'Real Live': 'Despacito' tops Spotify streams

Spotify trends expert Shanon Cook talks this summer's hottest hits.
11:15 | 07/28/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': 'Despacito' tops Spotify streams
All right let's keep talking yet it is the moment for Shannon to Schlumberger trying out. Our favorite summer song first of all mite tick or what's your favorite the mayor's office on stand and you guide us through this on bottom I have a phone. Any add up for me it spreads by. Or could. Forget about what's Mali that song is unforgettable rattled by the general. Okay it was the and a good deeds highly kind of vibe like Afro pop Pulitzer. Kind of dividends and buys a slowdown in those in my car at a hotel party and expands its way as the sun hit. Let something nice Larry that I certainly. Canada was discovered. The it could in the eye looking over the coming. Does anybody get comfortable everyone's. Moment here at the barn units. It. And you the food is minding the food and Miami. They'd turn online summertime packed press and yeah yeah yeah. Ernie yeah. Every. Very are you. Are my favorite song and I know that the Holland while thought he kicked out in Rihanna. It at that thought you wanna listen you're driving are obviously you're new York and the fighting back right in that car I think it's great I love that embryonic me every summer is like always breed bombers honestly. Starting with umbrella just everything will probably always have something I think maybe it's that like perky and sort of by they just give up what you're saying that the tropical five. Do you want I think not like yours. I okay now we're planning the better. A mere mortal with opinions about views I really can't get. Rare candid take away Janet Janet is all about Spotify the tell us. You know better. Well I'd I'd brought my analyst. Four songs that urges kicking that are on Spotify without listens and you could call them the biggest songs of the summer. Definitely and linemen profess when I'm gonna mention naive and at least a thousand times. Desperate seat yeah. You mix it's this is the undisputed songs I'm sorry if anybody statistically. This song was if it's been on the top of our outlook levels since April and it hasn't funds rate. It's during its streamed loans 660 what. Popular weather that the by the well. Could a little bit back to a friend just talking Justin beaver street to Amazon has an interest in. It was originally. By doing NC Wednesdays at Puerto Rican. It's based in Miami and the original version of the song was doing very very well in Spanish speaking countries and Bieber got wind of it and this is a cool song wanna be involved. As that they did this nation where he's actually seen Spanish Perrier and so I think that has definitely helped until it's ready to bring this song. To the masses which is lovely because it does it is and Latinos. And it sound. It's the first song that we've had do so well the top aren't what with he's coming again. Day. Uga didn't. I'm not know any night. I'm thinking Neil I wanna hear me otherwise. This is pizza about mine I'm elements Eric violence and this song interestingly is also a Spanish language in this instance. And it's a second my streams in the world meet me can take. It's by a Colombian oddest things change Alvin his rap singing songwriting DJ time. Doing really really really well it's the number two song it's streamed eating white bath apartment. But I'm wondering if this the seats kind of I've and a dole. For that song and England now embracing this lovely reggae it's on kind of pop reggae it's on my aggregate very hungry summer ray got highway. It's like you who ran. I he's at the top is cognizant is now they're moving up I'm there there realities. History's latest tropical place. And their feel good something even made an epicenter is at. And not a song is your favorite wild bullets that is news I all. Currently. That's. Now I don't even. DJ Khaled featuring Leon human rights until this is stream sent loud and it has since last. DJ coming up song. I'm the one which hasn't holes. Basically featuring one just didn't. He's gone yeah video we're having him. I think. The grateful and I minutes apples to act and it's apples and it's it's. Marine area. My favorite song. This Obama's. Mrs. Fields. It's beautiful song ease Lee's new album. But it's the best ones. You ask me as hate speech is Katy Perry. Features and it's. It's very brash but. Lindsay and that let it slide and Calvin hairs I. But we can you. I mean. Level this out Alex summer always needs. I. He had these fees the song. Some. Can't get elected download now aren't favorite part of the show real talk. And taken away. Bow out. The new document now let the border watch Baywatch he should buys it one. A lack of hello my black magic I'm now I can't. Florida. Take it away. I. Want it and record