'Real Live': Disney announces cast of live-action 'Lion King' movie

With the announcement of pop-culture icons, such as Beyonce, in "The Lion King" remake, "Real Live" guests imagine themselves as new animal characters.
10:46 | 11/03/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': Disney announces cast of live-action 'Lion King' movie
Looking way past December towards the summer when he nineteen. Lying keying into these Lion King is coming out any new path has been rial. The eighties. Heavier than her circle of life. This is to get us in the news ready for the whole soundtrack pray we like them yeah. Coming up amazing braves fans don't know fugitive exodus I think for the holiday season or something like that the usual too warm for it now and our into the new capacity guy. Beyoncé obviously ever talking about Danny Glover James no joke it's a brand of almost like Billy Geithner was in delegates I thought him tweeting out quite why it had anything to a lot of people are really in this film so what do you guys think of the past. Yeah I'm so excited for this cast flag when they got released on those immediate I've never been so excited to see the lion king and on in my life I don't have any kids. And I can't wait to grab them all tonight Mariah and they goes into line when the previous accidents that. Rove visited to look at it crazy to expect from beyond that if that broke into the idea she would tell your book yeah play. I think it's like to readjust and get their monopoly in all these different actors junior and a mean of varying they're just like your summer comedic theories singer. Not I do you think it's may have more box office appeal and cuts of this sort of favor. Oh yeah. You know I honestly was not really check in for this phone for a woman I want to and I don't think. I didn't think that line he shouldn't touch still didn't know honestly I had I had a curious you know you're not here is the only difference is he tied to lean on any tax fundraiser wants resonate painfully in a way of I'll and then this past with a they're not all. And then it changed every popular party yeah. We're right next. Yeah okay you're at it. I know I want to zones around the I think I think it's great to have you heavies like hardcore like you know what actors actors and you're mixing it with. These more comedic you know except road from like. Hot movies let's really acted as we're ever on the street I think from the issues and to see these people all you know like this in Iraq that this would be really should stick to have a go to. Other one on the record right now to say that this would be Disney's highest grossing film ever. I don't have record of mayor and that ignited include. I mean you want to human lives and specific lipstick and yeah. And income consumer products it toy kits thriller twister kids. And that the biggest that the the greatest thing that that marvel slash Disney's last everything has ever done is like. Davey groups or armed with a recent one from or like any keep things that he was like oh it's a billion dollar. That there drop now haven't you play anymore but I'm the regular dvd box that collapse in the apartment. Island of money yeah. Now the path to create it always could be bigger Reno and hard pressed the new leaders all is a few people. You didn't quite hate me that hot then now I don't have through next year guys. If you're gonna be in the movie we were wondering hanging at. Here to would you veto what boats appeared to be about what and a ball and I believe. We have some visual aids to shell out and look people may days. And up. Yeah. I can't ignited like kicking units have very strong at the thought I don't know. And it is what animal what do you proud name. Over the hoping that she what they reject you for tell what care they reject throughout in the film take away but looking at right. Jihad who does he want super stronger than he is seen as a villain and pay just don't do with this is actually at the heart of gold orphan. More he. If she is presented as a villain some. Who is actually trying to take over the land but she's also got you know she has a family to attack. Her father is dying so she's protecting her father she's trying to just basically. Just trying to China ruled lamb she also has you know ulterior motives that are not so dangerous. It that you care the literal story. What put some thought. What anything if there had shot his. Leave that up right out but is it that she did I say that no you did an excellent had she'd the baldness he what are cheated characteristic there. When asked gal I. You don't have maps with the matter yeah Atlanta she's very Smart cars community room. Her hand up math camp and we hate my game publicly what Mike what was your character so. Bikers alliance. And native Spain being like any two and it is not being about it means noble and Welbourn that 08 and seven they grew up together right there might sound the best friend. The start from kindergarten and they've Lindsey were submitted together. Plans capped off a signed written guarantee dig that bothers her best friends that's how they were all the Zain is responsible for existing knowledge to sit. This is saying he met Al at a church as he was singing birther quieter and then I don't got to meet my boys have been. Happens in anything but her best friend them on my side always adds back and art time. Barrett midway yeah okay rolled right about the free I don't know which we've gone I don't know that I'm such a list a highlight the cat it and yeah. I don't like MI the journal. Let the elephant named Roth boss. And I look. He's he's he's a was all it. Ultimately what 89 years old they can look to us and he needed for deal is up there he stood as a rugged good looks. You know he's got great honor went past that it but he is widely considered as like the