Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner Talk New 'Madoff' Mini-Series

The stars of the new "Madoff" mini-series sit down with the ladies of the View.
6:22 | 02/03/16

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Transcript for Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner Talk New 'Madoff' Mini-Series
Let's start by saying you have to sit in new NBC miniseries made opt for two drivers is perfect and turn it made up mastermind behind the biggest Ponzi scheme. In the history of the US and cheated investors out of sixty battle. Billion. Billion dollars light data is just as fabulous as his wife Ruth who wants Suggs. Are up. Why. People only one team. We train rich richer and you want to risk can talk to work. Even the bank with money. Dollars and one account. You think it occurred to them to pick up a phone. They don't account here it's that easy dollars and thirty find these maybe you want to take a look at Nall. Please welcome back this winter drivers Travis drive. You know. Okay. You know. Bernie Menem is one of the most reviled men in America ruined countless lives and costs is spam main family lives. Why take him mind because you made it you humanize him so what was about the park district you know what I gotta sink my teeth and hair. Well as it was you say is one of the most reviled men in America he did this amazingly. Criminal thing. He did. Is someone who didn't give didn't care what happened to his handling. And that character is a Greek character for any actor to want to play. It amazes me how much you guys look like Bernie and Ruth and the cell and bite you. Actually met risk before you guys started filming lynching talk about Hyde did well united. Limit one delve too deeply because I've looked at this woman who to lost both for children which is just doesn't but believable it's hard to even suggest that. She's fragile and yet I thought she was a lovely woman who would just had just been. Massacred by this is now on the fact that she was walking around and able to speak and pat was surrounded by. A lot of love which I was happy to see support you know her. Her ex daughter in law her grandchildren I mean she has clearly. It clearly and non beloved. I was so have you believe that she did yeah she did not know about it is just so you know it's so champ pat you know I know she did not and the Boeing of those really reminds that they don't know but they count. It's like this Beverly Hills Y. Or Bayside lions or any life. You wouldn't see your husband what do you really June when you leave the house didn't really go into that factory. King was in fact a sociopath. And he had no empathy. For his wife and children are. He didn't care now and it's kind of amazing to PM this afternoon that that's the truth. I'm gonna judge here they'll do it. If you don't mind like your very close to your two kids benefit Jake Paltrow and recently when it had posted on her instead Graham I. And she hatched and that picture and yeah open and it says is it me or my mom. It was because I'm I Catholics so much a light wow. Every amazing and yeah. What it buzzing sound that is I was pregnant with her and that I was doing at Colombo and I didn't tell them I was president has for I was afraid they wouldn't. Higher being here now. So my husband that made this jacket for me which not just for that that it was that covered the belly a little even though I kept coverage she said a stood up. Didn't pop out for a long time. Big yeah I was pregnant with and used eulogized his beautiful hot. It's your body of work and you know wounded American graffiti the him at closing county man. Is a missed out on top. Okay god yeah. Then I think one of the iconic roles of course is jell. This but that night he yours is here kids watched it recently and. They got on the Internet actually because both of them have. Jobs my daughter is the Internet editor for WIRED Magazine rack and Ben is the end learned the N news. Mother Jones. And so they got on the Internet saying that they watch jaws. As adults. And thought that it was in one of each of crap. I hope Stevens just feel they have Washington. Well I deluded they were out of the will. Life you know you've been even as somebody will be sent me wonderful work you've done over the years that meet the parents reluctantly lover and that. Realized that this is the one thing. I admire actors I mean of one time I was reading something about you that I knew used some of its very technical language yeah you have a trek what is. All medical language about I had to deliver a baby in a pilot once and I it was just gobbledygook. So I put two big cards ability these ties. Who is that where the baby was vetted because the zippy outfit of course it's all pretend and I asked I shared type Simon it's your mind that electric cars against us. And I had to just say all this government I don't look at the tuners is that they had and they each other cardinals ahead as I could look. What I plan now Brando. Yeah the residents asked sometimes you've got to make it when he got many are willing to wait can't put them there is so much admiration just as actors. Towards job but just as people you know you're both really. Smart wonderful and we want to thank you for comment that would do a lot miniseries and made off us. Airs tonight. And tomorrow night at 8 PM right here and optics and.

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{"id":36692503,"title":"Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner Talk New 'Madoff' Mini-Series","duration":"6:22","description":"The stars of the new \"Madoff\" mini-series sit down with the ladies of the View.","url":"/Entertainment/video/richard-dreyfuss-blythe-danner-talk-madoff-mini-series-36692503","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}