as a documentary that followed it Baltimore charter school cuts in majors that competition goes into their lives goes into. Challenges there also. Not just you know. Focus on its competition but now the personal struggles that that they talk and that there just very emotionally naked at the day. On camera and so we don't feel a lot of patents on so glad that this means I think they're out there advanced. Ticket. Not right what her real. Margo talk today is on it ever want to go to Google right now immediately just go do it. Google is honoring these silent for re at a time protest rate acted on today. A hundred years ago in 1917. It's time great land has asked Americans marched down Fifth Avenue and protests really the modeling sent lynchings in the mountain town that was happening at that time period. I am particularly responding to the Saint Louis massacre where mobs of individuals in Iran and lynched and murdered just at will because he had blacks in. Anywhere from 42 Martin fifty people while at the same time displacing 6000 black residents from that space. And they marched in silence and one is in painting to know about the slogan that they had enlisted out to be it is said. Will make America safe for democracy was it sound like Brett Ratliff. And I right now. He's going on terms that they abstinence other replicating this marks today Medicaid and arts organization and so the market is happening at five team down your seed ousted avenue. To really marks about some things that was happening Mac and another saw him act in exactly the context. Was America has plants without trial 2800 negroes and 31 years and at a single murderer has suffered. Again gamers and reflect about today so if you get a chance go to Google do go learn more from its about it and it is great is happening it. Aren't we knew urging at 5 o'clock begged my eight RH in particular way we'll minus very fluffy by comparison slant passes. Well one musical real. Real time real real against me I got real we. Really interested in you these figures just came out the British musician Charlie XE XE as a great song boys' it's a very cheeky fun song. And the music video she directed by yourself a lot of people talking about it because it it features Allman. And nice girl famous and they are basically playing up to the camera in the ways that women normally do women perhaps expected to do nightmare. They're cuddly puppies. Their Yankee riding unicorn. I think and that wearing pink and doing this kind of galleys stuff and it's just in ninth and it's nice. Flip of the scripts in the way if you like perhaps highlighting it paid bills why do we do this time why and we expected to Davis is having an. It looks kind of silly when guys are doing. So there's been of a map is behind it seems. Today are my real talk if I love this shouted no Phillies with a daytime divas on VH one it's based on start jones' book you've got yours with one man. I operate unfair IA in meanie yeah. What did inspector for black. I expect there. It can be I love it just because it's fine if that's great that that can't show Vanessa Williams if he is just amazing Vanessa wouldn't be technically Dmitry Mercury nature that they can opt out. It's just that over the top and I always love shows and movies but didn't ship that take place in New York as in acting. You know his New Yorkers literally able to and you get he goes into the third if that's so funny it's a one hour show with Alec thirty minutes for a while officials are you like you're wanting more and it's. Because it's a funny show with a really beings were the show and I just think if you know it's it's it's really spot and I think if you know star jones' behind you see bits and pieces ever in the show I think it's fun when something these. Media on reality is because the you know you're scratching your head wondering when the ballots so that you know what that was light though. That's my real talk we are beard he's you know to listen to what to watch in the theater where a march and what to watch we have a varied is currently not super sensitive. What a perfect to find out I've told it is right if any believer now rate that bottle if you'd like half your thoughts right tiger. He's fine right I think anxious re under a regular we have made to be a fugitive candlelight vigil item per job. Pray that it had not yet found will be updated let's get one or pander better and there are NAFTA like I think reassess their opinions. Ray yeah all right guys we are out of time great show anything is so much for lending your music knowledge that if things. The way he walked in here really like to change everything on. Your bottle and gave them are taking so much and thank you for watching us. Back in about three and you're gonna have another real life and people for Kenyon.

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