village idiot. Making jokes he's kind of silly kind of like handle it almost double the burnout and a thing. But every now and then he comes of with likes and is brilliant thing and when the climax happens and Mike you know in the middle or towards in the movie I would count Rauf -- to lead the way. Are. And I had that we sort of play either god has died he's like it all right back now. Mentioned that to my care to literal bit you have to do a little digging for this name matches by after the good myself my characters Amy shot breweries shut jewelry which in like Healy. Yeah council are. Jet ray and out. Shari is major route because I guess the giraffe standout you won't with the draft Frey to rewrite the draft of the Brandan Wright the finish and then count their ratings on AB lights in his right hand guy win that means when he goes back to the kingdom. Takes over takes care business all be there to help ask me any questions. A little less for feat he held out her being into Iraq I would be taller and a lot younger I think that human activity staff re the very dour right. I think we found the past so that having to do Disney day here in I mean summer 20/20 again that I. It will be the Lion King real life addition way I think that'll work. That the capacity Meserve got most of the Animal Planet literally missing if you look at the fact that given the fact that ABC news's parent corporation is Disney exactly have a shot I. Finally tonight the school and I'm I can't. Area that he didn't we have a lot of cause immediate. We'll play and Rodman has the news a lot of influence on ultimately Judea unedited the death. Canada even. Are right now Wordock continued talking all but ourselves after this isn't an hour to talk about real lot our favorite part of Vietnamese. All right let's start with Kenneth again for for a play. Yeah me tick away. Today's real talk is stranger things to perhaps you heard of the little guy Netflix C again this everywhere. It is now available now streaming watch stated you know the temperatures have dropped is hibernation season that means and watch ups and hours nearly ten hours of the show. Totally get into it is very dark this season which I actually appreciate the a lot of hacked to death. And if you're especially here and elevenths as adults who gets a lot of air time here. So check it out. All right that's good my. That's give it to myself and hands and who might as a south of the Houston Astros are out from very timely road series this week. First time that they've never won a World Series and I think it was important note. Seeing audit Houston's gone through recently and there's nothing better than sports are really you know galvanizes city and nation together we have the New York City Marathon coming up on sun has a thing about sports again law enforcement situation happening in New York City this war has a way of a really bring an erratic things together and I'm so excited for the Houston Astros and weather now bring into the that the spears of Houston that has to be great for the right then through the unit. Rocklin. And it looked until again. And don't want war look. Ongoing existential crisis basically I think we're book with Harvey want to that is happening. I think guys it's more a question and real talk I think it's. Think. We. As society and maybe it's media have to examine like how we wanna cover entertainment moved forward. I think things have changed things are changing them through that her for the better as far as getting these stories out there but it's an issue see what happens I think the Oscar the next year. What's gonna happen on an into the carpet or or may be at these award shows and what happens and we before I just don't I just don't think you can go back to. To doing the trivial things I think everything has more away now and I think. Maybe that's for the best may be entertainment is gonna be right up there with news and politics as far as like that having that weight between four -- say the public to. It's already up there other active networks were brought I think about their marriage as a group on the satellite Rockford doctor robbed and think I'm that out that there dobbs though. My thing about it real high it is. Oprah's favorite things I mean what else we're talking about this weekend as we did I get really superficial materialistic erect a there are all up there they did I mean I'm not your screen director producer right here gifted but yet overlooked is amazing you have everything from you know defense on TV that is amazing that often morphed into a painting which have a lot if I had delivering that was being have to put that in you have to hand it which is really cool and everything else there's like the vodka cocktails that than all the the random food items she has there. Bombing of the lowers the really pricey things then there's like the free things like downloads and I think. There were a lot like back to me that's what makes Christmas now Christmas songs can't be remain in Utica neither can Oprah's I think paperless day major. I think there are those that though that there are some good there was some real things this weekend what does that Robin thank you for that and I think that's good are you going. Thank you so much for watching realize they depict what the Lion King relied edition I'm running funny. They thought and have a great weekend.

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{"duration":"10:46","description":"With the announcement of pop-culture icons, such as Beyonce, in \"The Lion King\" remake, \"Real Live\" guests imagine themselves as new animal characters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50921232","title":"'Real Live': Disney announces cast of live-action 'Lion King' movie","url":"/Entertainment/video/real-live-disney-announces-cast-live-action-lion-50921232"}