagine you. I think we over Boston Globe and Mark Barron for that December's. So to tell those stories and to tell the men in. Kind of it's humanist ways. That week and I I think is important stuff. I think. Both. They there in the writing team that rate eminently well I think Tom McCarthy and use Williams quote he did. So when you're looking around. Using what you're gonna do next what is that what your criteria. Your right I I do kind of want to mix it up. Eight because it keeps interest thing and I think there's also this the stigma thing that you are as good as your last part and I always want to know. What I can do I always want and I always want to know what else's available to me. Both. In the world of casting and in my own ability I really don't know what I can do okay so it thrives. And I've always felt. Someone like you Rose Bowl ones about actors that. The first thing is to be willing to make an ass of yourself you have to be willing to make mistakes. In any crap evening. And I like. Things. That feel like a stretch like things that feel different I like things that feel. Unfamiliar. Because as they become more and more familiar they've become a part of your. Q are your personal yet what was that. Is that a thing about being in a series that's as successful as ray Donovan is for showtime that you have to get back into that guy's skin. You the truth. Some reason I said yes theory because I knew that it would be. A crash course in filming. That it would be the best. Learning. Be. Really a great week for me intensely studied. And it's been that not just acting. You know him movement composition. Writing. And I knew that by doing it every day practices doing it every day would bring me. That much closer and I'm so grateful for that. Are rough but so was this always and you the last have you on the show we talk a little bit about your childhood witches. Street Lincoln usual. I mean. You living with your mom. In in some tenement somewhere basically one Mamas and squats. There's so many moms are yet wielding. News it was the thing. I assume everybody's. You know it's just that. As actors we get asked to park that's it's all the talk and success stories. Yet but did that. Media do you want to be doing this because where's that moment that happens to you when your kid living with your mother. In basically squat building like this you're not are you home school. No more went and went details. Yeah I mean it's that old nature nurture thing how much of your arm in the Germans who you're we've become. I think I saw a lot of strange stuff as a kid and I was fascinated by it was really. Interest in. I think I felt also. I've talked to other friends who were in the business I think I felt like an outsider's a kid. I think that desire to connect and to get inside. Was something that I I notice and a lot of factors that. You observed behavior because you want to. Emulate you want to join you want to emulate meaning you'll steal whatever you say yes well also how do you speak their language. Good point yeah you know how do you how do you what do they how to they converters. And you learn that language and for us I think for some activists think that language of social behavior emotion. Conversation. With the first thing we have a play where you weren't actual act. I think I did. I was at the ashram school. And I think correctly Holland LaMont in the running down but Romney on a month the monkey. I think monkey god and him to the storm came here. That's oh thanks so it didn't circle it has it's just all of this the do. But now you he wore you've got to keep your room. UN Naomi Watts. Separate. So what this world now with your kids how are you dealing with this as a father who goes back and forth. But were nice things about having kids. And getting older I suppose is that. You. You you come to a very intimate understanding of how no in fact the world is not really all about you. And that I'm enjoying that we've degree at first it was a bit of a shocker but now I'm adjusting to a like I like. I like being that like. Having them to focus my energy. And I like trying to learn. About them in the same way used to be trying about myself. So. It's great I'm you know I'm I'm back here we just. We just I just fix my place have to have their own separate rooms in. You know we'll see the success they wanted separate they want they just don't want it their old enough now. They burned. And I heard that there might be new members of the fact what we reach it we tasted I think. Fingers crossed OK let's talk to mail me about it and there's a bush regret that we just adopted two orphan puppies from Houston. Very. I feed that. You know the ray Donovan they just blocks away but can't. Here's. Yet and justice are preferred because who is now you know I'm just that you look at those faces. You do that so the kids don't know that yet. No they know they now yeah papers me close the deal. If you don't do that way. Under beauty and there's a producer on Kelly in brine Zhu wants the same dogs so now that a couple of days. I like he can't pull that out rate down. If he wants this to all he wants the but the recent episode I where you're dealing with it's. Case no one's seen it yet. When you look at yourself and that Karen what did you learn from him complain. Two if you're saying you learning about film making in what's happening and you think you've worn anything from plane attack yet science. Yet 22. Race someone who doesn't. Field and in need to talk. Too much. Which is a real challenge for an actor because especially act news like me news trained with the notion that. Text is your job your job is to express articulate that. You don't having Tex what's gone. Having that patience. To sit. Back. On the line one and two. Put your pension person. Sees a kind of acting 101 thing which you learned reviews in the very intimate way when you are. So you learn offensive patience. Patients because you feel emotion you want to express and that's part of what we use human beings. And talk too much. But rate does these things come from analysts say them and sit back on and that there's a kind of has since there defined rate in the active. Felt like a vulnerability. What you want to talk but he was couldn't he knew we shouldn't the actor who shouldn't but also the character. Felt insecure about speaking imagine troubled by open my map. And then when you get into how Anwar works and that you're playing this objective character. In many ways you are the camera so. He actions. Really effective I think. Just be watching and just be putting energy and have their act the the object in the room when you can do that well but if you're talking a lot in life. What are your kids do when you're talking to them why they basically saying Blanton gadgets shut it. What are you telling millions. It at a lab they don't know laughing at their quiet ray Donovan moved to have a rookie they have and I channels that the two. We. Think. What she's saying. I can't. Hear me. It's very good you know now I've been there I've seen those looks. Anyway you know the show ends in song and last time you hear you know you sang a song for war Ky I did. Which was a sort of semi fabulous who. Limerick east song yeah kind of made up based on an iris that's right hoops and peas and if things if you. So what do you have for us to how are you gonna take us out. I feel obliged to do another lullaby for such things you do you you should he's probably sad if he doesn't get I had to lullabies. Sauces. Pizza Alabama have been used I was actually you'd like more it was nicer. Movies like that then that would I don't remember all the words but I think he goes. Am mind Kim believe fumed. Tom the womb them. Mark the ability guns who. Dying to. Hold. Mates food then whoo man. The lowest rated them here but the words with a hook are. Could be it Mexico. India that. The thoughts I hope your happy and I basically hope that these puppies come home. And that you have them very. Much I they're gonna get named sin that's right in it right now they're called hazelnut chestnut. And it's like if you so person and he can that. Now that'll all change yet the kids were taken riddle of this. Re read any radio they won't like that they don't know who ray are we thank you don't spank you. All right we have it we're not alive anymore we're dead.

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